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The Real Problem: 2020 Election

Missing the point.  And other news.

Read this.

OK, I essentially agree with McDonald’s points. But it is “same old, same old” and doesn’t address the main issues.

Look, I was wrong with my election prediction in 2016.  I may be wrong again in 2020.  But still, even if Trump somehow pulls it off in 2020 – and I think that unlikely – that merely kicks the can down the road to 2024, when the demographics are going to be even worse than they are today.

Perhaps Der Movement hopes that a Trump win in 2020 will so destabilize the country that 2024 will be moot – things will have progressed so far by then that the 2024 election will be irrelevant. That’s counting on two unlikely events – that Trump will win in 2020 and that following a Trump win and the inevitable violent Leftist reaction to that, Whites will get off their cuckified rear ends and fight back (and that the Trump DOJ won’t again start persecuting Trump’s supporters while coddling his enemies).

Anything is possible, but I for one would like to see Der Movement talk less about how bad a Biden victory will be and plan more for what to do if that eventuality actually occurs.

The real problem is how pro-White activism can survive – and achieve at least some goals – in the event of Left victory (in 2020 or 2024, most likely 2020). Talking about how important a Trump victory will be is missing the point. After all, the outcome of the election is not going to be determined by what MacDonald (or I or anyone else on the Far Right) writes about it.

MacDonald’s important role here – as a senior statesman of the “movement” – is to exercise leadership, along with other important rightist intellectuals, and start planning for different electoral outcomes, particularly for the negative outcome of a Biden victory.

That is where “the rubber meets the road” and “movement” “leadership” is going to be put to the biggest test of their activist careers.

What I fear is that these folks really don’t believe their own rhetoric about how bad things can get, and that they will think that “business as usual” will suffice under a Left regime.  What we need is real high-level discussion and serious contingency planning (you know, the kinds of things that should have been going on for the last four years). If The Occidental Observer, American Renaissance, and Counter-Currents, et al. really believe that they can just go back to running articles about “high trust northern hunter gatherers” or “high Chinese IQ” or “Savitri Devi in the Kali Yuga” while the Left cracks down, then they are even worse than my worst criticisms of them.

It’s time for ice-cold analysis, hardcore political planning, defense in depth, and multiple contingency plans.  

If these things are actually going on in private, behind the scenes (as they should be), then that’s good, and I look forward to seeing what is the outcome of that activity. If such is not going on, then I would urge that it needs to start right now, post-haste.

I am justifiably critical of Der Movement and the various leaders involved in it, but they are - for a number of reasons - the only game in town (in America).  If they do not step up to the plate then the ballgame is over (forgive the baseball metaphor, but it seems appropriate).

Hey!  Don’t question the Quota Queens – 

Gryphon's Ferocity

OCTOBER 15, 2020 AT 6:38 PM

Speaking of fashion, I wonder what Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is up to. Let’s take a look…

Oh my, Richard is defending Joe Biden against the corruption scandal. It’s all based on Richard’s “gut feeling” and he thinks the scandal will blow up in Trump’s face. Interesting. This is definitely not the case where Richard is defending a corrupt piece of shit purely to spite Trump, that would be ridiculous.

Oh look, another tweet by Richard saying MAGA is conservative Inc. and that Trump’s voter base is “slow”. I don’t know about that, it takes a certain type of special to vote for someone as slow as Joe Biden who is going to bring section 8 to every neighborhood and then accuse Trump voters of being “slow”.

Perhaps we should give Richard the benefit of the doubt and realize he has insights that us ‘little people’ don’t have. I mean, I’m just a working class grunt, there’s no way I can have the same vision as Richard Spencer because he has ‘special’ metrosexual powers.

I suppose that Biden-supporting Spencer would and should be excluded from any serious contingency planning by "leaders."

A wise statement:


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You give the impression the ’60s and ’70s Left were tough guys when the opposite was the case, unless the acts of coward are taken for prowess. They were every high school and college class’s biggest douchebags and wankers, just as Antifa are today. In both cases they were coddled by the MSM and the police left frozen with a jelly donut in their mouths. The Left advanced, not against conservative America, but into a safe space created for it by the government itself, as it does today.

In fact, the proof is that any person or group who opposes Antifa or BLM in the streets is accused of “domestic terrorism,” making Antifa and BLM the most protected groups in the country. This is official DOJ/FBI and Republican Party policy, not that of the Democrats. As the author says, the FBI is today little more than an excrescence of the ADL and SPLC, not by choice, but through the sheer cowardice of its leaders in the sense that, impossible as it seems, if there are any worse high school douchebags than the wankers on the Left, it’d be the likes of Wray, Comey, McCabe, Strzk, McCarthy, and McConnell.

The real victory of the Left isn’t their takeover of the streets, but their psychological ownership of the Republican opposition, from the White House to the cowards in Congress, who’ll be found sneaking out the back door as their own daughters are being raped upstairs. The incomprehensible cowardice and collapse of leadership from the Republicans is biblical-grade, like the prophesy in Camp of the Saints.

Hitler not a flubro.

Any comment, Mr. McCulloch?

See this.  Long time (very long time) readers of my work know that I haven't always "seen eye-to-eye" with Bowery on everything. That said, I have never doubted his sincerity or intellect, and he has always been an interesting generator of thought-provoking ideas (whether one agrees or not).  So, I encourage the reader to take a look at the videos.  From a purely STEM perspective, the one about dolphins is interesting.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Odds and Ends, 10/21/20

In der news.

Do the flubro retards have anything to say about this?  Those hardy Swedish Vikings will be wearing “face diapers” real soon, I suppose.

Der Movement weeps.  Maximal corruption in Rome was at the times that the city was, relatively speaking, genetically “more northern and western.” Of course, the dishonest “movement” has been saying the opposite for endless decades.

Basically, everything Der Movement tells you is a lie.

The face of Dorian Johnson.

Donald Trump – yet another affirmative action Herrenvolk incompetent. More affirmative action Quota Queen Trumpian incompetence.

Read this.

There are also, I believe, additional, yet related, reasons for the Jewish contempt for beauty. I think that Jews also oppose Western standards of beauty because Jews themselves are an unattractive and, on average, ugly people whose facial features are typically ill-proportioned, unrefined, and, in a word, harsh. Ugly people always resent beautiful people, a psychological trait that emerges early on in human development and would surely be confirmed by a simple survey of, say, 13-year-old girls. So, we’re back with the idea of ressentiment: I am arguing that one reason Jews have such hatred for Western standards of beauty is that they themselves do not meet those standards and, as we know, Jews will want to destroy any hierarchy that does not place Jews at the top.

What is interesting to note is that Jews have a unique disproportion between their high intelligence and their unattractive facial features. This is a fact that sets them apart from every other human group. For all other groups there is a direct, nearly exact, proportionality between group intelligence and the average level of facial feature refinement. Europeans have, on average, the most refined facial features of any human group and they have produced the highest level of civilization and culture attained by any human group. Black Africans, who have produced virtually no civilizational or cultural accomplishments, have the least refined, indeed, most simian, features of any human group.

Of related interest.

Typical rightist anti-science and anti-intellectual attitudes. Then we wonder why it is difficult for the Right to attract STEM people and other academics.

There is much good in the Creativity religion – and religion and the constitutional protections for religion may be useful for pro-White advocates going forward – but this is nonsense.

XII. We do not believe in the use of any “medicines,” drugs, or chemicals as having any healing or therapeutic value. In fact, all medicines, drugs, narcotics and chemicals are poisonous and toxic to the human body. Furthermore, and for the same reason, we do not believe in the use of vitamin, mineral, or enzyme supplements, nor the use of artificial food coloring, preservatives, nor refined or fragmented foods.

XIII. We strongly believe in the practice of fasting as the best means of ridding the body of accumulated poisons and toxins. We are convinced that fasting is the most natural and effective means the body has of overcoming all forms of disease, and restoring itself back to health.

Look, even as far back as the Ancient Greek physicians, it was known that the usefulness of drugs depends on dose – the same drug that at a low dose that may have benefit at a high dose may be a poisonous toxin.  But you can say the same about water – drinking too much water can be toxic and fatal…and then there’s food.

I suppose you just fast though and not eat at all…

See this.

The usual suspects like to compare the “tolerance of homosexuality” in the “Mediterranean world” with the "heterosexual masculinity" found among the Celto-Germanics of Northwest Europe. Let’s see…excerpts, emphasis added:

Several Icelandic heroes were also known to engage in transgender and bisexual behavior such as Helgi Hundingsbana, who in one saga disguises himself as a maiden; and Grettir the Strong, who is described having intercourse with nearly everyone in town including the farmer’s sons, deans, courtiers and abbots.

Male prostitution was reportedly prevalent in early Scandinavia with the fixed price set very low, and several small gold foil plaques, known as goldgubbers, have been found depicting same-sex couples locked in embrace, both male and female.

In the brutal world of Viking warfare, defeated enemies were often homosexually raped or castrated as a gesture of humiliation.  

Diodorus Siculus, a Roman historian of the first century B.C., documented one of the earliest known references to homosexuality among the Celtic tribes of Britannia and northern Gaul.  In a historical account describing early Roman contact with Celtic tribes in the fourth century B.C., Diodorus wrote: “Despite the fact that their wives were beautiful, the Celts abandon themselves to a passion for other men.  They usually sleep on the ground on skins of wild animals and tumble about with a bedfellow on either side.  Paradoxically, they do not regard this as a disgrace; rather, whenever their freely-offered gift of sexual gratification is not received favorably, they regard it as a dishonor.”

One of the earliest examples of an English homosexual is King Edward II, who ruled the nation from 1307-1327…Edward then developed a relationship with Hugh Despenser… 

There’s much more there, but that’s enough.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Odds and Ends, 10/19/20

 In der news.

Maybe he was tired of being married to a 12 year old boy?  Sexual dimorphism!

Cheap laughs:

Archie Bunker

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Admiration for Nietzsche… the only thing Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer have in common.

Off topic, but I wonder why those two don’t get along. I think they are both erudite, well-spoken and offer a lot to the movement.

Rewritten for accuracy:

Admiration for Nietzsche… the only thing Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer have in common besides both being completely inept affirmative action Quota Queens with zero judgment.

Off topic, but I wonder why those two don’t get along. I think they are both moronic, logically incoherent and offer nothing to the movement.

An HBD nightmare – particularly from 1:50-2:10. No “measured groveling” there.

MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!  Who was it who told you four years ago that Trump was a fraud with a Jewish family?

A mafia democracy.

This is true, but it doesn’t go far enough – fundamentally, Antifa and the FBI are the same entity, or, perhaps better put, both are agencies of the US federal government with sufficient overlap in purpose and function so that they are, effectively, the same entity.

Further – since Donald J. Trump is head of the federal government, and since Trump’s FBI and DOJ supports Antifa while persecuting RAM, Proud Boys, etc., please tell me why it is not accurate to assert that Donald J. Trump is the de facto head of Antifa.

  • Jews are a separate and distinct ethnic group, inherently different in traits and characteristics from Europeans.
  • Jews are incompatible with nationalism because they possess cultural and national aspirations of their own, cannot be integrated, and thus represent a state within a state.
  • The modern state has become subject to an aggressive, speculative, and exploitative capitalism pioneered, and in many cases operated, by Jews.
  • Jewish influence in public life is closely connected with the negative aspects of modernity and European racial decline.
  • The excesses of Jewish influence in public life under democracy required the democratic mobilization of anti-Semitism under anti-Semitic parties, an anti-Semitic press, and the expansion of anti-Semitism in culture.

It really does defy belief that anyone could deny the strength of ethnic nationalism and identification among Jews in the American elite. In fact, the argument runs so strongly against common sense and popular knowledge that one can only conclude that the argument is being made entirely in bad faith. 

Imagine my surprise, then, on seeing Curtis Yarvin’s claim that anti-Semitism now boasts “too much” evidence. I’ll grant Yarvin this — he is original. His main grievance seems to be that in order to disprove the claims of anti-Semites he’d have to wade through vast amounts of evidence in order to disentangle truth from fiction. His main problem with MacDonald’s work therefore seems to be that he doesn’t want to go through the same two hundred or so texts for each volume in order to offer a different interpretation. Having nothing to respond with, he simply denigrates the need for a response, walks away, and calls that a victory. 

Joyce claims to be preparing a book about the Jews - good news.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Kosher Jewish Racialism

The chosen people reveal themselves.  

When reading the material below, remember that Jews have been at the forefront of pushing racial integration on Whites and of promoting miscegenation between Whites, Blacks, and other races.

See this.  Excerpts (emphasis added):

Thousands of years ago, the Rabbis of old recognized that Jewish identity is the key to the survival of Klal Yisrael. To this end, they enacted three sets of food laws to limit socialization: bishul akum, pas akum, and stam yainom (cooked food, bread, and wine prepared by gentiles). This was based on the realization that bonds of friendship are established by eating together, and breaking bread with a stranger is the first step to developing a closer relationship. For thousands of years of exile, the biblical and rabbinic laws of kosher have formed a natural fortress that prevented the assimilation of the Jewish people into many different cultures of the world. Today, with spiraling assimilation wreaking havoc at a frightening rate, the prophetic vision of Chazal is all the more apparent. It is significant that even for secularized Jews, a kosher kitchen often remains the last bastion against intermarriage and assimilation.

The last bastion!  Protect the holy Jewish genepool from contamination from the lowly goyim.

More than two thousand years ago, the Rabbis 1 prohibited eating certain foods cooked 2 by non-Jews in order to limit socialization which might lead to intermarriage between Jews and gentiles.3 This prohibition is known as bishul akum. Food which has a bishul akum status is no more kosher than a sandwich of cold roast beef and cheese,4 even though the ingredients used to prepare the food were initially kosher in and of themselves.

So, kosher law has a strictly racialist foundation, to limit “socialization” with the chosen people and the lowly subhuman goys (i.e., you, dear reader) who live amongst them.  Anything to prevent Jewish intermarriage, while of course Jews promote miscegenation for Whites.

In recent years, with many women entering the workforce, it has become increasingly more prevalent for non-Jewish 5 help to prepare meals while a couple is away from home. Unfortunately, many people are completely unaware that food prepared by a non-Jewish live-in maid or babysitter may not be kosher, and even their utensils, pots and pans may require kosherization.

Oy vey!  The “utensils, pots and pans” are contaminated by the sub-human shiksas!  

There is a dispute among the Rishonim (early commentators) whether bishul akum is negated when a Jew contributes to the cooking process by lighting the fire before a non-Jew places a pot of food on the stove, The major codifiers of Jewish law argue this point as well…Alternatively, a Jew may turn on the fire after a non-Jew placed the pot on the cold stove,8 The Rama follows the lenient opinion, and allows a gentile to place raw food on a fire that was ignited by a Jew. Since the Jew has a share in the overall process, the food is, not considered to be bishul akum. 

Completely Middle Eastern, non-Western, and culturally alien.

Food that can be eaten in a raw state is not prohibited when cooked by a non-Jew.13 Since the food is edible without preparation, the consumer feels minimal appreciation to the chef, and eating the food does not engender socialization. 

Please consider the above.  Jews are so hateful and racist against Gentiles that they worry that a Jew eating food cooked by a non-Jew runs the danger of feeling “appreciation to the chef,” and that those normal feelings of human warmth would cause dastardly “socialization.” We let these people control our mass media, and have a disproportionate influence in politics, the economy, academia, etc.  What could go wrong?

What if the gentile cooks food to the point where it is partially edible, but a Jew completes the cooking process? 

What if?  Oh the agony! Great questions of world history!

One of the most fascinating applications of the halachos of bishul akum is with respect to the processing of fish. This is a broad topic, and to discuss it properly we must distinguish between three categories of processed fish: cold smoked fish, hot smoked fish and canned fish.

Very fascinating indeed!  A "broad topic" that requires much discussion.

Various poskim have argued against the light bulb system. When a Jew adds a wood chip to a fire, it is rendered aish yisrael because the Jew is instrumental in preparing and intensifying the fire. In contrast, a light bulb remains separate and distinct from the fire, and the Jew is not a contributor to the primary source of heat. Others have raised another interesting objection. Electric companies typically change the source of power from one generator to another. Even if a Jew installs a light bulb, it would no longer be considered a fire of a Jew if the generator was subsequently changed by the electric company. In halachic terminology, this is referred to as kolu lo chitzov (his arrows – i.e. his action – has ended). The OU does not subscribe to the light bulb system…

You know, Yockey was 100% right when he drew a sharp line separating Jews from the West. Read the above.  Read all of it. There isn’t the slightest overlap between Jews and Judaism on the one hand, and Western civilization on the other. When talking about the Jews, we refer to a non-Western, Middle Eastern, Magian people, completely incompatible in every way with the West and with Western peoples and their civilization.

Food is a double-edged sword. While nutritious food provides basic sustenance and energy, spoiled food can have a devastating and even fatal effect on the human body. This same dichotomy is equally true for the spiritual dimension of man. Food consumed in conformity with the laws of the Torah elevates and sanctifies, while non-kosher food destroys and defiles the Jewish soul. On both levels, it’s not only what’s in the food that matters, but how it’s prepared as well. Indeed, we are playing with fire.

If a Jew eats food prepared by, or even looked at, a non-Jew, the Jewish soul will be defiled!  Indeed...playing with fire!  The fire of...ovens?  

What kosher problem may be obviated by using a touch-tone phone?

Please remind me again how the Jewish people are in any way even remotely connected to Western civilization?  I know they’re HuWhite, but still….

3 Intermarriage is the reason cited by Taz , Yoreh Daya 113:7, based on Tosofoth. Avodah Zora, 38a. Rashi in Avodah Zora (ibid), maintains that the Rabbis restricted socialization to prevent the inadvertent consumption of non-kosher food….

There it is. Kosher laws are designed as part of a Jewish racialist approach to avoid intermarriage. Got to keep that bloodline pure!  Meanwhile, anyone who objects to White-Black intermarriage is a racist hater and a Nazi, and we must all take action against that!

10…Similarly, if the pilot light of a home stove is prone to go out regularly, there is no guarantee that the non-Jew will not relight it when the residents are away from home.

OK, just let the gas continue to leak.  But then, isn’t that…gassing Jews?  

11 A separate issue that must be dealt with when non-Jewish help is left alone in a house is the concern that they may use the kitchen utensils to prepare non-kosher food. See Yoreh Daya 118:12 and Igros Moshe Vol. 1,61.

Oh no!  The non-Jewish help may actually – gasp! – touch the utensils!  

16 Source: Rabbi Yisrael Belsky. Yechava Daas suggests another reason to permit donuts cooked by a non-Jew. Donuts are boiled in oil. There are two opinions cited in Orach Chaim 168:13, whether boiled dough products are considered “bread”. With respect to the appropriate brachah, we follow the lenient opinion and recite borei minai mezonos, since brachos are a Rabbinic institution. However, with respect to bishul akum, which is also a Rabbinic decree, we assume they are “bread.” As noted later in this article, there are no bishul akum restrictions on bread items.

Eat your donuts, Moshe!  

23 Instant potatoes are fully cooked before they are dehydrated and made into flakes or powder. Nonetheless, Rav Belsky related from Rav Elyashuv, shlita, that they are permitted, based on the Avkas Rochel, quoted in the Yad Efraim, Yoreh Daya, 113:12, that food cooked by a non-Jew which was rendered inedible by dehydration and then was re-cooked by a Jew is not prohibited because of bishul akum. This same reasoning of the Avkas Rochel applies to instant potatoes which are prepared with hot water. Rabbi Belsky pointed out that this is the case only if instant potatoes cannot be made with cold water, and this assumption should be regularly re-examined.


32 Nonetheless, there are those who disagree with the Pri Chodosh and prohibit coffee, tea or chocolate that were brewed by a gentile. See, for example, Pishchai Teshuva, 114:1, who cites Ponim Meiros that the reasoning of Tosafoth (that beer is permissible because the majority is water) is not the accepted halachah. See also the responsa of Shevet HaLevi, Vol. 2,44.

No Starbucks for you, Moshe!  Oy vey!  It’s a holocaust!

All of that reads like some sort of anti-Semitic caricature written by a Nutzi. Unfortunately, it's all too real.

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Odds and Ends, 10/17/20

In der news.

Obama’s buddy Al Sharpton.  This puts an interesting perspective on the Italian-Black conflicts in NYC, involving Sharpton, in the 80s and 90s. The folks in the streets are cannon fodder, while Italian and Black criminals collaborate to make money.  

Yet more evidence that Der Movement is always, always wrong while Sallis is correct.  Remember Jimmy WideAssMan and his “Generation Zyklon” “the kids are alright” nonsense?  And there is this retardation.  Harsh reality.

Wow, a real surprise.

And as far as the broader society goes, these Millennials and Generation Zers cannot afford to talk negatively about anyone else. Examining American 18-30 year olds (as well as high school students), what do we observe?  Not only is a huge percentage of them non-White, including what Pierce termed “the raceless ones” (semi-Whites; bizarre hybrids of every ancestral and phenotypic configuration), but those who are White are weaklings, freaks, hysterical SJWs, blue-haired fatties, purple-haired deviants, pink-haired queers, an alphabet soup of sexual perversions, radical leftists, sobbing soyboys, masculinized feminists, feminized white knighters…

Really, it is no surprise that inept Quota Queen Johnson wants to recruit the equally inept Quota Queen Roissy to the Counter-Currents sewer.  All of these AFFIRMATIVE ACTION types stick together, ignoring each other’s piss-poor judgment, endless errors, gaffes, miscalls, and general stupidity. After all, being always, always wrong is no big deal when everyone around you are equally always, always wrong – and when you can conveniently label those always, always right as “insane.”

Please compare this with this here dose of reality.  Further, it is simply astonishing that in 2020, after four years of Trumpian betrayals on race, any sort of pro-White advocate could write:

Trump’s record on keeping his campaign promises is mixed, but not for lack of effort. He never seems to give up, and when blocked on one path, whether by congressional or judicial opposition, thinks out-of-the-box to find a way around to another path.

Then we have:

To Trump’s credit, on racial issues he has often gone beyond his campaign promises, taking bold action on matters not discussed in the campaign, which should be regarded as surprise bonuses by White advocates. Recently he denounced both “Critical Race Theory” and “The 1619 Project,” two of the leading current expressions of anti-White ideology…

Trump could have acted against “Critical Race Theory” starting on day one of his Presidency. That he only does so now is indication that it is merely an electoral ploy to try and shore up his crumbling White base.

Yes, I will vote for Trump, for my own reasons, but I have always been realistic about the man – he is a fraud and a buffoon who has been spitting in the face of his base for the past four years. The lack of judgment in Der Movement, including and especially about Trump, is surely extremely disturbing.

And for those of you who think that I am too critical of McCulloch (as a long time critic of his work), let us see what a supporter of McCulloch writes (emphasis added):

White Zion remains the ONLY option. I admire McCulloch’s early and steadfast devotion and extensive academic contributions to White Preservationism, but this article rests on an enormous and fatal misconception: that most Whites support WP, and thus would support an ethnostate. That simply assumes away the essential problem, which is the suicidally low level of White racial consciousness and concern among the vast majority of Whites. As I have argued for over 15 years now, Whites obviously suffer from some sort of evolutionary defect, or at least, maladaptation, rendering them at this particular historical moment uniquely unable to resist race denialist and utopian ideologies. After all, if most Whites were racially healthy, we wouldn’t be having these discussions.

Government is mafia. This guy is “conservative in most…feelings” – surprise!  The ethnic gap, revisited, eh?  The reality is that Italians and other White ethnics in America make up a strong part of the Trumpian base - and they should be given credit for that.

Nazi rocket monkeys.

What about The Altar of Asia?  Measured groveling!

This is serious.  And what with the social media censorship of rightist politicians in America, I need to re-think the electoral politics angle.  I still say it is important, but there are serious problems that need to be addressed.  This is why we need a Far Right think tank – as opposed to Quota Queen stupidity.  We really need high level actualizable analysis to sort through the issues we now face. I'll need to do some analysis on this topic. But, for now, it's probably a good idea for politicians, particularly those in authoritarian anti-White Europe, notto use "1488" memes.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Vote Trump 2020

An endorsement.

This will be a bit earlier in 2020 than in 2016, due to the mail-in-ballots, but, anyway, EGI Notes endorses fat bastard Donald J. Trump for President in the 2020 election.

Let us consider together. Far-left cuck Antifa Don Trump is a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a fraud, a betrayer of his base, a man whose own DOJ persecutes his supporters and ignores Antifa terrorism, a crass jackass, a Negrophilic race cuck, a puppet for Jewish interests who has a Jewified family, a retard, a moronic imbecile, a tragicomic idiot, a chronically lazy do-nothing, the weakest President in American history, and an all-around failure.

That said, I do not believe that Der Movement in particular and White America in general are in any way prepared for the horrors of a Kamala Harris administration (with Joe Biden safely drooling in his dementia off in a corner), and, so, it would seem prudent to kick the can down the road to 2024 and have another four year interregnum during which Trump does nothing except tweet, betray his supporters, and energize the Left.

I do not believe that "worse is better" with respect to the pathetically weak cuckified White race and so the best outcome for now is re-electing the obese retarded windbag Donald J. Trump.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Racial Existentialism

Against Heidegger and other news.

See this important Western Destiny essay on racial existentialism (with criticism of Heidegger).

Other news:

HBD alert!

See this. Ha ha!  Note how Johnson changes his tune about covid-19 almost completely when talking to Zman. Absolutely dishonest. About infighting – hypocrisy?  Who decides whether rightist infighting is “for selfish reasons” or “calling out” people who deserve it?  Why can’t we criticize Johnson without being labelled as “insane?” "Weirdos and goofballs and losers." Johnson?  Morgan?  Who?  "High standards?"  Who?  Zman?  Johnson?  “The left picks our leaders.”  Very good.  Like Greg Johnson?  "You have to earn your stripes!"  Sure they do…affirmative action, anyone?

Nice talk about the election without mentioning this comment at all.

As I've said before, Greg Johnson is the most fundamentally dishonest person I have ever encountered.

The comments about economics and elites were basically sound.

Sallis right again: The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  The Tropical Alliance continues.  Derbyshire and his pitifully absurd “Arctic Alliance” proven wrong, once again. Time for more “measured groveling,” Johnny.

Laugh at this.

Floating around in the alt-right milieus, however, was Jason Jorjani, a newly minted Ph.D. and adjunct professor at an Institute of Technology not located in Massachusetts who seemed to be regarded as a Traditionalist, but whose real interest was politics: the overthrow of the Iranian theocracy and restoration of the Persian Empire.

Johnson took Jorjani seriously, while Sallis always denounced Jorjani as a crackpot and NECist ideologue.

Who was right?  Who was wrong?  Do I even need to ask those questions?

Trump offers to prosecute the Ku Klux Klan as a terrorist organization, give $500 billion dollars to blacks, pass the Second Step Act and make Juneteenth a federal holiday … in exchange … for what? He did virtually nothing for his own supporters including his most basic responsibilities like enforcing the law as president, but spent his entire term pandering to Jews, blacks and Hispanics.
Note: Do you remember the time Trump started a diplomatic incident with Sweden over A$AP Rocky who didn’t even bother to thank him when he was released and returned to the United States?
Sallis before the 2016 election: Trump is a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a fraud, and a Negrophilic race cuck.

Johnson long after the 2016 election: Trump is a sincere man of genuine greatness.  

Hey, “Lovecraft’s Cat,” any more questions about affirmative action in Der Movement?

Laugh at this. Joe Rogan has to be one of the most over-rated people in human history, and, obviously, incredibly stupid beyond all imagining. How anyone with even a high double digit IQ, much less triple digit, could think for even one microsecond that Cuomo was handling a real 100 pound dumbbell with effortless ease, is beyond belief and is simply astonishing.

This is more evidence of the low standards of modern life and the rise of mediocrity.