Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pro-Mixing Propaganda

Cheerios Revisited

Several months ago, I wrote about a particularly abominable commercial – an advertisement for Cheerios featuring a mixed-race family (Black male, White female, hybrid offspring).  I described why the promotion of miscegenation is destructive, particularly to Whites, and I observed that the mixed-race child represents a backward step in the evolutionary path of humanity. I also asked readers to boycott General Mills – advice that I myself have been following (and I do hope others are following this advice also).

I noted that there was some “blowback” to the ad, in the form of “racist vitriol” from the “knuckle-dragging bigots,” and I wondered then, as I wonder now, why General Mills was, and is, apparently uninterested in alienating their customers, and, seemingly, are willing to take the risk of losing profits in order to score some sociopolitical points with the anti-White Left.

Well, General Mills is “doubling down” on their pro-miscegenation propaganda, and they are, basically, giving White America an extended middle finger on the most important commercial night of the year: Super Bowl Sunday.

The new ad is described thus:

Cheerios previewed their new Super Bowl 2014 ad on Wednesday, which features an interracial couple and their biracial daughter. The new ad features an African-American father explaining to his daughter–using Cheerios–that she’s getting a baby brother, as her pregnant white mother looks on.

At this point, I could engage in some extreme vitriol, but I will not.  But, I will say that I do believe that this ad, and the behavior of General Mills in this instance, is absolutely disgusting and despicable.  And, true, I will state that, in my personal opinion, all the individuals involved in the creation and promotion of this ad, including the White actress playing the mother, are subhuman monstrosities, bereft of character, lacking in human decency, with a gaping void of soul and spirit; in other words, grotesqueries who are of less value to humanity than the most pathogenic bacterium.

But, I’ll take a different tack. 

One interpretation of this whole issue is that what General Mills/Cheerios, the ad company, and the actors and actresses, are doing here is nothing more or less than the promotion of genocide.  That’s based on the rationales described at this website; I would point that the U.N. definition of genocide includes activities designed to decrease the numbers of the targeted group.  When you have a demographically threatened, declining group, such as people of European descent, then the promotion of miscegenation involving that group does indeed fall under the description of activities resulting in decreased numbers of the group. Just because the U.N., for political reasons, does not fairly apply their description of “genocide” (or, for that matter, their definition of “indigenous peoples”) to European-descended people, does not mean the definition should not apply.  The definition should apply to all people, and, to my reading (and, in my opinion, any fair and reasonable reading), what these commercials are doing is promoting genocide. 

Noted womanizing plagiarist M.L. King famously declared “I have a dream.”  Well, I have a dream as well.  Actually, I have a number of dreams – one of which is that a future White ethnostate will feature legally convened tribunals to call to account all those promoting White genocide, including those involved in the creation and promotion of these commercials.  The Nuremberg trials can serve as precedent; after all, the System declares that those trials represent the high point of majestic and objective jurisprudence.  I would think that trials designed to address what should be considered the greatest crime in human history -  the destruction of Whites worldwide - would be most appropriate, and welcomed by all right-thinking people.  Indeed, only those bigots, spewing their hatred towards Whites, could possibly object to a judicial balancing of the scales of history.  So, I look forward to the trials and for a proper balancing of the accounts.

That is my dream, and I hope it is yours as well.