Friday, December 14, 2018

Optimism is Cowardice

Facing facts squarely in the face. Emphasis added.

Despite the impediments, however, I am fundamentally optimistic about our movement.
Faced as we are with this destiny, there is only one world-outlook that is worthy of us, that which has already been mentioned as the Choice of Achilles -- better a short life, full of deeds and glory, than a long life without content. Already the danger is so great, for every individual, every class, every nation, that to cherish any illusion whatever is deplorable. The march of time cannot be halted; there is no question of prudent retreat or clever renunciation. Only dreamers believe there is a way out. Optimism is cowardice.
If pessimism is despair, optimism is cowardice and stupidity. Is there any need to choose between them?
I will rephrase Spengler and Yockey: Unwarranted optimism is cowardice and stupidity – a form of moral cowardice and self-serving stupidity.

At the current time, optimism is completely, utterly, unwarranted.

Facts: Der Movement is an unmitigated failure, Whites are celebrating their own demise, HBD hero Rushton is accused by a fellow HBDer (Dutton) as being a race-mixing adulterer and cherry picker of data.

The Man on White Horse Syndrome is another permutation of the moral cowardice of optimism.  Unable to face harsh reality, activists descend into a bright fantasy land in which Reagan or Putin or Trump is going to be their God Emperor and Savior.  There is always some deus ex machina that is going to save us from our predicament, with little or no effort on our part: fairy tales for weak-minded people.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
 The best lack all conviction, while the worst
 Are full of passionate intensity.
 And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

 Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
The Death of the West and the (Self) Destruction of the White Race

That’s reality.  Face it.  

We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.
I differ from Spengler, as I’ve written a number of times, in the assumption of definitive inevitability in his description.  Inevitability in human affairs is a myth, a self-perpetuating myth: once you accept something as inevitable then it becomes in fact inevitable.  

Even at this late hour, we have a choice.  Even now, there is a slim hope of redemption.  That is not cowardly optimism: I see the chance, the hope, as slim, the great likelihood of utter failure, the maw of the abyss beckons.  But 99% certainty is not 100%.  If racial activists wake up, destroy the Old Movement, spurn and mock and reject the quota queens, eschew affirmative action, turn their backs on fossilized dogma and blind faith, and build a New Movement with competent leadership, that slim chance can be leveraged.  

But if we continue on the current path, we are doomed, and any optimism to the contrary is cowardice, and, truth be told, self-serving, rent-seeking behavior as well when expressed by those who personally benefit from the current state of affairs. Treason to race and civilization in exchange for the thirty pieces of silver deposited in the tin cup.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sports Teams Names

Not “racism.”

Question: If names like Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, etc. are a reflection of White racism and meant to mock and ridicule (in this case, Amerindians), then why aren’t there sports teams with names mocking groups also alleged to be victims of White racism?  

Why no Atlanta Coons?  Detroit Dindus?  California Wetbacks?  Seattle Gooks?  New York Sheenies?

Is it possible that the Amerindian names reflect respect for the fighting skills and aggressiveness of Amerindian tribes, qualities that sports teams naturally want to represent?

The fallback view is that while the names are not intentionally racist, they are still unintentionally “insensitive” to the “feelings” of Amerindians, and as such need to be eliminated.  

Well, I don’t know.  We live in a society in which America’s leading newspaper, the New York Times, is an out-and-out hate organization, knowingly hiring a Korean racist with an established intentional pattern of spewing bigotry against White people.  I would think that that intentional racism has priority over the unintentional, no?

As to the argument that anti-White racism is not a problem, or is “impossible to exist,” because “Whites have all the power,” I must say it is mighty strange.  After all, the people who “have all the power” can be insulted, threatened, and humiliated with impunity, and those who are “powerless” are so sacrosanct that any joke (Barr) or even comments meant against bigotry (Papa John’s) causes a White (or even Jewish in the case of Barr) person to get canned.

It’s also strange that a people who have “all the power” are being subjected to state-sponsored genocide, and are discriminated against by law (in addition to by politically correct custom).  It’s strange that James Watson was reduced to selling his Nobel Prize while Al Sharpton is a friend of Presidents, respected political commentator, and speaker at a major political convention.  

All mighty strange, indeed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fields of Inglory

Fallout from Ragnarok.

Some of the Grand Poobahs of the Alt Right do not want to accept any responsibility for Fields and the outcome of his trial.

Comments from a Zman commentator:
There were many former military people who helped plan charlottesville. it amazes me that they did not perceive a trap.
1) They were planning an advance into an enemy stronghold.
2) They knew they would be outnumbered.
3) they were inexperienced.
4) They knew the local authorities were unfriendly
5) They did not properly recon the territory. These people were unaware that the local university has a berkeleyesque reputation.
6) The announced their event well in advance, allowing the enemy time to plan and prepare.
If you advance with inferior strength into unknown territory full of fortified enemies you will LOSE.
This displays the problem the right has with Clausewitizian thinking..trying to force decisive results. This does not work when you are vastly inferior.
The torchlight parade the night before was far more effective, as it was launched before the enemy had time to rally its superior resources. If the event had ended there, it would have been a success.
Those guys with the “Its OK to be white” flyers have achieved far more, at far less cost. This is Maoist thinking, which is appropriate for the vastly inferior side.
Let’s consider ZMan’s take on it.
The organizers who put it together and promoted it have some culpability here. 
Indeed they do.  And what culpability have they accepted?  More to the point, what have they done that shows accountability?  Well, we have Kessler actually having the temerity for Unite the Right II, and being praised for that by Greg Johnson.  
The thing that leaders must always accept is they are responsible for their people. 
Except in Der Movement, where “their people” are “thrown under the bus” whenever it is convenient to do so.
That’s part of leadership. 
Well, when you choose your “leaders” based on an affirmative action program and/or by a system of negative selection – who is it who are so failed and dysfunctional that they would overtly and publicly identify themselves with a failed and dysfunctional “movement” – then you are going to get, believe it or not, even more failure and dysfunction.
When you lead your men into a fight, they expect that you are not leading them into a trap or into certain death. 
Or to an “extreme vetted” meeting in which the main speaker is a leftist infiltrator talking about the dangers of infiltration and who was invited to assist in the vetting for other meetings (an infiltrator deciding on which sincere activist cannot attend) because he passed the extreme vetting hurdle: “Are you Swedish?”
Leadership requires a sense of duty to those you are leading. 
If the “leaders” are so devoid of character that they do not possesses this sense of duty, then they must be held accountable when they fail to fulfill the minimal obligation stated by Zman .  But they are NEVER held accountable by the rank-and-file, are they?  And, if you ever try to hold any of them accountable, then you are “crazy,” don’t you know.  Pure Frankfurt School-level pathologizing of dissent.
The people who put this together failed in that regard and they should be judged accordingly.
They should be permanently banned from any leadership role in Der Movement whatsoever.  Anyone who continues supporting them for such a role should be similarly banned.
That said, most involved were new to activism and can be forgiven for getting caught up in the spirit of the times. 
Hey, Zman, what is “the spirit of the times?”  Acting like immature, irresponsible jackasses?  And how are they going to be held accountable if people like you are going to start making excuses for them immediately after calling for accountability.  Judge them accordingly and then forgive them.  That’s great.  We’ll really get these problems of leadership sorted out now!
Mike Enoch, who has done everything he can to support the men being persecuted, has clearly learned a hard lesson from this. He is a guy who deserves credit for not only learning from the event, but accepting some responsibility for blundering into a trap. 
Credit?  I would give him credit if he had announced: “Look, I’m clearly not suited for any leadership role whatsoever.  So I’m stepping down, permanently, from taking on such roles, and from this point on will solely be a rank-and-file activist and content creator.  I call on all other leaders involved in this fiasco to do the same.”

I don’t remember reading or hearing that.  And, anyway, whatever his ancestry, Enoch is clearly not “one of the boys” so I’m sure the rank-and-file wouldn’t miss him too much anyway.  However, it would shine a light on “the boys” who refuse to do likewise.  Perhaps the rank-and-file at that point would start getting restless even with their chosen ones.
Not everyone involved has covered themselves in glory, though, and that’s a good lesson moving forward. Leadership is not just about being cheeky on YouTube.
Really?  I never would have guessed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Of Emperors and Parrotts

Against the anti-White left-wing radical Donald J. Trump. Emphasis added.

An answer to Roissy’s continued homoerotic shilling for Trump (and from his own blog):
Hey, be fair now. He’s gotten stuff done. He managed to ferret out and deport that 95-year-old Nahhhhzzzeee in New York State, or wherever it was.
Great work, Mr. President! You successfully beat up an ancient man in a wheelchair! You’re the Orange Hercules!
He’s also condemned and disavowed the Alt-Right, and vowed to “destroy” anti-semites globally, twice.
He got some tax cuts for the people who are hauling in endless browns as scab labor, so that they can haul in even more endless browns as scab labor. He’s pushed Russia to the brink of war, churlishly refused to meet with Putin.
He gave $750 billion to our bloated ZOG military that defends Israel but not the USA, but couldn’t find the $5 billion for the Wall.
He pissed away 2 years doing jack shit, causing the Dems to win the House and ensuring that there’s ZERO chance of any of his alleged agenda being implemented, no matter how long he now remains in office.
He’s going to let a bunch of niggers out of jail early.
More negros and spics than ever before have work, while the useless Whites kill themselves off with drugs.
And he banned bump stocks.
This is an impressive achievements list, you black-pillers.
What is palpable on the MAGA side of the world is that the people who voted for Trump are becoming dispirited because he has done pretty much nothing in two years. Nothing that matters to a large swath of his voters. Despite efforts to spin it otherwise, Trump won on immigration and what it represents. His failings on the issue have started to convince many of his supporters that it was all just a big con and nothing was ever going to happen.
As this blog has been warning all of you nitwits about for the last THREE years.
Of course, as Trump morphs into Jeb Bush…
Unfair.  To Jeb. Jeb Bush as President would have least put on a show about “law and order” and never would have allowed leftist domestic terrorists to seize control of the streets of America with complete impunity.  But, as we now know, Jeb is much more high-energy than the fat, listless, estrogen-drenched effete cuck Trump.
…the ingredients are in place for a very ugly year and when the Left gets ugly, it always means bloodshed. Now that those Antifa mobs no longer have Richard Spencer to chase around, they will need to do something. Odds are, it means attacking red hat wearing Trump supporters in the coming summer of hate.
And they will do so with the full and enthusiastic support of Trump himself and his Justice Department.  Make Antifa Great Again!

What Roissy and the other quota queens do not understand is that Trump brought all of his troubles on himself by showing weakness from the very beginning.  As soon as he was elected, he couldn’t wait to announce that he didn’t want Hillary Clinton to be investigated – “leave her alone,” he said.  Later on, after Trump felt persecuted by the “Russia investigation,” he castigated Antifa Jeff Sessions for not moving against Clinton, but we should never forget that it was Trump himself, in his ego-charged glow of victory, who cucked and announced that the Clinton Cartel should be off limits.  And once those sharks smelled the blood, the raw scent, of Trump’s weakness, he was finished.  And then Trump praised Obama for being so “helpful” and “gracious” when they met in the White House – more weakness and naiveté from “The God Emperor.”  The Deep State took his measure and found him wanting.  Then came the whispers about “Russia” – and instead of forcefully meeting that head on, and scornfully debunking and dismissing it, he floundered like a big, fat, stupid harpooned whale, completely clueless, completely helpless.  And if he has been “obstructed” then why doesn’t he take his case to the people, by the mature method of a nationally televised address, instead of jackass tweets, ”negs,” and post-campaign rallies?  The man is an idiot, a fool, a court jester to the System, an inept and incapable jackass, a moron who persecutes his own supporters while treating domestic terrorists with kid gloves. Trump is a disgusting excuse for a human being and an embarrassment as President – like a fat retarded kid from the Special Ed class allowed to sit in with the regular students and who doesn’t know what to do and how to behave.

And the idea that Trump gets nothing done because he is “obstructed” is an outrageous lie. Yes, he has been obstructed, but he has a whole scope of action that he refuses to take.  He absolutely refuses to fulfill his constitutional obligation for law enforcement, allows Antifa to rule the streets of America, while he eggs on his supporters against the terrorists, and then has his Justice Department persecute those supporters if they defend themselves.  Trump may well be the worst human being on Earth.

And now for something completely different

What a pile of mendacity this Parrott is.  Taylor is an academic, not an activist?  Really?  That would come as a surprise I’m sure to “Professor” Taylor himself, being involved in pro-White activism since the early 1990s.  By the way, it is possible to be both an academic and an activist - see KMacD.

Just sit down and shut up, Parrott.  What does it take, what failure, what level of public humiliation, what personal fiasco, what level of ridicule, does it take to get ANY of you failed merit-less quota queens to just go away?  This guy admits he lost control of his organization and then in another tweet implies he can’t be held responsible for Heimbach’s actions.  Parrott can’t even hold a consistent argument from one minute to another.  Are we surprised we have failure after failure?  Then he states that criticism of his comments are “infighting” when he was the one who first mockingly asserted (*) that others are not able to do any better than his own abject failure.  And when folks mention the name Taylor, he then asserts that a man who has been a pro-White activist for an entire generation is not an activist but an “academic.”  Really now, Parrott.  Believe it or not, folks like Taylor can be activists without living in trailer parks having sex with each other’s wives, marching around like pot-bellied jackasses, and fleeing to the hobbit hole of Walmart when your cuckolder attacks you.  Just go away. Please.
*Rocket scientists, refined ivy league scholars, carefully groomed homosexuals, successful businessmen, and tons of other very impressive people have tried.
You haven't figured out a clever way around the problem.
Taylor has figured out a way around the problem, so label him “an academic not an activist.”  These are your real activists!  Hail Heimbach!  Hail neckbeards!  Hail embedded leftist journalists in your group!  Hail failure!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Der Movement and the Left Both March On

Mirror images.

More and more people on the Right are belatedly realizing what this blog was telling you three years ago.

Trump’s “alpha maleness” comes home to roost.  Orange man in orange jumpsuit.  Don’t drop the soap in the shower!  All due to that aspect of Trump's behavior the gamesters admire most.

Cuck Nagger stock. Right, Roissy?

This summer, undercover activists cozied up to the organizers of a far-right march, and offered to make a website and coordinate T-shirt orders for the event. The website, which did not charge for T-shirts, asked participants for their names and addresses, supposedly to calculate shipping costs. Instead of sending free T-shirts, the activists behind the website published the names and addresses they received.
It is interesting that the Left today has nothing positive to offer, no attractive program other than “gimme dat,” no idealistic worldview, nothing but targeting, harassing, and attacking those on the Right.  The Left today is completely defensive and – do we dare say it – reactionary.  But the Right should not get confident over that – the Left has entropy on their side; therefore, the delaying and defensive tactics of the Left can result in their total victory (if complete destruction and degeneracy can be termed “victory”).  Time is on their side.  Thermodynamics and decay is on their side.  Every day that they prevent the Right from making progress is a day closer to Total Leftist Victory.

Another thing that annoys me about the Left – and which is exemplified by the current McNabb EMT Huffpost stupidity – is how they pretend to believe, or imply,  that a person who is a “White nationalist” would be unable to fulfill their professional obligations to serve people who are non-White, whether that service is an EMT, doctor, teacher, plumber, or whatever.  I find it hard to believe that these writers, and their hysterical SJW readers, REALLY believe that, that they are unable to understand concepts of professionalism and compartmentalization of work vs. private beliefs.  It would seem simply dishonest concern trolling simply to target McNabb or anyone else. Or is it projection?  Perhaps leftists themselves would be unable to fulfill their professional obligations to those they dislike and so they assume everyone else suffers from the same character flaw?

More delusion.  Err..excuse me, if you haven’t noticed – Trump and his “Justice” Department support Antifa.  Stop looking at the blistering tweets and start looking at actual action, or the lack thereof.  Oh, where are you, Donald Trump.  He’s likely busy eating Big Macs, rawdogging horse-faced floppy-breasted porn stars, and thinking of new ways his administration can support Antifa while persecuting his own supporters.  MAGA!

They have the nerve to say other folks have never solved “the problem” – when some of these other folks are studiously ignored by the quota queens.  This blog has made suggestions, and the most basic suggestion is to carefully proof every activity to the extent possible, consider possible problems and plan contingencies, actualize real vetting, and don’t make mistakes so obvious a child would understand the possible problems.

And Parrott asserts that he does good work other than his foray with Heimbach and TWP.

In any case, a commentator has a good riposte to Parrott: Jared Taylor.  Whether or not you disagree with Taylor on some issues (and I do), the fact remains that he has never been made to look “trashy.”  And if the media attempted to smear him in that manner, the obvious disconnect between that smear and Taylor’s WASP-courtly manner would end up backfiring on the media.  Consider the reverse: imagine someone trying to make Trump appear like an intelligent and thoughtful commentator.  The discrepancy between that and the reality of Trump as a semi-retarded vulgar buffoon would make the attempt to Taylorize Trump look foolish.  And let’s not forget that Parrot was supporting Heimbach all during the period of the “bad optics” and “embedded leftist journalists.”  So, now, after all the bad blood between them for personal reasons, Parrott emerges from his snug hobbit hole to tell us all how he knew all the time the TWP approach was sub-optimal…blah, blah, blah.  That makes it worse – you knew it was wrong but went along anyway.  These are “leaders?”

My message to the “movement” rank-and-file is that you are NEVER going to make any progress until you ditch the affirmative action program.  And since you won’t even admit the program exists, much less that you need to get rid of it, then expect to be saddled with failure without end.  You never learn…never.

Visegrad all the way!  “Based” Poland!  Ethnonationalism!

The increasingly intolerant Greg Johnson:

Posted December 9, 2018 at 3:19 am | Permalink
Excellent analysis. I see the same thing happening to other yellow vest protests in European countries. They are quickly infiltrated by left-wing elements and the demands turn into the same old egalitarian mess that can’t really be told apart from the election promises made by the parties they are looking oust.
Greg Johnson

Posted December 9, 2018 at 4:04 am | Permalink
You mean you “imagine” the same thing happening because you “know” we are all doomed to be defeated by the all-powerful system.
Now that we all make believe that the quota queens never said that “last chance for White America” Trump was an “American Caesar who will preserve White demographics” we can all shift the narrative and believe that “populist” revolts over fuel taxes are going to save us.  The Yellow Vest on Fuel Tax Horse Syndrome.

Hey, we gotta do something about dem dere fuel taxes!  How are we gonna fuel our gasoline-powered steampunk starship?  And don’t forget – those yellow vests will keep you nice and warm and cozy snug in your hobbit hole!

Anglin here.  Now, there’s really nothing wrong with Anglin’s comments.  Very good.  The point thought is that this attitude is 100% against Johnson’s views on the subject (putting aside the issue of which of the two actually has the most, let us say, hands-on experience with the subject matter…if we include Filipinas as acceptable).  Indeed, this is exactly the sort of “misogynistic” material that Johnson denounces, as is Anglin’s entire “optics.”  And yet, according to Johnson, Anglin is one of the new voices of “WN 3.0” we need to embrace.  Does any of this make any sense?  Of course not.  But then, it is not supposed to make sense.  It’s not supposed to have success either.  It’s all a bad joke my friends, and the joke is on you.  Enjoy.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Ted Sallis Rides the Tiger

Reevaluating a concept.

Long time readers know that I am critical of Julius Evola, including his concept of Ride the Tiger, which many on the Right interpret as an excuse to do nothing except engage in hedonistic individualism.  I instead advocate Kill the Tiger.  However, the two concepts are really not mutually exclusive. Some IRL experiences in being faced with unpleasant situations – for example, working with psychopaths and having such people in positions of authority (similar to Der Movement, eh?) - has led me to reevaluate the Ride the Tiger concept.

Now, this essay contains within it all the types of “traditionalist” things I despise – nonsense about Kali Yuga, transcendence, left hand path, infiltration of South Asian cultural ideas into European thinking, the whole lot. But let us ignore the surface trappings and dig deeper. One must have the political maturity to look beyond aspects of a worldview one dislikes in order to find whatever is useful contained within it.  So, let us consider the concept of Ride the Tiger, and interpret it – in a minimalist Pareto Principle fashion – to its core constituents, and, then, formulate it to a Sallisian perspective.

If you are attacked by a tiger and you do not want to be killed by it, and yet you are not equipped to directly battle it, then you jump on its back where it cannot get to you, and you keep on riding it until it becomes exhausted.  At that point, you can safely flee, or, if so inclined, find some weapon and kill it.

Similarly, when faced with a situation that is unacceptable, but which cannot be directly challenged at the current time, you transcend it, ride it out, and wait for the situation to play itself out, at which time some action can be taken, a new direction can be followed.

Of course, there are problems here.  How do you know that the situation is one that you really cannot effectively battle?  Should you just pre-emptively surrender to it?  Conversely, how do you know you can safely ride it out?  Perhaps having the situation “play out” will end with total destruction, total and final defeat, and, even if defeat was inevitable in either case, it would have be more honorable to fight to the death rather than give up and “ride the tiger.”

Let us assume though that the following conditions are met: The situation is one that really cannot be effectively battled at the current time, AND riding it out does not definitively mean inevitable total defeat.  However, even here, the second point is equivocal, since even if it is not “definitive,” it may still be very likely. must take action while riding the tiger to make your own victory more likely, and that of the tiger less likely, once the riding is completed.  Riding the tiger has to be a more aggressive exercise than what Evola originally intended.

Let us more carefully define what we mean by Ride the Tiger, formulating it to a Sallisian perspective.  The Ted Sallis formulation of Ride the Tiger necessarily implies the following: (a) the riding will be active, it will be done in a manner so as to harass, annoy, tire, and weaken the tiger, it will done aggressively and not passively, it will be an indirect form of battle, guerrilla warfare; and (b) the ultimate objective of riding the tiger is to survive its assault and then tire it out with the final aim of killing it.

So, here, Ride the Tiger is a strategy aimed at the ultimate goal of Killing the Tiger. The idea is that the tiger is too powerful for you to defeat at the current time, so you must survive its attack and, at the same time, alter the power relationship so that you will emerge victorious in the end. That may well be a far more aggressive, in-the-world, and actively direct, interpretation than Evola intended, but I’m not interested in dogma or Evola-worship.  I am interested in creating and promoting an analogy helpful in guiding effective strategies – and my interpretation of Ride the Tiger fits that bill.

Of course, this strategy applies not only for Der Movement vs. the System, but for the Sallis Groupuscule vs. Der Movement. The relative power relations are the same – as the System dwarfs Der Movement in power, so does Der Movement dwarf the Sallis Groupuscule.  In both cases, Ride the Tiger – in an aggressive, Sallis fashion - is a viable option, and for the latter case, of Sallis vs. Der Movement, one can view EGI Notes through that lens.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Incapable Emperor

Roissy softly weeps into his onanism-stained MAGA hat.

I guess that Tucker’s mind got wonderfully concentrated on Trump’s ineptness after he saw that he and his family can be targeted by domestic terrorists with impunity while Trump’s own supporters are persecuted by the Trumpian Justice Department if they merely defend themselves.

Emphasis added:
Tucker Carlson isn’t one to shy away from going after the critics of President Donald Trump on his nightly Fox News show.

But in a new interview with conservative Swiss magazine Die Weltwoche, the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host called out Trump himself for his boastfulness and for failing to keep his promises to his voters.
“His chief promises were that he would build the wall, de-fund Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare and he hasn’t done any of those things,” said Carlson, per The Washington Post. 
Carlson said he’d “come to believe” Trump’s role was “not as a conventional president who promises to get certain things achieved to the Congress and then does.”
“I don’t think he’s capable,” Carlson explained. “I don’t think he’s capable of sustained focus. I don’t think he understands the system. I don’t think the Congress is on his side. I don’t think his own agencies support him. He’s not going to do that.”
Carlson said it was “mostly” Trump’s fault that he hadn’t been able to deliver on his pledges, because “you really have to understand how” the legislative process works and “be very focused on getting it done.”
″(Trump) knows very little about the legislative process, hasn’t learned anything, hasn’t surrounded himself with people that can get it done, hasn’t done all the things you need to do so. It’s mostly his fault that he hasn’t achieved those things.
Folks paying attention to EGI Notes knew that Trump as an incompetent fraud as far back as 2015, instead of belatedly realizing it now.

Another Trumpian fail.  MAGA: Make Aliens Great Again!

At this point, I really think we would have been better off with Jeb Bush.

Der Alt Right marches on.

Hmmm…some of us were saying this back in 2016.  But, hey, if you don’t fit the quota, you ain’t alright (or Alt Right, for that matter)…except for Honorary White Julius “pondering my fate, hey what is that sound – a Soviet artillery barrage?" Evola.

Watching what is discussed here, I realize that these guys have learned nothing. Some of the actual content was fine as far as it goes, but soured by the usual juvenile jackassery.  These guys still don’t understand some of the causes of the Alt Right’s collapse.  They seem to understand nothing.  From my perspective of wanting to see Der Movement, Inc. destroyed, this is actually a good thing…but it is still depressing.