Monday, April 6, 2020

Odds and Ends, 4/6/20

In der news.

This is beautiful!  Hail India!  Brown better than Yellow.

Read this. HBD is openly aiding China. HBD is the traitor within the gates in Der Movement.  HBDers are unmitigated filth.  In addition, dependent upon the outcome of a fair and thorough investigation, they may be criminals and traitors to America.

Colored is as colored does.  Non-White, anti-White, TROPICAL, COLORED Asians whine, whine, whine about “racism,” making common cause with their COLORED allies as part of The TROPICAL Alliance.  Derbyshire weeps bitter tears.

Face facts, folks.  Asians are as bizarrely alien, as racially alien, as racially distant, from Whites as are Negroes from deepest Africa.

Biological warfare.  Was this intentional infection of America by the Chinese people? Another question: Are the Chinese people joyously laughing at the pain and suffering inflicted upon the American people?  The Chinese attitude toward White people.  Derbyshire weeps.

Note that groups representing more of original racial stocks have higher autism than do Hispanics. According to my theory of autism that is NOT due to “hybrid vigor.” Instead it is due to “amygdala shock” from the brains of children from groups evolved to live amongst more clearly defined racial categories, but who are being exposed to all sorts of bizarre hybrid phenotypes representing hybrid genotypes.

As someone with a STEM background, I can tell you this is 100% absolute nonsense“No such thing as herd immunity”- what a stupid ignorant bastard.  Dump wop.

The virus mutates!  We can’t vaccinate!  Like the flu, eh?  But then again, a la Zturd, Der Right doesn’t acknowledge that a flu vaccine exists, so there.  We can’t vaccinate – the virus doesn’t give immunity!  First, we don’t know that at the current time.  Second, it is possible to create vaccines that are more immunogenic that the wild-type pathogen.

What else can you expect from an embarrassingly ignorant HBD-Nordicist pseudoscience trash website like The Occidental Observer?  It’s interesting that MacDonald went from a serious scholar to a tragicomic crank in the direct proportion to his embrace of HBD-Nordicism.

Male HBDer after “measured groveling” to Chinatrix.  If you imagine that the "lotus eater" was instead a Chinatrix rather than an Anglotrix, then this film clip would very well summarize the fundamental essence of HBD. "Another round-eye bites the dust," indeed. Awkward squad!

Milady contributes to the biomedical and epidemiological research on covid-19 in the manner to which she is so eminently suited.  Everyone does what they can in terms of their biological capabilities and limitations!

Please note that the pandemic of anti-White hatred discussed here includes Asians as a key component of the anti-White Rising Tide of COLOR TROPICAL ALLIANCE.  

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

This is the Asian reaction to the suffering inflicted by The China Plague.

Noted for the record: Four periods that was particularly enriched in high quality human material: Periclean Greece and immediate post-period (Pericles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander, etc.)  Late Roman Republic (Marius, Sulla, Caesar, Octavian, Cicero, etc.), Italian Renaissance in Tuscany (Alberti, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc.), 1750s to1850s America (Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Burr, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, etc.).

High trust!  High trust!  Inner Hajnal!  Whatever Der Movement worships, you should look at askance. A people that tolerates this deserves contemptuous scorn, not worshipful adulation.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Two Heretical Evolutionary Thoughts

Food for thought.

Drug resistance mediated by clonal evolution is arguably the biggest problem in cancer therapy today. However, evolving resistance to one drug may come at a cost of decreased growth rate or increased sensitivity to another drug due to evolutionary trade-offs. This weakness can be exploited in the clinic using an approach called ‘evolutionary herding’ that aims at controlling the tumour cell population to delay or prevent resistance.
One can imagine a human population that develops certain mental, physical, and/or cultural traits that enable them to survive certain types of environmental challenges – including sociopolitical and cultural challenges – but makes them more vulnerable to another type of challenge. Is this analogous to the pathological altruism of certain (“high trust northern hunter gatherer”) European strains, originally adapted to ancient environmentally challenging yet demographically homogeneous conditions, in today's multiracial and multicultural societal niches?  Alternatively, have today's Western societies created a strain of Jew (or other non-European minority) adapted to the current System, but that has sensitivity to another sociopolitical System due to “evolutionary trade-offs?” By analogy, was the vulnerability of Jews to the National Socialist regime an example of “evolutionary herding” of Jews to the more Jew-friendly conditions of Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment secular-liberal Europe?

Researchers administer low levels of a drug, enough to kill most, but not all, of the vulnerable cells in the tumor population while favoring the survival of drug-resistant lineages. Once the tumor has shrunk, clinicians stop administering the drug. The drug-sensitive cells, which tend to have a competitive edge over cells that have invested in a costly drug-resistance mechanism, can now begin to grow back. Competition between drug-sensitive and drug-resistant cells for resources in the tumor microenvironment keeps the tumor size in check.
Thus, cycling between “treatment on” and “treatment” off strategies can be of use.  First, you kill off most, but not all, of the drug-sensitive cancer cells, leaving mostly resistant cells. Then you remove the drug, and let the remaining sensitive cells grow back, crowding out the resistant cells via resource competition – under “no drug” conditions the sensitive cells have a growth advantage. Then hit with the drug again, etc.

Let’s take Bowery’s concept of “Jewish virulence” and expand it to this concept. What if more extreme anti-Semitism selects for a more virulent strain of Jew, but one that comes with costs – the same mental and physical traits allowing them to survive extreme anti-Semitism (misanthropy, paranoia, excessive ethnocentrism, and who know what else – perhaps better crypsis and/or greater mobility) makes those same Jews less competitive under conditions of lesser anti-Semitism. Thus, under conditions in which the Jewish infection (or neoplastic growth) cannot be eliminated in a Western society, alternating between greater and lesser levels of anti-Semitism could maintain sufficient numbers of vulnerable Jews so as to prevent the permanent establishment of a fully resistant Jewish strain, and thus keep the infestation under control.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Odds and Ends, 4/4/20

In der news.

…it was during that high-speed chase that a trooper looked into the car and noticed that a dog was sitting in the driver’s seat.
When troopers were finally able to stop the speeding car with spike strips, the man told them simply that he was “trying to teach his dog how to drive.”
Was this the police officer?

What's the relevance to EGI Notes? Just more evidence that America is a complete madhouse. One can expect more examples like this as American society breaks down under diversity.

Female athletics.  What's the relevance to EGI Notes?  Exposing sex reality is important for the long term well-being of our people.

Behold Der Right.  The only question now is whether Der Right will be only partially discredited from this crisis or completely discredited.  Unfortunately, the former seems more likely.

It’s Der Right.  The basic problem with Der Right is its “culture” not its fundamental ideology.  By culture I mean the hysterically irrational, conspiracy-obsessed, anti-empiricist, anti-scientific, anti-expertise (”credentialism!”), distrust anyone, cherry picking  when to “fight for freedom”  in the worst possible circumstances, gaslighting stupidity.  Der Movement adds to that its fossilized dogmas, its affirmative action program, and even more hysteria about conspiracies and sweaty hysteria.  Hey idiots – the real conspiracies are race replacement and outsourcing our entire economy to China, not “microchips in vaccines.” The real conspiracies are the ones that are open and public and to which you provide no effective opposition.

It’s a right wing star!  Mazel Tov!  Oy vey!

Maybe Der Right should be worrying more about this than about “microchips in vaccinations” or about “Jew doctors sodomizing our babies with MMR needles and giving them autism.” But, no. You see, many of our rightist heroes and anti-vaxxers are themselves butterballs and this all hits too close to home, don’t you know. I seem to recall one prominent female anti-vaxxer in Der Movement whining several years ago about dating problems - men don't like overweight women. That complaint tells us much, I think.

MacDonald and Durocher weep. Kemp has a nervous breakdown.
So Northern Europeans actually have a ton of the Middle Eastern ancestry that Nordicists have always looked down on. And while they still have some of their beloved European hunter-gatherer ancestry, it turns out that's Asian-related. Furthermore, large parts of their Middle Eastern and Asian/Amerindian-type ancestries arrived long after Paleolithic and Neolithic times in the Bronze Age.
Of course, the same goes for Southern Europeans, but they generally have more of the older Neolithic farmer ancestry and less of the exotic "Asiatic" ancestries. And the originators of European civilization — Minoan and Mycenaean Greeks, as well as Etruscans and Romans — were genetically like modern Southern Europeans, not like modern Northern Europeans as the Nordicists have always claimed.
So in a pissing contest of who's "more European", playing by Nordicists' own rules, Southern Europeans would have to be considered the "winners".
But, hey, those exotic “Asian” ancestries are of great benefit to all humanity, and don’t your forget it!. Now, run along and borrow some chopsticks from Bromstad and Bjork.

Look while I don’t agree with Racial Reality/Italianthro on some things ( I oppose Medicism as much as I oppose Nordicism, and I critique wops and dagoes as much as anyone), he’s right here – the utter hypocrisy of Der Movement is neatly exposed by his post.

Don’t ever expect them to admit being wrong, especially about this.  See my post here.

Zturd is bursting with pride.

Attention Zturd (emphasis added):
…Helsloot fails to take into account the additional number of Italians who would have died without the suppression policy that he condemns. Also, even with the draconian nationwide lockdown in Italy, the coronavirus is far from subdued…Even Gerd Gigerenzer from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, whom I admire for his excellent work on risk and uncertainty, fails to take into account the phenomenon of self-refuting propheciesdoesn’t pause to consider the effects of the actions that were taken by those authorities to forestall their worst predictions. 
One more example. Minimalists such as Richard Epstein at the Hoover Institute have cited the low case fatality rate of COVID-19 in South Korea and Singapore, which are precisely the places that have tested for the virus most extensively. Doesn’t this prove that we are overestimating the deadliness of the coronavirus and that we are panicking over nothing? No, because this argument ignores the fact that South Korea took the coronavirus threat very seriously right from the start…As the novelist Frank Herbert once said: “The function of sci-fi is not to predict the future, but to prevent it.” That leads us into a strange paradox: the better we manage to contain this pandemic, the less we will learn from it. Because there is one thing you can bet on for sure: as soon as this whole crisis blows over, the same minimalists will come forward and claim that it wasn’t as bad as the “fearmongers” had told us. Indeed, some of them are already busy committing that very fallacy.
SALLIS IS RIGHT ONCE AGAIN.  Finally, someone is admitting that biolab leak does NOT imply "bioengineered."  Note the Chinatrix connection to all of this, perhaps explaining the hysterical fervor of the HBDers on this issue.  Psycho-sexual motivations are typically very potent, eh HBDers?  Doing some "measured groveling," perhaps? 

Hungary vs. Sweden.  Come now, Swedish political leadership is obviously of great benefit - great benefit I tell you! - to all humanity, as opposed to all of those non-good Outer Hajnal Eastern European Hungarians.

Is Carlson reading Zturd?  I listened to what he said - it's not as bad as Zturd, but it's not entirely accurate either. It's too early right now for either direction - certainly too early for Zturd's "let the good times roll" and too early for Fauci's "close everything down until there's isn't a single slant-eyed, yellow virus particle in America." We need to get a clear understanding of viral spread in Red State America.  But, Carlson needs to consider what is linked above - it may be precisely all of the measures he worries about that are reducing infection rates in certain areas of the country.  It may be useful to hear from epidemiologists and infectious disease experts other than Fauci as well. Let's get some consensus. My point is as well - what would Tucker do?  Let's get some actual proposals. It's easy to criticize. What should be done?

Friday, April 3, 2020

Antebellum Palingenetic Ultranationalism

More on fascism.  Red font emphasis added.

This here is a link to an essay in the Fascism journal arguing that the Antebellum American South had “proto-fascist” features similar to “Germany’s nineteenth century Völkisch movement.”  This paradigm may be of interest to “Southern nationalists” extant in Der Movement (which I am not), so I’ll just reproduce a few interesting excerpts with very brief comments, and let the “Hunter Wallace” types delve into this in more detail if they are so inclined.

The abstract:
This article examines how the Southern proslavery defense produced a distinctly proto-fascist ideology. Rather than comparing the Antebellum South to twentieth century racist regimes, this study compares Southern fascist thought to Germany’s nineteenth century Völkisch movement. The author uses Roger Griffin’s Palingenetic Ultranationalism to explore how the Antebellum South promoted an illiberal vision of modernity. The author argues that proto-fascists rejected liberalism, had a profound sense of social decay, and advanced a vision of a new man, new political structure, and a new temporality. The striking similarities between nineteenth and twentieth century fascist movements mandates that the Antebellum American South should be included in comparative fascist studies. The results of this study contextualize the comparisons made between American racism and fascism along with deepening our understanding of fascism’s protean qualities.
It’s interesting how these “analysts of fascism” stress “fascism’s protean qualities” and then they proceed to impose rigid definitions on various fascist sub-genera. While those are different authors, they share the same mindset, writing for the same journal, and yet construct fascism according to pre-conceived notions while also asserting “protean qualities.”  True, there are some fundamental constant in fascism, but “anti-modernity” and völkisch racialism are not, in my opinion two of those.
Similarly, Riehl also believed that hierarchies are natural and it is modernity which is alien for the aristocracy preserved the true nature of the Volk. Such ideas were not limited to Europe. For the South, hierarchy, inequality, and slavery was, too, a patriarchal system descended from God. With such strong convictions, it is no wonder the South sought a palingenesis. They regarded their aristocracy not only as the best hope for the future of humanity but as a God ordained institution besieged. For the Southern intelligentsia, to allow Northern abolitionists to criticize slavery was intolerable.
Fair enough, I suppose.
Nonetheless, perhaps the largest hindrance toward the development of a populist fascist movement was the proto-fascist cult of aristocracy. The proto-fascist image of the new man is rooted in traditional elitist conservatism and excluded popular participation. Nevertheless, there were signs that this position was untenable. Southern elites were facing increased pressure from a newly emerging class consciousness of the poor and sought ways to mobilize popular participation to the extent possible at the time. The South’s emphasis on the white race was, to a certain degree, a populist message which promised to elevate the non-slave owner through his skin color. Fitzhugh even advanced the idea of a Southern education to disseminate principles of the new man: ‘We alone are a new people. Our social relations and institutions differ widely from those of other civilized countries of modern times, and in some respects from those of antiquity. New, original, and valuable combinations of thought will be suggested by our social organism . . . A Southern university will beget Southern thought and a Southern literature . . . When we cease to study Northern and European books . . . [we will] build up a Southern literature, more truthful, more Christian, more natural, and therefore superior to any that has preceded it.’ In fact, Fitzhugh advocated the elevation of white masses to the positions of superiority: ‘Our citizens, like those of Rome and Athens, are a privileged class. We should train and educate them to deserve the privileges and to perform the duties which society confers on them.’ Later, in Sociology for the South, Fitzhugh continues to venerate classical aristocracies as a paragon, ‘Like the Roman citizen, the Southern white man would become a noble and a privileged character’. De Bow contributor, L.W. Spratt believed that reopening the Atlantic slave trade would open Southern slavery to the masses, enabling popular participation in the slavocracy. In De Bow’s Review, he stated: ‘for all to become slave owners . . . will thus bring all the ruling race to the same social stand point; it will thus reintegrate and erect our social system . . . and open the prospect to a broader and brighter future than was ever yet expanded to the eye of man.’ Although the South was a rigid oligarchy, Southern intellectuals envisioned popular participation in the creation of the new man; heralding the future arrival of the populist ultranationalism of future fascist regimes.
Thus, the tension between aristocratic elitism and populism…possibly resolved through a common set of racial interests?
Proto-fascists between the South and Germany believed stripping the individual of their rights created a better society. Although the assault on individual liberty strikes at the very foundations of American notions of freedom, Southern intellectuals portrayed their alternative in a positive manner.
The Ramseyian Alt Liters weep.
Conclusion and Discussion: Toward a Fascist Revolution?

The Southern intellectuals sought the creation of a new man and a new modernity in a new nation. This palingenesis would enable Southerners to end their status as victims under Northern degeneracy. It would preserve traditional social roles between men, women, and race. It would be a forward looking ideology, a distinctly Southern modernity as an alternative to the liberal society of the North. The core of the Southern palingenesis was the creation of a new type of industrial slave society.
So, after all the pontifications about fascist” anti-modernity” we see “a distinctly Southern modernity” and “a new type of industrial slave society.”  Modernity is not something to be fought, but something to be leveraged and used, according to your society’s own unique Race-Culture.  The “protean qualities” of fascism are compatible with the more healthy aspects of modernity – particularly science and technics.
Although the South prized slavery as the ideal of communist goals, they abhorred the ideology. The Southern intelligentsia sought a third way between capitalism and communism because they believed free labor begat revolution and degeneracy. Low paid workers fermented revolution, abolition and feminism.
Slavery has never been stable throughout human history.  Slaves always ended up being freed.  It seems that the slave-owing antebellum southern aristocracy were justifying their own greed and reactionary refusal to change with the times and cut their losses.  Free White labor is infinitely better than free Colored labor, and ultimately, that was the only long term choice.
Above all, a working class led to socialism, not only in terms of the emancipation of their slaves as property but in inaugurating equality between race and sex.
Nonsense, if you believe an absolute inevitability.
To fight against degeneracy was to fight against democratic participation, abolitionism, feminism, socialism, and communism. To control and roll back the discontent of the working class and the revolutions they ignited, it was necessary to control them as tightly as possible, hence, a renewed and modernized slave state was the answer.
Cumulatively, the proslavery ideology of the South was proto-fascist. The palingenesis of the South did not completely resemble the fascist regimes of the next century. As previously stated, the South’s proto-fascism shares the same ineliminable core of the rejection of modernity…
Compare that last phrase to what is written above about the Southern embrace of a distinctively "Southern" and "industrial slave" modernity. These types of authors are so hysterical in their rigid and dogmatic interpretations and definitions of fascism that they cannot be consistent from one paragraph to another.
…and proposal for a radical new order as interwar fascist regimes such as Nazi Germany or Mussolini’s Italy. Historian George L. Mosse, said: ‘Ideas of regeneration, of sacrifice, and a vision of utopia were the staple of all fascism’. Indeed, Southern calls for a new nation centered on their notions of race and sex heralded the Nazi’s doctrine of master race utopianism and Lebensraum when a South Carolinian politician polemicized:
Unite, and your slave property shall be protected . . . Unite, and . . . . California shall be a slave State; the dismembered territory of Texas shall be restored, and you shall enjoy a full participation in all the territory which was conquered by your blood and treasure. Unite, and you shall form one of the most splendid empires on which the sun ever shone, of the most homogeneous population, all of the same blood and lineage.
The Southern nationalists fought and died for their palingenesis.
If slavery was s essential for “southern nationalism,” then what are the modern “Southern nationalists” doing?  Perhaps there is more to core Southern culture than slavery?
Nonetheless, these ideas continued to live on in a defeated South. For the Völkisch proto-fascists, their ideas would find new life and be incorporated into Nazi Germany. One question than can be conjectured is – if the proto-fascism was similar between the Antebellum South and the Völkisch movement – how did the experience of war lead to completely divergent directions? In post-First World War Germany, liberal modernity was associated with defeat coupled with a weak Weimar Republic. In the United States, liberalism triumphed so soundly that the South’s resentment of defeat never aroused the mass mobilization on the scale of the Europeans. After all, the North forced liberal-democratic institutions on the vanquished South. In Europe, proto-fascism was able to take root because liberal-democracy’s validity was questioned with the defeated nations and their ruined economies. For a defeated South, the best they could do was Klan terrorism and Jim Crow. The triumph of liberalism ensured that Jim Crow would never reach the extent of the Holocaust. Under Northern occupation, racist terrorists had to be secretive about their activities.
Liberalism was triumphant in America because the nation was in some sense founded upon it; in contrast to the deep roots of European High Culture and Race-Culture with a blood-soil component, the diaspora colonial American experience lacked those historical deep roots and exhibited a more ephemeral idea-based paradigm.  I am not saying America was, is, or should be an “idea nation,” but that, in a relative sense, compared to the Old World of Europe, it is more in that direction.
Furthermore, the notion of proto-fascism, like post-fascism, deepens our understanding of the ‘protean’ or adaptive qualities of fascism to historical and external forces.
Right…except when the author wants to confine fascist ideology into a rigid cage, so as to prevent more modern interpretations that can prove a threat to the globalist liberal order.
The ineliminable core of palingenesis explains similarities to contemporary ‘pseudo-fascism’ – such as through American President Donald Trump’s ‘Make American Great Again’ slogan for instance.
This study has shown that there was a continuum of illiberal forces which preceded and survived through the Southern nationalist movement that culminated in the American Civil War. The proto-fascist features of the Antebellum South explain many of the similarities other historians have drawn between the Third Reich and the post-Civil War South. As such, the Antebellum South of the United States warrants serious study in the discourse of comparative fascism.
Those similarities may be one reason why Type I American Nutzis are so enamored of Hitlerian völkisch racialism.

On another note, I'd like to see an analysis of Cola di Rienzi in this journal.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Freedom Gambit

And other news.

The Freedom Gambit.  Der Right is completely discrediting itself.  Beautiful!  The sooner these absolute retards are treated with the utter disdain they deserve, the sooner we can build a real movement that actually gets things accomplished.

Let’s consider this in more detail. Is Ramsey's objection that he believes the current crisis is not much to get worked up about and so does not merit the measures taken – with the implicit acceptance of those measures under other circumstances that he believes would merit them? If so, what such circumstances would be sufficient, since a public health crisis, recognized as such internationally, does not meet that measure? On the other hand, does Ramsey object in principle to any imposition on his freedoms, regardless of the reason?  If China was engaging in a military invasion of the USA, and the American government instituted a military draft in response, would he advocate resistance and draft evasion?  

These are all serious questions, which get to the heart of the tension between the collective social good and individual freedoms (the vaccination question is another manifestation of this). Since Ramsey is so enamoured of his freedoms, I assume he supports a system of representative democracy. If so, we can state that elected leaders can decide what needs to be done, including the temporary abrogation of some freedoms, but that they can be held to account by the electorate after the crisis is over. But, you may say, what if democracy is a sham and there is no real choice (if so, then doesn’t that tell you something about the weaknesses of democracies)?  What if the majority is wrong (ditto)?  And what if we wish to dispense with democracy and have another system that values the collective social good over individual freedoms – can we then state that this is a sharp and unbridgeable division between the Alt Liters and the Far Right?

Another thing – why is it that these types always have to make their stand about their "freedoms" with respect to public health – whether it is China Plague lockdowns or the issue of vaccination?  Why don’t they draw the line in the sand over, say, civil rights legislation and multiculturalism?  Why doesn’t these types say – “by gummint, I refuse to sell my house to Negroes and I don’t care what the government says, they can jail me or shoot me, but I don’t recognize any civil rights laws!” But, no. The vaunted freedoms "fought for by their ancestors" are all about their right to infect and kill White folks, but not to inconvenience “People of Color” in the slightest. Sorry, the hypocrisy and cherry picking of the freedom gambit leaves much to be desired.

See this.  Meanwhile, the HBD filth parrot Chinese government propaganda about an “American bioweapon.” The question is whether a FARA investigation into HBD is sufficient. Can it be said that China is “levying war” against the USA via this virus and the associated propaganda? If so, are the HBDers assisting in this levying of war? Obviously, large numbers of people - more than two! - have read the HBD material, so the “witnesses” aspect is taken care of.  So, the question that needs to be asked of constitutional scholars is this – is there a case for prosecuting American HBDers for treason? Based on the standards of the Aaron Burr case, this may be sketchy, but it needs to be evaluated. I am not taking a stand one way or the other on the treason question here, since I am not a constitutional scholar; I merely opine that the issue needs to be seriously considered as a possibility.

Note a crucially important female contribution to help against the coronavirus pandemic!  Milday stands alongside men to do the heavy work to develop vaccines and therapeutics!

Left panel – left to right – Mexican, Arab, high trust northern hunter gatherer.

Right panel – left to right – HBDer, Chinatrix getting the K-Y Jelly and strap-on ready for the HBDer, Afrowop MURDERED by the Chinatrix.

…everyone, including the New York Times, admitted that the virus was brought to Italy by two Chinese tourists…As far back as 2003, a Library of Congress report cited Lombardy as having the highest concentration of Chinese immigrants in Italy. Our media refuses to tell us this fact today—or any day. It appears that there are roughly 300,000 Chinese Nationals working in the leather, garment, textile and fashion industries in the region. Lombardy is quickly learning that there is nothing more expensive than cheap Chinese labour.
Just because those tourists came to Italy AFTER the outbreak in China was already publicly known, and just because Chinese had being moving back and forth between China and Italy AFTER the outbreak in China was already publicly known, is certainly no reason for the Italians to be upset. There is no reason whatsoever for any Italian to be in the least  way disturbed by the remorseless war of genocidal extermination being waged against the Italian people by the Chinese people. This blog counsels peace, pacifism, acceptance, and forgiveness!  Every Italian who suffered, who has seen loved ones die in agony as the Chinese chortled in glee, should embrace all Chinese as their brothers and sisters! Peace!  Pacifism!  Non-violence!   EGI Notes oozes with the milk of human kindness!

Spencer is correct, and Zturd ranks amongst the grifters. The man’s deranged.

Hmmm…read this.

Interbreeding between species may harm the genetic adaptations already established for their local habitat environment…
But, but, but…promoters of miscegenation, such as the despicable John Derbyshire, always invoke hybrid vigor (the Uighurs!) – how can interbreeding be harmful?

I also thought – according to scientifically illiterate leftists – that “if two groups can interbreed then they can’t be different species” – which is of course in reality refuted by endless examples to the contrary.

Finally, the same bio-deniers of the Left will tell us that different species must manifest radically different genotypes and phenotypes to the extent of, say, comparing tigers and domesticated cats – not true as well. Even these panda populations that differ very slightly seem to be different species.

Human races may well be different species.  Let’s consider human types that are radically different – as different as can be between human types, utterly alien from each other – Europeans and East Asians.  Certainly, different species.

If this is so, is European-East Asian miscegenation akin to bestiality?

Behold the afrowop - in the south, more "afro" than "wop." Palermo - the real capital of Nigeria.

EGI Notes, 6/5/18      Zturd, 4/1/20    What a turd.

Let’s all become hysterical about “the dangers of vaccines” (“Jew doctors are sodomizing our babies with needles and giving them autism”), while ignoring the elephant (pun not intended) in the room – a large majority of Americans are fat slobs. Is a reason why Der Movement ignores that is that so many of them – perhaps particularly the anti-vaxx contingent – are themselves disgusting lard asses?

Read this.  Time for the HBDers to start ranting about an “American bioweapon” again. Yeah, HBDers – that Chinatrix is not saying that her name is “Ben Dover.” Likely she’s saying something else to you.

Colored is as colored does.  TROPICAL behavior, eh Derb?

The monsters are brewing more virus particles to spread around.

Hey, don’t feel too bad, monsters.  The Afrowops will serenade you from balconies.

Read this. It is quite clear that a FARA investigation of the HBDers – while needed – is insufficient.  They need to be investigated for treason as well.  Note that I do not make any accusations against anyone; I simply state that there needs to be thorough investigations with respect to FARA and treason. Whether there is “fire” or not I do not know, but there is at least a whiff of “smoke.”  If the HBDers have nothing to hide then they should welcome an investigation for parroting Chinese state propaganda in a midst of a genocidal biological crisis, the intent of which is uncertain.

A biolab leak was likely accidental (if it occurred, of course), but we cannot eliminate the possibility that the Chinese figured that the rest of the world would be harmed more than them (especially with Chinese “tourists” helping to spread it), and so they would have a net advantage in the end.

A Jew wants to censor you.  Surprise!  This is a good time to re-read all my posts about free speech at this blog. For example, see this.

Now, they are saying if someone is offended, that should be a free speech violation.  Sorry, the most important issues facing a nation is going to offend someone.  Forget about race for a moment.  Let’s take abortion.  A person stating they oppose abortion because “it is murder” may well “offend the dignity and well-being” of a woman who had an abortion. ‘”Neural scans” may show that she was “”injured” by the statement.  That’s just too bad.  It doesn’t alter the strength of the argument (regardless of your position on the matter), and it is insane to forbid such comments just because of the offense taken. Likewise, racial separatism may similarly offend, but others believe that their racial survival is at stake.

We can also turn the table – forced integration injures people.  Multiculturalism injures people.  Amygdala activation when faced with racial aliens can be observed in scans.  So, let’s use the same logic as this Jew and say that since people are being offended by integration and multiculturalism then those social paradigms should be outlawed. QED.  Living amongst Jews harms Gentiles.  Let’s separate.  QED.

Well said  The Right is a joke.  This crisis may be the defining moment when all people who are both sane and have a triple digit IQ leave the Right.

By “the Right” I do NOT mean rightist politics, I mean the Right, Inc. of which Der Movement, Inc. is a genus.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

National Socialism and Fascism

Is National Socialism Type I Fascism? – the case of Latvia.

Read this. Excerpts (emphasis added) and comments:
Aside from equating it with Hitlerism, there have been few scholarly attempts to define national socialism and specify its relation to the broader category of fascism. This article posits that national socialisms are a sub-genus of fascism, where the distinguishing feature is an ultaranationalism based on a palingenetic völkisch racism, of which anti-Semitism is an essential element. Thus, national socialism is not just mimetic Hitlerism, as Hitler is not even necessary. National socialist movements may even conceivably be opposed to the goals and actions of Hitlerism. To test this definition, the case of Latvia’s Pērkonkrusts [Thunder Cross] movement is analysed. Based on an analysis of its ideology, Pērkonkrusts is a national socialist movement with a völkisch racialist worldview, while also being essentially anti-German. The case study even addresses the apparent paradox that Pērkonkrusts both collaborated in the Holocaust, and engaged in resistance against the German occupation regime.
A problem for my own definition of national socialism is the emphasis here on völkisch racism. See below for more detailed discussion of this..
National Socialisms as a Fascist Sub-Genus
Of the vast and growing corpus of scholarly and popular literature on national socialism – usually pertaining to Nazi Germany – very rarely is this fundamental concept defined. The reasons for this could be twofold. Firstly, it might be assumed as self-evident that ‘national socialism’ is simply synonymous with the mid-twentieth century German version of National Socialism (also known as ‘Nazism’ or ‘Hitlerism’) associated with Adolf Hitler and his nsdap. In the case of national socialist organisations outside of Germany, these are either de facto subsidiaries of the German mother party, or derivative, mimetic movements. In this view, any party with a swastika as its emblem and a violently anti-Semitic ultranationalist platform simply could be assumed an unoriginal copycat, seeking to exploit the success of the nsdap in Germany.
That is the general "normie" viewpoint – national socialism is merely Hitlerism.
Should one observe European history in the years between 1920 and 1945 from the periphery, or even simply from a non-Germanocentric perspective, this assumption of subordination or mimesis quickly proves itself unsatisfactory for explaining aspects of, for example, local collaboration in those countries occupied by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. How could there have existed what my colleague Terje Emberland has termed an ‘oppositional national socialism’ in wartime Norway, which both collaborated closely with the ss, and also opposed many of the policies of the German nsdap and the collaborationist Nasjonal Samling [ns; National Unity] regime of Vidkun Quisling? Our research on Norway thus suggests that not only amongst Norwegians were there different, competing understandings of national socialism, but that also within German Nazism there were even significant differences between Himmler’s ss and the mainstream nsdap ideology. Thus, it would be preferable to speak not of a single National Socialism, but of national socialisms in the plural.
The key point is this: “Thus, it would be preferable to speak not of a single National Socialism, but of national socialisms in the plural.” Up to this point, I agree. The problem will be a specific interpretation of national socialism in terms of a Nordicist, Germanocentric, völkisch racialism.
Another significant obstacle to the formulation of a general definition of national socialism stems from the resistance in certain circles to accepting it as a phenomenon within the broader category of fascism. 
Type I “movement” retards are prominent in this resistance.
Ian Kershaw, however, makes convincing arguments for why German National Socialism should be properly included within the family of fascisms, all of which had their own unique and particular characteristics.
This is in my opinion the correct view. Fascism is the more generic political genus – palingenetic ultra-nationalism; national socialism is a more specifically “racist” – in the sense of a strong focus on biological racism – form of fascism. The question is whether this racism has to be specifically “völkisch.”
To assume that there is a generic fascism of which German National Socialism is a specific expression, and that there are not just one, but several national socialisms, would sooner or later necessitate augmenting the taxonomy by defining a national socialist sub-genus. Building on the definition of generic fascism proposed by Roger Griffin, the following general definition of national socialism is proposed: Given that ‘[f]ascism is a genus of political ideology whose mythic core in its various permutations is a palingenetic form of populist ultra-nationalism’, then national socialism is a type of fascism where the populist ultranationalism is based on palingenetic völkisch racism, of which anti-Semitism is an essential element. Thus, I posit that the distinguishing feature of national socialisms within the broader family of fascisms is the centrality of a völkisch, racialist worldview.
Here is where I strongly disagree.  The racialist (or racist) national socialist worldview does not have to be specifically völkisch as it is defined below – i.e., a specifically Nordicist, Type I, Ostara, “runes and boots” Germanic racialism. Instead, the racialism can be for any group – at least, any European group - and can be evaluated in a empiricist, scientific manner. It can also incorporate certain non-biological, Yockeyian, High Culture components.
As Griffin has pointed out, all fascisms are to some degree ‘racist’, insofar as ultranationalism celebrates the greatness of one’s own nation and culture, thereby fostering a sense of superiority over other peoples. Fascist ideology is thus intrinsically hostile to liberal multiculturalism, free migration, and other individual-driven mixings of peoples, religions, and cultures. At the same time, this does not necessarily mean that all fascisms must embrace racist positions – e.g. social Darwinism, eugenics, or even anti-Semitism – as central to their understanding of their nation’s relation to society and the world.
Fair enough.
Within national socialism, however, the nation is always organically linked to the race: just as the organically conceived nation (Volk) provides the genotype for the individual’s phenotype, so, too, does each nation reflect a phenotype of the genotype provided by the common racial identity. Maintaining the racial Erbbild [genotype] and improving the Erscheinungsbild [phenotype] of both individuals and the entire Volk was a key concern of German National Socialism, particularly for Heinrich Himmler and the ss.
Fine – but this does have to be völkisch?
Even though this impetus to improve the racial stock of the nation can lead national socialists to support the introduction of eugenic policies in the name of ‘racial hygiene’, this should not be taken as evidence that national socialists subscribe to a rationalist, positivist view of race as a supposedly biological phenomenon. Upon closer inspection, racial ideology in national socialism has only relatively superficial traits in common with, for example, the ‘scientific’ racial biology and eugenics practised in interwar Scandinavia, which was connected to the social engineering of a new, modern society.
In a sense, this criticism is correct – the Type I Nordicist Ostara view has little to do with genuine racial science. In that sense, it is akin to HBD – perhaps why there is a degree of association and compatibility between Nordicism and HBD.
Racialist thinking in national socialism is neither rationalist, nor aiming towards modernisation. Instead, it is völkisch racialism, derived from the ideological worldview of the völkisch movement that began in the late nineteenth century. Völkisch racism fostered a sacralised view of an assumed prehistoric Aryan race, from whence the most advanced nations and civilizations of the world arose. In the case of the inter-war German and Scandinavian national socialists, the highest rungs of the racial hierarchy were seen as being occupied by Germanic or Nordic peoples; however among national socialist movements since 1945 the emphasis is more on global ‘white supremacy’ of light-skinned groups of Europeans generally. Nevertheless, a clear bias towards an idealized ‘Nordic’ identity infuses national socialism, even in societies that are not usually considered ‘Germanic’.
Here we see a definition of völkisch racism that is more or less accurate. That nonsense was, is, and always will be, an embarrassment. While national socialism has traditionally been linked to that nonsense, my argument is that it does not have to be. The racism - or racialism – of national socialism can have positivist, scientific, and rational bases. It can also have, as argued above, a Yockeyian component that is based on an honest reading of history and fundamentally even with more mainstream cultural/civilizational paradigms, such as Huntington’s civilizations. Thus, national socialism as a genus of fascism focused on specific Race-Cultures, with a strong, but not exclusive, biological component, can be broader than just völkisch racism.
Coupled with the mythology of race…
Mythology?  Well, the völkisch interpretation is mythology, but the empirical interpretation is not.
…is a view that races and nations are formed in symbiosis with their physical surroundings, with the land being the source of many of the physical and spiritual characteristics of the Volk. A strong connection to both the natural and cultural landscape is thus important for maintaining the vigour of the nation. Life in cities alienates the individual from the moral compass that being one with the soil provides, leading to racial and cultural dilution and degeneration. In its völkisch racism, national socialism thus is an ideology of Blut und Boden [blood and soil], favouring the pure, healthy peasant ways to the modern, urban, materialistic lifestyle that was both morally and physically hazardous. 
Here we see how “traditional” völkisch national socialism is definitely a Type I fascism of the “runes and boots” type, with underlying themes of Tolkienism, anti-technics, anti-urbanism, anti-empiricism, anti-modernity, a backwards – and backwoods – “traditionalism.”  That’s pure Type Ism.
Selecting a Test Case of Non-Hitlerite National Socialism
The definition of national socialism as a sub-genus of fascism presented above will herein be tested using a case chosen to collide head-on with the prior assumption of mimesis with the German nsdap. If it can be adequately proven that the Latvian Pērkonkrusts [Thunder Cross] meets the definition’s criteria, then this will be an example of an explicitly anti-German national socialist movement.
Although Pērkonkrusts is not entirely unknown in the literature on fascism, few scholars have researched this movement in detail. Even fewer still have asked the question whether Pērkonkrusts constitutes a Latvian form of national socialism. One of the few to do so is German historian Björn Felder. A sub-chapter to one of his books is even entitled, ‘The Pērkonkrusts Movement: “Latvian National Socialists”?’ While admitting that Pērkonkrusts exhibited many ideological affinities to German National Socialism, in his analysis, Pērkonkrusts looked more to Italian Fascism for inspiration, or more closely resembled Corneliu Codreanu’s Iron Guard in Romania.
You can read more on this in the essay.  The point made is that this Latvian movement had characteristics of an anti-Hitlerian – or at least non-Hitlerian – völkisch national socialism, although identification with the more Type II Italian and Romanian variants are fascism confuses the issue, since those variants are at odds with Type I völkisch fascism (i.e., traditional national socialism).
…Pērkonkrusts did not see itself as an appendage or copycat of German National Socialism; at the same time, the ambiguity of these statements can be interpreted as reinforcing the argument that Pērkonkrusts was national socialist.
Similar rhetorical distancing was used regarding fascism. In an unsigned article from 1933, ‘What is fascism?’, the party newspaper asserts: ‘Even though Pērkonkrusts is far from being fascism, and admits that this is a system suited only to Italy, nevertheless…’ By equating fascism exclusively with Italian Fascism, Pērkonkrusts could deny – despite the charges of its liberal and leftist opponents – that it is, indeed, fascism, while at the same time freely expressing its admiration for the accomplishments of Mussolini’s regime. Needless to say, contemporary political opponents were not convinced.
Silly semantics on the part of the Latvians.
The Pērkonkrusts Ideology: Palingenetic Völksich Racialism or Not?
To what extent was Pērkonkrusts national socialist, that is, a type of fascism where the populist ultranationalism is based on palingenetic völkisch racism, of which anti-Semitism is an essential element? One of the first problems to address is whether Pērkonkrusts had a racist ideology, and whether it was völkisch. Did, for example, Pērkonkrusts contrast the Aryan race to the Jewish one in its worldview? Historian Uldis Krēsliņš contrasts Pērkonkrusts with Štelmachers’s alnsp, which proclaimed Latvians to be the ‘purest’ Aryans, by citing a passage from a speech where Celmiņš dismisses the idea of ‘biologically pure’ Latvians, since ‘a pure Latvian type does not even exist [nemaz nav]’. For Krēsliņš, with the exception of Štelmachers, the racial terminology employed by Pērkonkrusts and other Latvian radical nationalists was ‘more an expression of an historical, religious, or moral-ethical’ signifier.
That is all not very empiricist.  However:
Elsewhere, this sentiment is reiterated by the deputy leader of Pērkonkrusts, Prof. J. Plāķis: after discussing the negative influence of secret organisations controlled by the Jews, it was stressed that ‘only by keeping our race pure, protecting and maintaining our people’s traits and traditions, can Latvians persist as a people’. This was clearly a palingenetic racialist nationalism.
But, how was race defined?  Never mind  that “racial purity” is unrealistic.  Preservation and advancement (improvement) of the stock that actually exists is realistic.
A formulation from the 1933 article, ‘Who Are the Latvians of Pērkonkrusts’, is immediately recognizable as belonging to the ideological worldview of national socialism: ‘In addition, one must particularly mention those tendencies created by Jews to conquer the world and destroy nationalism and the Aryan peoples.’…This contradistinction between Jews and Aryans could even take improbable forms: for example, when an editorial in Ugunskrusts explained that, of course, the Germans wanted to turn Latvia into a colony with the Latvians as their minions, but, being Aryans, at least they were forthright in this; Jews, on the other hand, were disingenuous and surreptitious in their plans to subjugate other peoples.
Der Movement has always “marched on.”
Furthermore, the Pērkonkrusts party press clearly identified the Latvians’ ancient forebears, the Baltic tribes, with the primeval Aryans, particularly in context of discussions of the neopagan religion of Ernests Brastiņš, Dievturība. An article in Ugunskrusts on Dievturība reports Brastiņš’s view that the Germanic, Slavic, Baltic, and Indic peoples arose from the original Aryans, and that the Latvians are the direct descendants of the Aryans in their language and religious worldview.
Note the inclusion of "Indic." Pure Type I retarded “traditionalist” esoteric nonsense. That’s völkisch to the core, I suppose.
Thus, from its very beginnings, Pērkonkrusts was infused with an intrinsically racialist worldview that fits well with the definition of national socialist völkisch racialism. Völkisch ultranationalism, however, is not only about the Aryan ‘blood’; there is also the sacralization of the relationship to the ‘soil’. The Latvian land, saturated in the sweat and blood of the forefathers, was sacred: it was here their heroic ancient forebears fought; here their ancestors’ remains are buried. None is more closely entwined with the beloved landscape than the Latvian arājs – ‘ploughman’. The official party programme of Pērkonkrusts already lists as its second point: ‘Latvia is and shall remain an agricultural country. Its economic policy should conform solely to this rule.’ The state should actively support and develop agriculture, while limiting and controlling industrialisation.
Again, we see the pure Type Ism there, the ultra-“traditionalist” “twigs and branches” “hobbit hole in the forest” anti-modernism that I despise. If that is national socialism, then I want no part of it.  But such völkisch nonsense should not define the fundamental essence of national socialism.
Nevertheless, this racialism is tempered by nationalism: ‘The Latvian nation is our faith, the boundary of our understanding of race.’ Latvians in the southeast of the country that had over the generations opted to identify as Poles or Belarusians would need to be won back to the nation; this was part of the campaign to regain ground ‘everywhere the Latvian language is or has been heard’
"Latvian language" = “Latvian speakers?” Does this emphasis on language rather than “blood” sound familiar?  One hears it today coming from a part of the world geographically close to Latvia.
The goal was a Latvian Latvia in the traditional of the ethnic Latvians, ‘where the question of minorities [would] not exist [nemaz nebūs]’. The two main minorities targeted by Pērkonkrusts were the Baltic Germans and the Jews: the former, as descendants of the Teutonic Knights, represented the historical foes of Latvian national aspirations, while the latter represented the forces of degenerative modernity. Echoing the later ethno-pluralism of Alain de Benoist, Celmiņš says that ‘non-Latvians’ – Germans, Poles, Russians, and Jews (sic)...
Why “sic?”  Denying that Jews are an ethnic group?  “Latvian” Jews are genetically distinct from Latvians – that is a scientific fact.  “Latvian” Jews are Ashkenazim, who are genetically distant from the Baltic peoples.
…– have their own homelands, so they should leave the territory of Latvia to the Latvians. Interestingly, neither Estonians nor Lithuanians are to be considered ‘foreign nationalities’ in the Latvian Latvia envisioned by Pērkonkrusts…Celmiņš expanded this to the idea of a possible Nordic-Baltic bloc together with Finland and Sweden.
Herein, I have not only proposed a definition of national socialism that is not dependent on Hitler, I have also argued that Pērkonkrusts from Latvia constituted an anti-German form of national socialism. The defining feature of national socialism as a sub-genus of fascism is that its palingenetic ultranationalism is based on völkisch racialism. As such race and nation are essentially linked, but in a metaphysical way as much as a biological one. For national socialism, the Jews as a race are hostile to the aspirations of the Aryan family of nations, seeking to enslave and degrade them through various of phenomena of modernity, including capitalist materialism, hedonist consumerism, and Bolshevism. In order for society to move forward, national socialism requires a reconnection to the soil and the core values of the ancestors. The völkisch ideology idealizes the qualities of the northern European peoples, but in its various expressions can be more or less Nordicist or pan-Germanic, as the pro-Baltic and pro-Nordic, but anti-German nature of Pērkonkrusts ideological worldview demonstrates. This fact also offers a way of explaining the heretofore paradoxical issue of why Pērkonkrusts could collaborate with the German Nazi occupiers in unleashing genocide against the Jews of Latvia, while at the same time engaging in activities that ranged from subversive to resistance in pursuit of their own anti-German political agenda. It is thus my hope that we can move on to a comparative study of various national socialisms that allows the research to move beyond the dead-end assumptions of mimetic Hitlerism.
If national socialism can be anti/non-Hitlerian/German, it can, in theory, also be anti/non-Nordicist and anti/non-völkisch.  Note: “The völkisch ideology idealizes the qualities of the northern European peoples, but in its various expressions can be more or less Nordicist or pan-Germanic, as the pro-Baltic and pro-Nordic, but anti-German nature of Pērkonkrusts ideological worldview demonstrates.” OK, fine, that is völkisch, but one does not need to define national socialism solely in terms of “the völkisch ideology.” I define it differently above, in a manner that focuses on Race-Culture, with a strong but certainly not exclusive biological emphasis, with the “biological” being positivist and empirical, not dealing with mythical “racial purity” and certainly compatible with a militant pan-Europeanism.  The Race-Culture in question can be broadly European, with smaller sub-groups having their own particularisms preserved as well.  I object to a specifically völkisch national socialism.  True enough, historically speaking, national socialism has been a particularly moronic form of Type I fascism, but it does not have to be.  We can make of it what best suits us, as long as it is consistent with the core ideology, as I have outlined above. If fascism can have “protean” aspects, and a degree of flexibility in its expression, why not the national socialist sub-genus of the fascist genus?

The difference is perhaps that of descriptive vs. prescriptive perspectives. The author of the piece being reviewed is focused on describing how national socialism was historically manifested in the past (descriptive, while ignoring more modern manifestations of that political sub-genus), while my outlook is one of prescription, e.g., what national socialism should be. Thus, EGI Notes/Western Destiny, as a Type II fascist groupuscule, promotes a Type II pan-European form of national socialism.