Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Few Passing Thoughts on Miller

Another pathetic and disgusting episode in the history of the "white racialist movement."

Glenn Miller appears to be the perfect representative of the American "white racialist movement."  An individual who apparently has the physical appearance and behavior of  a rabid opossum, the epitome of the "tough street activist" who just happened to testify against his comrades to cut a better deal with the government he "declared war" against, an apparent beneficiary of the "movement's" ethnic affirmative action program, a person arrested for shooting up Jewish centers - presumably to kill Jews but killing only White Gentiles.

What more can one say?  Just that the American "white racialist movement" as it currently exists, and has existed for quite some time, must rank as among the biggest enemies of White racial survival that there is.  Instead of pointing the finger of blame at "ZOG," a look in the mirror may be more appropriate for these "activists" when it comes time to assign guilt for the current grave racial prospects for European-derived peoples in American and throughout the world.

Some precincts of the "movement" have been quite critical of Miller, and justifiably so.  But those criticisms would carry more moral authority if the folks making them did not associate with bloggers who have promoted violence through thinly veiled "interesting thoughts."  That's part of the same problem, the same Old Movement.