Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Case of Unrequited Love

Defending "Russian-speakers" whoever and wherever they may be.

Putin, who already led Russia to sign a visa waiver program with Israel in 2008, said during his visit to Israel that he “would not let a million Russians live under threat,” referring sympathetically to the regional dangers facing Israel and its Russian-speaking immigrant population.

Let us consider together.  Putin’s Russia not only jails ethnonationalists and racial nationalists in Russia, but is now conducting “criminal probes” of such nationalists in other countries.  Yes, indeed, any leader or group threatening the interests of “Russian-speakers” is viewed as negative by Trad Vlad.  Very well.  Note that this includes Russian-speaking Jews.

Members of the American “movement” may be aware (or maybe not, if it’s not explicitly stated in any of the “movement’s” approved texts: Ostara-like science fiction masquerading as “racial history” and “racial science”) that there are lots of Russian-speaking Jews ("Russians" to Putin?) in the USA.  Will Putin defend them against the threats of “Nazis, neo-Nazis, and anti-Semites” in the USA?  Will masked Russian Special Forces land in Brooklyn to protect the “Russian-speaking population” there?  Will there be a Russian “criminal probe” of Duke?  KMacD?  Some of the schoolgirl Putinistas in the American “movement” themselves?

A case of unrequited love.  Have the schoolgirls gotten over their crush yet?