Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Racism is Not Mental Illness

A brief argument.

See this.  That Counter-Currents essay is fine as far as it goes (*), but I would like to make two brief further arguments against the latest politicized fad (**) of attempting to equate “racism” with “mental illness.” I make the arguments of (1) adaptive fitness and (2) universalism.

1. Adaptive fitness. The essence of what is traditionally considered “racism” – preference for one’s racial ingroup and hostility to racial outgroups when those outgroups are in competition with the ingroup – is quite obviously adaptive behavior, given the greater genetic similarity of ingroup vs. outgroup (***). Further, “racism” can produce mutually beneficial networks of “ethnic nepotism” among ingroup members, as well as the production and maintenance of a culture congenial to the ingroup, both of which boosts the biological fitness of the ingroup compared to outgroups.  

To label adaptive behavior “pathological” is objectively an oxymoron. Indeed, labeling a group’s adaptive behavior as “pathological” is an act of aggression against that group – serving someone else’s adaptive interests – and, ironically, can itself be considered “racism” against the group so targeted.

See this for more about the genetic interests involved. “Racism” can prevent ingroup genocide, it can prevent the dispossession and displacement of one’s people, and benefit each member of the group whose individual interests are protected by the “racism” that benefits the whole.

2. Universalism. The same standards of mental health vs. mental illness should apply to all peoples, especially if we are to accept the “non-racist” universalism of the System/Left. Then how to explain that the same behaviors that are labeled “pathological racism” in Whites are labeled as “healthy expressions of identity,” “enlightened self-interest,” and/or “justifiable group defense” when applied to non-Whites? How and why is “mental illness” contingent upon the racial identity of those diagnosed?

No doubt the System/Left will trot out their typical sophistry attempting to explain why only Whites can be racist, but this simply exposes their particularism and rejection of Universalist truths – in fact, a rejection of the “anti-racism” they wish to impose specifically and only on White behavior.

When any behavior – much less adaptive behavior! – is labeled as mental illness in one group but labeled as healthy expression in another group, alarm bells should go off. And when that behavior is indeed adaptive, the uneven labeling reflects nothing more or less than a thinly disguised attack on the group whose adaptive behavior is hypocritically pathologized and unfairly stigmatized.

If the System/Left wants to be exercise particularism, rather than universalism, on this subject, in opposition to their oft-stated alleged fundamental Universalist beliefs, then they expose both their hypocrisy and their anti-White animus. If Whites are “special” in the negative sense in that only their “racism” is a symptom of “mental illness,” then why shouldn’t pro-Whites adopt a positive particularism in defense of their race?  

Particularism is inexorably linked to “racism” – thus, if the System/Left supports particularism, then this gives moral legitimacy to “racism,” and if they fall back on universalism, then their attacks against a specifically White form of “racism” is hypocritical and illegitimate.  

Note that my arguments can also be turned around to support the idea (asserted in the Counter-Currents article) that xenophilia is true mental illness, as xenophilia  works against adaptive fitness; further, the (Universalist) human norm is to be ethnocentric, which, to the System/Left, is acceptable and healthy for all groups except Whites.


*However, given that Greg Johnson is in the habit of ascribing “insanity” to his critics, that essay is hypocritical.

**That homosexuality was first a mental illness and then not, purely on the basis of sociopolitical trends, indicates the biases involved, which the Counter-Currents essay rightfully mentions.

***When individuals use the “relative finder” function of whatever personal genetic ancestry test that they have taken – a reasonably objective feature of such tests as it compares genetic kinship (similarity) between different customers – what do they find?  Almost always they find matches to people from the same race as them, many deriving from the same or similar ethnic ancestry.  And why not?  Race and ethnicity are akin to large scale extended families, and ethnic nepotism is just a broader and more diluted version of familial nepotism – with the adaptive value of the broadness (the numbers involved) more than compensating (by several orders of magnitude) the dilution of the relatedness.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Reform or Renewal

We need to pick renewal.  Tear it down!

While professional sports are inane “bread and circuses” distractions, they sometimes provide useful analogies for serious real-life political and social questions, or reflect problems extant in the broader society (e.g., racial conflict, drug use, etc.). As Griffin likes to use baseball analogies when writing for TOO, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so I’ll do the same here.

Team success goes in cycles. A team will have a “window of contention” in which they are successful, but inevitably fall on hard times. Big name veteran players get old, the “trade promising youngsters for established veterans that we need for our pennant push” strategy catches up to them, and the team finds itself mired in mediocrity (or worse), with aging, inept players and an empty “farm system” devoid of young talent.

What to do? Teams in this position have two strategic options, which I term “reform” or “renewal.”  Reform means that the team continues to try to stay in contention with piecemeal, ad hoc, half-measure approaches, trying to patch holes, trading, signing free agents, attempting to push off the inevitable collapse for a few more years and extending the window of contention.  This can be temporarily successful, particularly for richer teams, but kicking the can down the road cannot go on forever and at some point a price has to be paid.  Delaying the inevitable does not prevent the inevitable.  And, often, teams that try this approach are not only not successful in the short run, but their “crash and burn” in the long run ends up being longer and more painful than compared to what would have obtained if they had opted for the renewal option.

Renewal means taking some steps back in the short run to position yourself to be more successful in the long run.  So, the team accepts it needs to rebuild completely.  It trades fading veterans – and even gets rid of veterans still in their prime – for young players to stock the farm system, youngsters who can become future stars.  Even more fundamentally, teams engage in the somewhat controversial, but effective, approach of “tanking” – they “tear it down,” stripping the team of most, sometimes all, of its established star players, and intentionally field bad teams for several years, because those teams who perform worst get the top draft picks in succeeding years.  So, the team gets rid of their star players, tears itself down, gets new talent, and accepts a quiet period of low performance in order to restock and rebuild, and prepare for a new ascendance.  

The renewal strategy, although painful in the short term, is usually highly effective, leads to longer-term success, and is particularly suitable for those teams of more limited resources. Eventually, these cycles occur again but the proper strategy is obvious.  And, I may add, one way of getting around the cycle is to start the renewal/rebuilding stage BEFORE you are in obvious decline.  A team may have had success and may still be able to contend for several more years, but they look ahead and see that if they don’t rebuild now, things will get worse later on.  So they start “tearing it down” while they still have some success, sacrificing immediate success for greater success a few years down the road. That’s sort of like the psychometric experiments testing delayed gratification, long-term thinking, and time preference – does the child want one candy bar today or two tomorrow? Renewal means having the discipline to accept sacrifices today for success tomorrow.  It’s the wise approach.

At this point readers should realize I’m talking about Der Movement here. Even those in the “movement” honest enough to admit it has serious, fundamental problems typically stop short of supporting renewal.  No, they only want piecemeal reform – either they don’t want to put their own status as “leaders” in jeopardy, they are delusional to believe the problems (despite being serious and fundamental) can be fixed at the surface level, they think short-term and cannot accept the need to take a step back in order to take many steps forward, or some other excuse or rationale prevents them from accepting the full scope of doing what is necessary.

In fact, the situation for Der Movement is even worse than that of the hypothetical baseball team described above, since the “movement” never even had any prior period of success; it has been a failure all along.  So, it is not even at the point of trying to stretch a period of contention past its expiration date; Der Movement has never been a contender at all.  So, real and meaningful excuses for avoiding renewal fall flat, and one can speculate that opponents of required renewal have selfish or ideological reasons for their opposition.

However, those tired of seeing a “movement” that goes nowhere fast, that wastes years and decades with unremitting failure, which is on a treadmill to nowhere, such people should act in favor of the renewal approach.  Der Movement needs “tearing it down” – it needs all the fading quota queen “superstars” and fading “rock stars” to be out to pasture, it needs the dust swept away and years of festering mold growth disinfected, it needs fresh faces, fresh ideas, and new directions.  

Of course, if some elements of the “movement," some faction, want to continue on the path of “reform” that's fair enough, they can do so; it is always good to hedge your bets against problems with renewal, it is never good to put all your eggs in one basket, and it may be useful to have some minimal public “movement” activity ongoing, even if the real work of renewal goes on in the background 

But, regardless of the existence of reformist factions, there must be a major push for renewal, and deconstruction and reconstruction from first principles. Otherwise continued failure is guaranteed.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

An Announcement from the Church of the Holy Sallis

Breaking news!

No offense, Kevin, but you are really behaving like a typical Type I Nutzi here.
The board of directors of the Cosmotheist Alliance Church (CAC) has, on 26 May, 2020, passed a resolution declaring that its faithful followers may resist forced vaccinations, if they so choose, and refuse altogether to have anything to do with this despicable plot by the federal government, Bill and Melinda Gates, Pfizer and other big pharma companies, and the Sabin Vaccine Institute, etc. This refusal will be backed by the Cosmotheist Church and by the National Alliance. Who are they to question our faith? Expect more resolutions by the CAC that are in line with our Nature-based world view.
Let’s try to unwind the high trust northern hunter gatherer Herrenvolk logic here, and make some sense instead. Just because Jews and SJW shiksas make genodical and lunatic comments about forced vaccinations does not logically imply that the vaccines are no good. It doesn't mean you shouldn't encourage your followers to get vaccinated to safeguard their health.  It's also amusing that national socialist Hitler admirers get hysterical about things being "forced." After all, as we know, Saint Adolf instituted complete libertarian freedom in the Third Reich.  They sure did wonders with that all-volunteer military, eh?  And Uncle Addie kept on beating the commies in those free elections, right up to 1945!  Enabling Act?  He don't need no stinkin' Enabling Act!

But, hey, let us be fair.  What’s good for the Ubermensch goose is good for the Untermesch gander.  On July 12, 2020, the board of directors (namely, me) of the Church of the Holy Sallis (CHS) passed a resolution declaring that its faithful followers should shun and ostracize disease-mongering Luddite anti-vaxx retards, if they so choose, and hold such retards legally responsible for the consequences of spreading disease. They should refuse altogether to have anything to do with this despicable plot by “movement” grifters.  This refusal will be backed by the Sallis Church and by EGI Notes. Who are they to question our faith?  Expect more resolutions by the CHS that are in line with our science-based world view.

And for your viewing pleasure, a video of a CHS Sunday morning service.  Please ignore the Negroes there, they snuck in uninvited!

In any case, a “White ethnostate” run by Type Is would quickly manifest the qualities observed in this painting. Hey – maybe that’s not a painting, but instead an actual photograph from the future, taken in the capital city, Greater Piercetown.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

7/11/20: News, News, News!

In der news.

A lot of “squid ink” here to "explain" (i.e., obfuscate)  the straightforward finding that many non-Western, non-White peoples, particularly sub-Saharan Africans, fail the “mirror test” of self-awareness – a test that is passed by animals such as chimps and other species (such as some birds).


That reminds me of a story I heard.  Some (White) family had a Christian meeting at their home, with Blacks and Hispanics being well represented.  Maybe a “Bible study” or some such thing; it doesn’t really matter.  The home had a full length mirror on one of the room doors in the home.  One of the (adult) Negroes was talking to their reflection in the mirror assuming that the reflection was another person and they became angry when the “other person” didn’t respond to their questions. A big scene erupted. True story.

But, hey, we’re all the same!  Race is only skin deep!  A social construct!

A few comments about this.  I’m not going to bother with Coogan’s ad hominem against Bolton.  Coogan diminished himself (not hard to do, true) by doing that; Bolton is quite clearly the superior man.  All of the items about biological race I’ve already discussed multiple times.  Coogan’s skepticism about Yockey’s legacy in today’s Far Right can be answered three ways.  First, Coogan, as a leftist, was not particularly well positioned to understand all of the currents in today’s Far Right; Bolton is obviously better suited for that analysis.  Leftist analysts think they know more than they actually do.  Second, Yockey’s influence is growing and it is concentrated among those who are intellectually and morally superior to typical “movement” flotsam and jetsam.  Third, Der Movement is such a pathetic mess that we cannot be surprised that Nutzis know little about Yockey or automatically reject what they do know. The points about Yockey’s “Eastern turn” can be briefly addressed.  First, some of Coogan’s arguments are ludicrous.  Just because England had a better standard of living during the Cold War than Hungary is not relevant to Yockey’s arguments or the things he was concerned about. That argument is a non sequitur. Insinuations about Yockey’s loyalties and possible changes thereof are pure speculation; if Yockey believed that America was the true Enemy of Europe then all of Yockey’s activities are consistent with his overarching ideology.  I note that Thompson never “broke faith” with Yockey or thought that Yockey’s “Eastern turn” was anything other than his strategic approach to reaching his objectives. On the other hand, I’m not convinced by the arguments promoted by Yockey and his modern day supporters about the wisdom of fascists of the Cold War siding with the USSR against the USA. Mosley’s counter-argument that American rule left more freedom of action had as much legitimacy as Yockey’s pro-Russian turn. I would think a “pox on both their houses” attitude would have been most appropriate; at times I think that the pro-USSR approach was “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” Arguments that the fact that Eastern Europe today is politically and socially healthier than Western Europe means that Yockey was right fail to impress as well.  Who knows what Eastern – or Western – Europe would be like today if the USSR triumphed during the Cold War? The Eastern Europe of today expresses its relatively greater health and nationalism after being freed from Soviet tyranny.  All of this in no way supports a blindly pro-American approach; all of Yockey’s arguments about the corrosive effects of America-Jewry are also legitimate; I just don’t see that selling out to the Soviets would have made things better.  In the “Concert to Bolshevism” both sides are the Enemies of Europe. However, having problems with Yockey’s strategic approach does not invalidate his overall ideology nor make him some sort of “traitor” to the West.  At worst, he was misguided and demonstrated bad judgment.  Who knows?  Maybe he was right.  I’m just not convinced of it.  

People who think of themselves as enlightened and on the moral high ground in matters of race write off people like me as ignorant racists.  Unlike them, so it goes, we pre-judge people.  If only we were exposed to racial and ethnic diversity we would learn to value different kinds of people—etcetera, etcetera, you’ve heard the line.  You’ll notice that most of these people doing the pontificating and finger pointing about racial equality and harmony and the virtues of integration and multi-racialism do it from the far distance of the leafy suburbs or a university campus somewhere.  The fact of the matter is that, unlike practically all of them, I have lived up close with the reality of race in America.  And regardless of what they might like to think, I am not stupid or unenlightened or their moral inferior.  Those who look down their noses at people like me should come live for a year or two or three where my family and millions of other white families live.   Let their children grow up and go to school in this pigsty and be threatened and attacked and robbed and raped.  Then they can talk.
Insane and indecent!  Crazy and bitter!  For shame!  For shame!  I got to find that guy and debate him on this blog! That damn wop Rienzi!  Seriously though, Griffin was a gracious interviewer and I have always been grateful for having the opportunity to be included in his book.

Another victory! Heil Der Movement!

See this (emphasis added):
CNN Business said that after receiving an anonymous tip, they were able to identify Neff as the person behind the username “CharlesXII” by reviewing his messages with public information about Neff. The account had also posted photos in 2018 to the online forum in which Neff’s reflection can be seen taking the photograph, according to CNN Business.
Posting crude Beavis-and Butthead comments?  Check.
Swedish obsession?  Check.
Zero opsec? Check.

WN 2.0!

“Red Fascism.”  Wow, that’s great.  Now, let’s choose a new name for the HBDers:

A. Measured Grovelers
B. Altarboys of Asia
C. Yarmulke Lickers
D. Chinatrix Peggees
E. Yellow Trollers

Vote today!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Odds and Ends, 7/10/20

In der news.

Considering the possible survey questions attempting to discern why Whites with views at least partially compatible with WN beliefs refuse to support pro-White activism in any way, I propose three major probable reasons:

1. Fear and/or selfishness. These people are (to some extent, justifiably) afraid of the personal consequences of involvement; further, they may care only about themselves and their families, for their personal survival. They may mish simply to “ride the tiger” instead of killing it. As long as they are given a few crumbs from the table, they won’t bother to do anything. They lack the motivation to overcome their perception of their self-interest and their comfort to actually do anything.

2. Lack of confidence in the “movement.” They perceive the Far Right as a bunch of extremist freaks, perhaps dangerous freaks, with zero probability of accomplishing anything. They don’t see that the benefits of assisting the Far Right outweighs the costs. They view the Far Right as a bunch of downwardly mobile, low class “badwhites.” and see nothing good from associating with them. If anything, these people will just support the GOP and think that’s enough. Many of these people voted for Trump in 2016, hoping for a top-down effortless quick fix. The more intelligent of them have now learned otherwise, but this revelation doesn’t lead them to the Far Right, which they despise or fear, and want nothing to do with them.  Even more “enlightened” Whites are conformist herd animals, desperately seeking social approval.

3. Despair and depression. They may believe that it is too late, the game is lost, Whites and the West are finished, so why do anything, why put themselves out, why sacrifice, why fight, why put themselves in any danger, for a lost cause?  If everyone pro-White is fearful, depressed, and atomized, they will never know how many people think likewise; they will always underestimate the numbers of others like them, further feeding into the fear and despair.

To combat these issues, the Far Right should:

Build infrastructures and support systems to lessen the costs of involvement and deal with the social pricing problem, focus on the more idealistic and less selfish people, wait for conditions to degenerate so that even some of the more selfish see they have no choice, the “movement” needs to clean up its own game and stop being freakish losers who repel people, they need to underscore the uselessness of mainstream Republicans but at the same time must get involved in electoral politics so as to give people choices and more importantly to normalize pro-White activism, democratic multiculturalism should be utilized as an approach, some victories – however small – must be achieved to lessen despair, and safe ways to get like-minded people in the same locale together must be developed.

But, more importantly – let’s get actual empirical survey data and go from there, instead of relying on theoretical assumptions such as what I present here.

Read this.  The Chinese “people” are waging a remorseless war of extermination against humanity.  Unfortunately, humanity refuses to protect itself. When will humans defend themselves against Chinese?

Never forget that the Alt Right/WN 2.0 was to a large extent a creation of ex-libertarians.

An early advocate of the Costello Counter-Currents carnivore diet (emphasis added):
Hornsby was not shy even as a 19-year-old getting his first taste of the big leagues, and after the season approached manager Huggins for his assessment. Huggins said, “Kid, you’re a little light, but you’ve got the makings. I think I’ll farm you out for a year.”
As hard as it is to believe, Hornsby completely mistook what Huggins meant and spent the winter on his uncle’s farm near Lockhart, Texas, doing farm labor, eating fried chicken and steak, and drinking as much milk as he could hold.[fn]Hornsby and Surface, 38; D’Amore, 11-12; Alexander, 26-27; Frederick G. Lieb, “Hornsby Badges — Blazing Bat, Sharp Tongue,” The Sporting News, January 19, 1963, 12.[/fn]
By the time he reported to the Cardinals’ 1916 springtraining base in Hot Wells, Texas, Hornsby had gained about 30 pounds of muscle…Hornsby’s personal habits and lifestyle were almost as exceptional as his prowess at baseball. He didn’t drink alcohol or use tobacco products but was a big red-meat eater, always with quantities of whole milk. He also had a particular fondness for ice cream, which he consumed every evening. 
And this diet resulted in top notch cardiovascular fitness later in life:
In the fall of 1962 Hornsby entered a Chicago hospital for cataract surgery and suffered a stroke. He was unable to leave the hospital during the holidays and on January 5, 1963, the Rajah suffered a fatal heart attack. He was 66 years old.
Gay men are, by their own admission, notoriously catty. Milo says it well- he’s “never met a grudge he didn’t like.”
Oh, indeed, and that doesn’t only describe Milo, eh?
The deeper issue is how Milo has been rehabilitated by members of the self-described “dissident right.” The very same “Catholic” pundits expressing deep concerns about premarital sex are linking arms with a homosexual, gay-married Jew. Milo’s career was dead in mid-2019; even his alt-lite allies had left him behind. He had been relegated to posting sporadic YouTube skits and Telegram updates- and in just in that moment, Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey swoop in to save him, beginning a now year-long effort to rehabilitate his image.
WN 2.0!  Everyone and anyone who has promoted WN 2.0,the Alt Right, and “the big tent” are complicit in all of this.

Read this (emphasis added):
The U.S. Nationalist Party was a tiny, short-lived group formed in the early 1960s by Douglas Kaye and John Sullivan with help from Fred Weiss. Weiss had been the brains (along with H. Keith Thompson) of the National Renaissance Party with James H. Madole as the nominal front man. Weiss didn’t have all that much faith in Madole to carry forth the message of Francis Parker Yockey so he hedged his bets.
During the short time it existed, I managed to get only couple bulletins from the U.S. Nationalist Party. If I recall, much of their invective was aimed at George Lincoln Rockwell and his so-called ‘American Nazi Party’ whom they termed ‘nutzis.’ Weiss’s ally Thompson was a real SS man and also both contemptuous and suspicious of Rockwell. Rockwell, at best, was a just a conservative with a taste for Jew-baiting and wearing the swastika. Like Thompson, I think Rockwell was worse. Rockwell supported U.S. foreign policy which included the continued occupation of Europe. That,in turn, would lead to the de-industrialization of Europe and the mass Third World immigration.
Rockwell hated Yockey so a U.S. Nationalist Party, which supported Yockey was needed. But the times were too early.
To keep pure Yockeyism alive, Kaye and Sullivan started a new publication called TRUD!: FROM THE WHITE UNDERGROUND. Many regarded “TRUD!” as a play on words of “Trud”, the Soviet trade union paper.
Sullivan wrote me and said TRUD! stood for Terror Removes Unwanted Democracy.
Because TRUD! was very Yockeyist in its pro-Russian stand–something Yockey’s ‘official’ American promoter, W.A. Carto, avoided like the plague–many, at first glance, thought it was a run-of-the-mill radical or New Leftist sheet, common at the time.
But in a 1969 letter to subscribers, Kaye and Sullivan wrote this:
“TRUD! Listen to that word! Listen to the sound of TRUD! It’s the sound of a police club crushing the skull of a ghetto rioter or student anarchist. TRUD! the sound of a boot kicking the backside of a pinko college professor. TRUD! the sound of a peacenik being strangled.”
TRUD!: FROM THE WHITE UNDERGROUND didn’t last too long either. Like the U.S. Nationalist Party, it was not understood in the milieu of a brain dead American Right.
But with the situation of the USA and its alien regime so dire right now, maybe this time the message will find an audience. I’ll be re-printing some stuff from them in the near term.
Tellingly, Mosley received no support in England as the British right resisted any serious collaboration with ‘off-color whites’ in Catholic Spain and Italy.
Nordicism has much to answer for.
…in my view Bolton fails to make this case for Yockey’s continued political relevance on the right…
In my view, Coogan was a snide scumbag, and his death (that we can only hope was accompanied by pain, agony, and despair) has been one of the few bright spots of 2020.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Whither Western Destiny

What it is all about.

Read this.  You should read the entire piece; however, I reproduce certain excerpts below, and comment on these.
Western Destiny is, first and foremost, a declaration of independence from that “movement,” which I have lost all confidence in, and respect for…Western Destiny is therefore not affiliated with the “movement” as it has so far existed; if anything, the goal is to start afresh, in new directions, unburdened with the ideological flotsam and jetsam of the past. 
As I continue telling you – the “movement” is an unmitigated disaster.  It has been failing, pitifully, decade after decade, wasting millions of dollars and millions of man hours, it is staffed by inept affirmative action cases, and the tragedy of letting the golden opportunity of 2016 slip through their fingers is proof positive that the “movement” and its “leaders” are manifestly incapable of accomplishing any good whatsoever.  Furthermore, their ideology is nothing more than mindless knee-jerk fossilized dogma, based on pseudoscience and irrationality and the whole mass is a comical embarrassment.
Everything needs to be re-evaluated with respect to the core foundation of Western Destiny: pan-Europeanism, the Overman High Culture, and the fusion of the Salterian-Yockeyian worldviews to create a novel synergy that can form the basis of a New Europe.
That is a core foundation you will only find in the Sallis Groupuscule.
Here, there will be no compromise about the core foundation of pan-Europeanism.
That cannot be stressed enough.  Pan-Europeanists are always too accommodating, always having to assuage the hysterical fears of the petty nationalists and the fetishists about a mythical “panmixia.”  Let’s call a spade a spade and acknowledge that Yockey was right – all those divisive types are traitors, Culture retarders, and enemies of Europe.  They are, not to mince words, treasonous low life scum.
Herein lies a crucial point of departure with the (American) “movement.”  Many areas of that “movement” claim to be “pan-European” (or, using silly nomenclature, “pan-Aryan”), but, in reality, are not.  I cannot think of a single part of the American “movement,” present or past, that was or is truly pan-European.  They in particular have a hard time understanding the meaning of words such as “pan” and “all” and consider a “pan-European” movement to exclude everything to the east of Berlin and the south of Vienna.  In contrast, at Western Destiny, “all” is defined as all Europeans, of all genotypes and phenotypes, of all ancestries and national origins…Thus, Western Destiny represents the interests, goals, and dreams of all the European peoples, regardless of genotype, phenotype, or nationality.
If pan-Europeanism is going to be one core foundation of a New Movement, then we had better be sure we understand what that means (and doesn’t mean) – and the preceding paragraph summarizes the issue in an effective and concise manner.  ALL means ALL.
The future must be what we will make it, and we must have the will to create and actualize a new High Culture.  Just as there can be no compromise with divisive forces that oppose pan-Europeanism, likewise there ultimately can be no compromise with those who want to hold on to the cultural relics of a dead past. 
There can be no compromise with the treasonous scum that Yockey termed “Culture retarders.” Indeed, they are “retarded” in more ways than one.
The problem is that…I had predominantly focused on the biological Salterian view to the almost complete exclusion of the civilizationist Yockeyian view. Politics, culture, civilization, and goals above and beyond basic preservationism were mostly ignored in favor of population genetics, genotypic obsessions, and debates over oppositional nitpicking over definitions of "adaptive altruism" and so forth.  This error will also be corrected in the current endeavor.
It should be clear to those following my work over the last few years that I have indeed been making the attempt to transition more to a more political and Yockeyian standpoint, while still maintaining the essential Salterian core as well.  There needs to be a balance, not too far on one direction or the other.
A frequent riposte to harsh criticism is “if you think you can do better, do it yourself.”  …the underlying purpose of this blog is to start the process…No doubt that most individuals currently involved in the “movement” will stay where they are, and reject the call of Western Destiny.  So be it.  Even if I am the only one promoting the views that I adhere to, I will continue to do so. 
It is unfortunately the case that, at least for now, the majority of “movement” activists will not and cannot break away from their adherence to an obviously failed endeavor.

Nevertheless, the Sallis Groupuscule will continue to fight the good fight and speak truth to power.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

More on Yockey and Race

Understanding Yockey's motivation.

In some of my previous writing on Yockey (summarized here) I made clear that I believed that the major motivation for Yockey to take a contrarian attitude about (“vertical”) biological race (favoring, instead, cultural and spiritual “horizontal race” concepts) was that this was the only way Yockey could conceive of to oppose the hierarchical Nordicist racial theories that set Europeans against each other, thus threatening his ideal of European Unity, Imperium.

See here (emphasis added):
However, as the 1960's wore on, and with the failures of the NSPA to prosper, Cawthron came to see 'Nazism' as - a tactical mistake. Then, he 'found' Imperium around 1965-6. Certain passages in Imperium were obviously critical, but also cryptic, references to Nazi Germany. Cawthron referred me to three passages that moved him to revise his views:
"The materialist race-thinking of the 19th century had particularly heavy consequences for Europe when it was coupled with one of the early 20th century movements of Resurgence of Authority. Any excrescence of theoretical equipment on a political movement is a luxury, and the Europe of 1933 - 2000 can afford none such. Europe has paid dearly for these old-fashioned racial theories and they must be destroyed."
"The racial snobbery of the 19th century was intellectual and its adoption in a too-narrow sphere by the Resurgence of Authority in Europe between the first two world wars was a grotesquerie."
"The attempt to interpret history in terms of Race must be abandoned. The 20th century sees it quite otherwise. It had a vogue of a century. It is now quite dead. Its last formulation, and its most radical, attempted to intervene in the sphere of action. That was the last attempt. An Empire of a thousand years duration - yes, but that has been actualized - in India, China, Egypt." (17)
Indeed, Yockey had amplified these thoughts in The Enemy Of Europe (1953), a pamphlet that sought to mobilise neo-fascist cadres and historical-fascist residue into a new politics. He said:
"Everyone must now openly admit that the engrafting of the outworn nonsense of the vertical race theory onto the glorious European Resurgence of Authority brought about by the European Revolution of 1933 was an enormous tragedy - all the more so since the coupling of these two ideas was in no way necessary or even logical." (18)
Cawthron could see by 1967 that there had been 'neo-fascist' objections to key components of the ideology and practise of Nazi Germany, criticisms which were valid and compelling. Nazi Germany had pursued a false 'racial doctrine' which had set Europeans against each other, the very thing which the neo-nazi movement claimed Nazism did not do and which they would negate with their new racial faith.
This suggests that my hypothesis is correct and that Cawthron perceived that “Nazi” racial ideology “had set Europeans against each other” and that was something to be avoided. Thus, Cawthron saw in Yockey's racial views a way to avoid this problem, supporting the idea that Yockey's racial ideas were primarily focused on de-emphasizing intra-European differences.

Now, of course, Yockey was somewhat misguided because one can understand biological distinctiveness without imposing a hierarchical superior-inferior value system on it.  And since Yockey would allow local preservationism in his Imperium, distinctiveness could have been maintained even in political unity. One can also distinguish between variable levels of difference - just because there are differences between Europeans does not mean we need to adopt the Arnold Leese approach of considering non-Nordic types such as "wops and dagoes" to be akin to "Kalahari Bushmen."