Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The NeoCon Attack Against Ukrainian Nationalists Has Begun

So, the same Slav nationalists who braved the bullets to install the current Ukrainian regime are now being killed by that regime, which claims that the ones who put them in power are actually an irrelevant, negligible bunch of hooligans.

Boy, couldn't see that one coming!  And those schoolgirl Putinistas should realize that Trad Vlad's use of the "neo-Nazi" argument has helped hasten these attacks on the Ukrainian Right, attacks commencing before that Right has a chance to solidify its position in that country.

Once again, we see the perils of atomized ethnonationalism.  First, the Ukrainian nationalists were ill informed, without the knowledge and resources that would have been present as part of an integrated and cohesive pan-European nationalist movement. Hence, they stupidly joined with Necon EUites and viewed only Russia as the enemy.  Second, they can be picked off one-by-one - if they were part of an integrated movement, there would be more support, coordinated throughout the continent.

Those Svoboda guys had better watch their "allies" in the government real carefully.