Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rephrasing Hood

Some rephrasing.

And makes a comment likely directed to people like me:

And regardless of what White Nationalists think about “game,” the System perceives game as a threat.

Well, I have no big animus (with the caveats below) towards "game."  I think it juvenile, but its analysis of male-female relations is 100% correct, and I have no problem with (White) men using that analysis for their benefit if they so wish.

However, I do have a general problem with the "ride the tiger" mentality endorsed by Hood, and preached by the "gamers."  No, instead of "riding the tiger" - kill it.  Yes, use "game" to improve your personal life, but don't have that as the end-game of your existence. Instead of "sitting poolside" hitting on sluts and "shiving" the left, how about working to actually replace the rotten System with something better?  I also have a minor problem with "game" because it is internally self-contradictory: it is for men, by men, and takes a justifiably jaundiced view of female (self)-deception, and argues against "pedestalizing pussy."  But they do just that: they make the pursuit of women the end-all and be-all of a man's existence, they preach that "beta-males" need to completely alter their personas and actions to appease the distorted appetites of women - everything revolves around women, what they really want, and how we must all change to suit them.


Getting back to more serious matters, I would like to rephrase Hood in a more productive manner:

And regardless of what ethnic nationalists and sub-racial nationalists think about pan-Europeanism, the System perceives pan-Europeanism as a threat.