Saturday, January 23, 2021

The NY High School Mendacity

More "movement" lies.

The following is reproduced from Richard Lynn's Pseudoscience:

Another oft-quoted statistic online is that in the late 1980s/early 1990s, the Italian-American high-school drop-out rate was the third highest in NYC, behind Blacks and Hispanics. This, allegedly, is linked to the low IQ of these southern-Italian descended people. If we look at the data (here), it is true that in, for example, 1988, the NYC high-school drop out rate for Italian-Americans was indeed the third highest behind Blacks and Hispanics. However, the Italian-American rate of 20.6% was only marginally higher than that of non-Italian Whites at 18.5%. Further, this “White” group presumably included high-achieving Jews, a group not noted for “school drop outs.” Most likely, the Italian-American drop-out rate in 1988 NYC was no higher than that of other gentile Whites. More importantly, moving forward to 2000, the NYC high school drop-out rate for Italian-Americans was now 8.63%, lower than that of the non-Italian Whites (12.13%) and also lower than that of Asians at 11.10%. Consider again that the non-Italian white group almost certainly includes Jews; this would suggest that the Italian-American drop-out rate in 2000 was considerably lower than that of other White gentiles. Did Italian-American IQ suddenly rise from 1988 to 2000? Or, are these proxy measurements of educational attainment not the best evaluation of “g?”

Comment: The "oft-quoted statistic" was being so quoted by Type I "movement" Nordicists. Once again, we see that Der Movement is, virtually by definition, fundamentally dishonest, and, as well, obsessed with Italians, in a purely negative sense (there is a reason I call them feishists and why Sallis' Law exists).

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Farewell Vulgar Buffoon

In der news.

A sincere man of genuine greatness!

“All Americans were horrified by the assault on our Capitol. Political violence is an attack on everything we cherish as Americans. It can never be tolerated.”

You should have thought about that before you instigated it, Antifa Don Trump. Also - all Americans? All? Speak for yourself, you Negrophilic, Jewish-family-linked, obese and clownish buffoon. Further, weren't the people who "assaulted" "our Capitol" also Americans? Were they horrified by their own actions? This retarded dimwit is so stupid it is incredible. 

MAGA! Pepe! Kek!

Further - if political violence "can never be tolerated" then why did YOU tolerate it for months when it came from the Left, doing nothing (as usual) except tweeting (Law and Order!) even why they drove you into the basement bunkers of the White House?  Roissy praised Trump for having a "leonine appearance." Yeah, like this.

“We reignited America’s job creation and achieved record-low unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, women — almost everyone.”

Almost everyone…almost.  Yeah, maybe if you would have included European-Americans (Whites) then the list would have been like, you know, more complete and all.

“We passed the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in American history. We slashed more job-killing regulations than any administration had ever done before.”

More money for Big Business! Populism!

“We recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.”

Oy vey! Jared was proud!

MAGA! Pepe! Kek!

Hmmm…look at this.

In the 2016 election, we elected a demagogue, a narcissist, a plutocrat and a reality television celebrity as president of the United States who cynically exploited nationalist and populist themes to build a cult following and get himself elected. Everything that followed over the next four years during which he inflicted unprecedented damage upon our cause flowed from this central fact.


2017 was the watershed year that began to separate real populists from fake populists. The people who were principled populists began almost immediately to sound the alarm about the incoming Trump presidency.

Liar.  I was sounding the alarm about Trump before the 2016 election.

What about the brain trust of the White Nationalist movement? How did they do in the Trump era? Greg Johnson continued to push the old “mainstreaming” strategy which hasn’t worked for 50 years in the vain hope that somehow having Trump in office as a “symbol” was advancing the cause of White Nationalism.

Well, “brain trust of the White Nationalist movement” is sort of an oxymoron.

An absolutely beautiful comment:


JANUARY 19, 2021 AT 1:22 AM

His most loyal supporters will suffer decades-long prison sentences, financial ruin and suicide. Meanwhile, Trump, Giuliani, Jr, Stone and Kushner may suffer some financial and legal headaches, but none will spend time behind bars despite their irresponsible incitement and will continue to live in luxury the rest of their days. Trump’s legacy is that of a selfish, hateful betrayer of everyone but jews and his immediate family. Trump did more damage to heartland Americans than any president, ever.

And now we have His Fraudulency Dementia Joe spewing vile racist hatred against White Americans, essentially declaring war against White folks,  while calling for "unity."  Thanks, Donnie Fats, for wasting the last four years of your failed Presidency. 

Asian filth:

In Vietnam, for example, the creation of the Hanoi sewer system at the turn of the 20th century saw a boom in rat numbers; in response, in 1902 the French colonial government began paying a bounty for their carcasses—that is, until it realized locals were breeding them to cash in on the reward.

Colored is as colored does. White progress will always be impeded by Yellow corruption. East Asians = a TROPICAL race.

To the vegan hypocrites, see here about how plants feel and the social interactions they have. If you won’t eat animals, you should not eat plants either. More consistency and less hypocrisy, please.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Well Then

After thirty years? 

Considering again the comments for this podcast, we observe something interesting. Some time ago, at Counter-Currents, I had a back-and-forth with Silver (in his guise as “Verlis”) about Amren and Taylor.  In contrast to Silver’s pro-Taylor, pro-Amren views, I took a negative view – that after a quarter century or more (at that time) of activity, Amren and Taylor really haven’t accomplished anything (and the same holds for Der Movement in general); thus:

…Given the standard human lifespan, and given the current negative and rapidly declining racial trends, it is not unreasonable to look for ***some*** signs of progress after 25-30 years of sustained effort. No, we are not asking for “victory” and we are not asking for “rapid growth” – merely asking: is the experiment better off today than when it started? Better than 20 years ago? 10? Five years? Better in any way at all?

If we cannot see such signs, and if the experiment shows no signs of re-direction, we can say, without rancor, without personal animus, with good faith and sincerity – “I appreciate what you have done, and best of luck to you, but I need to try something else.” It is also possible to critique other ongoing experiments without personal rancor (note I did not name anyone in my original comment).

Moderation, trying to appeal to a historically hostile group that does nothing but denounce you, this has not led to success. And, over time, it has real costs – “turning off” dedicated activists, diluting and diverting the message, misdirecting efforts,

Equating “what has been accomplished in a QUARTER-CENTURY?” with “Dad, are we there yet?” is the height of mendacity. I don’t know, if that kid has been driven around aimlessly for 25 years, probably he should ask if he’s there yet or not. The “movement” certainly is not “there” yet, or anywhere close to “there.”

Now, Silver (who admits not even having listened to the interview), calls Taylor a “clown,” mocks him as “Mr. Classy,” and states: How could someone have been at this for over thirty years (!) and think "why don't you go back to your own country" is a good look?

silviosilver  H J 

Mr. Taylor asks why don't Indians go back to India.

I couldn't be bothered listening to the interview, but did Taylor actually ask that?

If he did, sheesh, what a clown. So much for his reputation as "Mr. Classy." Does he really think that question makes the pro-white side look good?

silviosilver  HamburgerToday2020 

It's not a question of fairness, it's a question of effectiveness. How could someone have been at this for over thirty years (!) and think "why don't you go back to your own country" is a good look?

I myself never called Taylor a clown (that is unfair) and I do not think Taylor did anything wrong in the interview with respect to the question at hand.  But, note how Silver is now questioning Taylor’s “effectiveness” after “for over thirty years (!)” of activism.

Well then.  Once again, who was right in the first place? 

Other news:

Poor quality control and corruption in Chinese factories…in 1900.  The more things change, the more they stay the same. HBD!

Exactly as I have written – the longer the covid-19 crisis is allowed to continue, the greater the probability of a devastating mutation.  Der Retards and the other anti-vaxx filth may result in the development of an extremely dangerous strain.  What absolute garbage they are - pitiful mewling babies afraid of “jabs” and all humanity has to suffer because of them.

Rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black who were prosecuted on federal weapons offenses, were also granted pardons.
Laugh at this.  Some of us knew that five years ago.

More sincere and genuine greatness!  The last chance for White America!  MAGA! Pepe! Kek!

And, oh, by the way, that South Asian commenting on the Amren thread:
You are triggered because I'm superior to you in every way imaginable. I pity you.
Well, that’s HBD right there, in a nutshell.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Odds and Ends, 1/19/21

In der news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

A gift from the ethnonationalist filth.

Ethnonationalist hypocrisy:


The ethnonationalist vision is of a Europe — and a worldwide European diaspora — of a hundred flags, in which every self-conscious nation has at least one sovereign homeland, each of which will strive for the highest degree of homogeneity

Ah, yes!  “…the highest degree of homogeneity.”  Very good!  Excellent!  So, John Morgan can get the hell out of Hungary and Full Moon Ancestry can end his intermittent Bang East Europe tours. I can’t wait!  And we all await, with bated breath, for Der Movement to criticize British expat colonies in other people’s nations to the same extent they decry “Polish plumbers” in the UK.

HBD begins to devour itself.  Good, good.

Most scientific discoveries have originated from Europe, and Europeans have won 20 times more Nobel Prizes than have Northeast Asians. We argue that this is explained not by IQ, but by interracial personality differences, underpinned by differences in gene distribution. In particular, the variance in scientific achievement is explained by differences in inquisitiveness (DRD4 7-repeat), psychological stability (5HTTLPR long form), and individualism (mu-opioid receptor gene; OPRM1 G allele). Northeast Asians tend to be lower in these psychological traits, which we argue are necessary for exceptional scientific accomplishments. Since these traits comprise a positive matrix, we constructed a q index (measuring curiosity) from these gene frequencies among world populations. It is found that both IQ scores and q index contribute significantly to the number of per capita Nobel Prizes.

From ancient natural philosophy to modern physics, the history of science has been dominated by Europeans.

Virtually everything said in this podcast about electoral politics is exactly what I have been saying on this blog for years. Years.  Interesting that Taylor explains why he is not interested in electoral politics.  OK, fair enough.  If someone is not interested, if they believe they are not suitable, who are we to say otherwise?  But what about really organizing and helping others who are so qualified?  Grooming Amren supporters for such?

The comments section gets into Sallis' Law as well as the failures of HBD. Some "North Indian" comes there and asks why he needs to leave America since he's so superior in every way (cognitive elitism!).  You see, if you follow the HBD approach of ignoring genetic kinship, ethnoracial identity, and High Culture/civilization, then, yes, I suppose a "high IQ Indian" is acceptable (of course, one has to evaluate the "q index" HBDism discussed above). But, the whole idea of White nationalism and racial preservationism is based on racial identity, and EGI is based on genetics, not to mention Yockeyism, which is based on High Culture and the overall Identity (racial, civilizational, etc.). The reason to exclude a South Asian is precisely because they are South Asian and not European, and it doesn't matter "what they contribute."

Then we get into Sallis' Law and the typical NEC behavior of using Southern Europeans as some sort of "racial yardstick" for comparison (phenotypically of course, genetics are ignored).  The alien Asian asserts that if he mated with a White woman, the mongrel offspring 'would look like an Italian or Greek."  So, we see the usual NEC mendacity in this regard.  Of course, it doesn't matter what this alien believes his potential mongrel offspring would look like, it matters what they would actually be, racially speaking (genetically half-Indian, and from outside the Western civilization).

What someone believes someone looks like is irrelevant; what matters is what they actually are.

Then we have Silver talking about "woppish Italians."  So, Sallis' Law is, as usual, in full force. Indeed, Sallis' Law is more of a natural law than anything you can find in physics.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Spencerian Apostasy?

In der news.

Once again, Greg: What qualifications did Richard Spencer have for being made President of the NPI? Apparently, all of Scott Greer’s “qualifications,” sans the “187 IQ.” And, many of your "qualifications" for being made TOQ editor, sans the PhD.

We are getting closer and closer to my prediction of Spencer dropping out of/repudiating Far Right activism.  It is possible that it won’t be a “clean break” but simply a gradual shift, and at some point we can say the line has been crossed and then that will be that. Keep in mind, once again, that this is the person who was made President of NPI.

If anyone is ultimately responsible for terminal White decline it is The Retard Right and its affirmative action “leadership.” Johnson will, of course, continue to deny that the affirmative action policy exists.

Thus, let us rewrite this:
Every time you think a man has fallen as far as he possibly go, you quickly realize how wrong you were.
To this:
Every time you think Der Movement has fallen as far as it could possibly go, you quickly realize how wrong you were.
When you read this, remember that Der Retards say that covid-19 is only a “cold” or a “flu” or a “hoax.”

(((fellow White people))) They’re HuWhite!

…you are a female, and consequently inconstant!
…a female, as you observe, will follow here natural disposition, in spite of all you can do to oppose it.
…the natural disposition of women, which is always injudicious and imperfect.
…inveigh against the levity of the female sex: their fickleness, their double dealing, their rotten promises, their broken faith; and finally, their want of judgment in bestowing their affections.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Odds and Ends, 1/17/21

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.

Sincere man of genuine greatness.

More of the sincere great man.

Sallis’ Law in three easy steps! Thus:

Step One:

Nicholas J. Fuentes


Replying to 


I’m not even white, im Mexican and black

Step Two:

REFOLLOW America First Investments


Replying to 


And Italian!

Step Three:

Solar High voltage signHigh voltage sign


That’s what he said

But, remember – there’s no ethnic fetishism or affirmative action in Der Movement; Johnson says so, so don’t you forget it!

According to the HBD filth, there is no problem here.

Goebbels really represented a Counter-Currents-style ethnonationalist. At the same time he was a leading member of the anti-Slav, anti-Czech National Socialist regime, and at the same time he was producing anti-Czech propaganda, he was engaged in an adulterous love affair with a Czech actress. Ethnonationalism!

A view that no doubt will be very popular among Der Retards – if (if!) the covid-19 vaccine inhibits transmission, then it must be mandatory.  In that case, we must have sufficient herd immunity to stop the pandemic, or else it is going to go on and on, with the virus mutating, possibly becoming more deadly and possibility evading the vaccine, making a new vaccine necessary. The longer this goes on, the worse everything will be.

Bad news from Counter-Currents:

In 2020, we also set out to raise $150,000 in order to not only continue, but expand our work. After emptying the PO Box and adding up the numbers, I am proud to announce that we managed to raise $152,634 before 2020 turned to 2021. In addition, we have received some donations since New Year’s Eve which will be added to the next fundraiser. 

There's a sucker born every minute, as they say.

We did all of this by overcoming deplatforming and censorship in the middle of a massive economic downturn. This is a truly impressive accomplishment, and we are most grateful to all of our donors.

The rank-and-file are hopeless, absolutely hopeless. But, remember all of this the next time you are told that the "movement" "has no money."

Next week we will start working on a much needed update of the website. This means that you will see some drastic improvements very soon.

"Much needed update...drastic improvements?" New writers, perhaps?  No more Jeelvy, Goad, and Full Moon Ancestry?

Also starting next week, we will send out a weekly newsletter with links to all our articles. This is necessary because of increasing social media censorship, which makes it more difficult for our readers to stay abreast with what is happening on the site. Going forward, our primary social media communication will be through our Telegram channel and Gab, so please follow us there...

Gab?  Johnson recently tweeted (remember when he wrote that he wouldn't be using Twitter any more?):

Maybe someday Gab will not be a dumpster fire...

Sigh. But, hey, keep on sending in dem dere D'Nations.

More lies.  Let’s see. Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, White leftists of all types – including “founding stock” – attack the Confederacy, and suddenly it is a White ethnic conspiracy against Anglo-Americans.

Put Der Movement under the slightest stress and their true feelings (like women, all they have are “feelings”) pour out. I don’t forget Taylor attacking some leftist “intellectual” for being ethnically Hungarian when that was completely irrelevant to the issue at hand.

But, hey, keep on telling me that the affirmative action program is only my imagination.

What?  Spencer was made President of NPI only after many years – nay, decades! – of successful activism, and don’t you forget it!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Burke and Der Movement

No regrets.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Do I regret speaking out against Der Movement and, in consequence, being “blackballed” from "movement" activism, with a cordon sanitaire erected around the Sallis Groupuscule by the Quota Queens?

No. If the price for being allowed in the “movement” playpen is accepting, and promoting, “movement” lies, “drinking the Kool-Aid,” mindlessly spouting the dogma, and tolerating grifters, perverts, freaks, and liars, then that is a price I for one am not willing to pay.

Considering Burke’s quote, accepting “movement” stupidity, lies, and cowardice (thanks, Adolf) is akin to doing nothing in the face of evil. I may be “blacklisted” from Der Movement, but I can look in the mirror without feeling self-disgust.

I am not going to compromise my principles and reject the truth just to appease “movement” scum. Doing the right thing is more important than doing the popular thing or doing the political thing.

On a related topic, I want to address the idea that “stupid people talk about people, mediocre people talk about events, and intelligent people talk about ideas.”  First, that’s a bit pompous and unrealistic, since as social animals, humans will be necessity talk about others; it has adaptive value.  Second, the statement is a bit inconsistent, since the comment itself talks about people, albeit in a general sense, and this leads to my third objection. Thus, third, particularly when we are dealing with “politics” (very broadly defined), then, in many cases, in order to talk about ideas (and about events for that matter), you need to talk about people, the people who represent, embody, and/or promote the ideas that you either support or oppose. And at the next level, discussing events is necessary to discuss the ideas animating those events, the ideas that are the cause or consequence of the events. Getting back to the original statement of  “stupid people talk about people, mediocre people talk about events, and intelligent people talk about ideas,” it itself talks about people – albeit types of people rather than individuals – to make a point about an idea; that is, the idea that it is more important to discuss ideas than to discuss people or events.

Nietzsche claimed he criticized people not on a personal level but to use them as a lens to focus on particular ideas they represent; I do the same. Thus, my critiques of “movement” “leaders” are, for the most part, a critique of the “movement” itself and the flawed ideas and fossilized dogmas and failed approaches that these ”leaders” represent, embody, and/or promote.  There is a difference between that and idle gossip.