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Racial Nationalists Beware - Silver/Verlis

Racial nationalists need to be aware that the anti-racist, anti-nationalist, and anti-preservationist troll/infiltrator "Silver" is attempting to spread his Sunstein-style "cognitive infiltration" to various nationalist blogs, sometimes using (pathetically transparent) alternative pseudonyms - an example being "Verlis" at Counter Currents.

As a public service, information on "Silver" dating back to 2009-2010, and which is still very relevant today is stored at the mothballed "Western Biopolitics" site and can be reactivated when necessary.  But, don't worry - an excellent summary of Silver's agenda is here, linked to from the EGI Notes blog, and that is permanent.


Recent quote from Silver on the blog Majority Rights, from this comments thread:

Too true.  What a damnable fool GW turned out to be.  Even as early as 2005 and 2006 some were wondering whether he didn’t have a screw loose, but a great deal of quality material was being turned out in those days so the danger didn’t seem so obvious.  The arrival of DanielS on the front page unquestionably signaled the end; I hope there’s a special circle of hell reserved for that lunatic.

That's interesting on many levels.  First, it's pure chutzpah.  More than any other commentator at Majority Rights, the trolling fraud Silver is himself heavily responsible for the decline of that blog. I don't know much about this "Daniel S" one way or another, but if there is any lunatic with a special circle of hell reserved for them, it's Silver.  Indeed, it was Silver's arrival as a commentator at Majority Rights, and Guessedworker's damnably foolish decision to tolerate Silver's Sunstein tactics, that really signaled the end. Which leads us to the second point: ingratitude.  Guessedworker wrecked his blog in order to welcome and accommodate Silver; Guessedworker chose Silver over other commentators and actual regular bloggers; Guessedworker, for some bizarre reason that escapes the rest of us, made Silver into that blog's cherished pet.  So, once the inevitable happens and the blog descends into terminal decline, Silver turns on his benefactor.

The only thing in the comment I agree with is that Majority Rights is indeed in terminal decline and that it had reached its peak in the 2005-2006 period (or perhaps, stretching it, 2005-2007). But, as stated, Silver, and Guessedworker's tolerance of Silver, greatly contributed to the decline.  And, now, Guessedworker is, in Silver's words, a "damnable old fool" for letting Silver destroy Majority Rights.  And when another commentator calls out Silver for his dishonorable behavior, Silver claims that he doesn't "owe" Guessedworker anything, since he (Silver) merely contributed to the blog's discussion.

An example of Silver's contributions:

Who cares what that shiteating asshole thinks? Are you that goddam thick, Dave Johns, that you can’t understand what a pure, unadulterated asshole that vermin is? Are you that damn thick that you can’t realize the only reason he can’t fairly characterize my position is that I mock his absurd attempts to whiten himself with his“tests”? That the whole reason he’s such a grouch is that he feels vulnerable about his whiteness and feels compelled to savage and ridicule anyone and everyone even a smidgeon less white than what his exacting standards require, even though doing so is not remotely required for advancing a pro-white agenda (*), and is, in fact, counterproductive? Are you that damn thick? Sadly, I think the answer is yes, you are that damn thick. Try this, Davey boy: think for yourself. If you can pinpoint anything I say (now, not one year ago—which is the only thing shiteater has to go on) which you think compromises white interests, let’s have you bring it up. Otherwise, pay attention to what I actually say; not to what self-interested shiteaters claim I say.
I don’t discuss that here because nutzi dumbfucks like Braun and Rienzi are the greater problem. I don’t care what label these assholes give themselves. They are the purest of human shit imaginable, to me. 

Which is why folks strongly advised Guessedworker, repeatedly, to rid his blog of this anti-racist troll.  And when he didn't, folks left - not because of Silver himself (who is an obvious fraud for anyone with a triple-digit IQ), but because of frustration at Guessedworker's foolishness for tolerating Silver (and the rest of the peanut gallery).

So, to summarize: Silver comes to Majority Rights with the intention to disrupt (admitted in his first comment posted there).  He ingratiates himself with the naive Guessedworker, in order to be given free reign to cause maximal damage.  And then, once the blog is a wreck - and, contra Daniel S, it is a wreck - here along comes Silver, to give his one-time benefactor Guessedworker the twist of the knife.  No worries - Silver (or Verlis) has already been attempting to metastasize on other blogs, where the same scenario will be repeated.

Of course, there were times Guessedworker was sorely tempted to ban Silver - see the following quote.  And I believe that at one time he may have actually tried it, or at least more seriously threatened it. But, alas, despite provocations that even the overly tolerant Guessedworker couldn't fully accept, the ban was never enforced and Silver was allowed to come back, again and again, like a recurrent tumor:

You do yourself nor your arguments no honour by that kind of display of bile. I really wonder, sometimes, what is going on in Nordicist’s heads. Very disappointing. 
An apology to Fred wouldn’t go amiss, if you are at all troubled by your own excess. And one to the readership too, for making them plough through such dross. 
I won’t ban you unless you abuse our hospitality like that again. But you can be sure what will happen if you do. 
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