Thursday, June 19, 2014

Game and the Race

Useful comment.

That's good and similar to my views on the subject.  Teaching White men how to be more successful with women - for the purposes of family formation and reproduction - is all to the good for the race, and the typical weak, soft White male milksop can stand to have some "alphamalizing" to his personality.

But the typical hedonistic, nihilistic "game" attitude is not racially progressive - it's juvenile, vulgar, and regressive.  It's the newest fad among activists, a sort of hormone-charged version of HBD, which stimulates the prurient interests, but, in the end, accomplishes little of long term racial use.

"Game" as tactics, a short-term approach - fine.  "Game" as some sort of long-term strategy, as a holistic worldview - pathetic.