Monday, July 28, 2014

A September Anecdote

The truth revealed.

I'd like to post something somewhat different today, a personal anecdote that perhaps fits in better here than at my other blogs. Although it is still July, this September personal anecdote is, I think, important enough to discuss now, instead of waiting another two months.

Some years ago, on a warm and sunny September afternoon, I was having a particularly bad day in multicultural urban America. My nose was being rubbed into every sort of filth, unpleasantness, racial degeneration, colored antisocial behavior, garbage, graffiti, and ugliness imaginable.  Before heading home, I stopped into a library to look at some newspapers, major papers from the various big cities of America.  I was, I think, looking for confirmation, in the news stories, of the sad decline of America that I myself witnessed that day and, in fact, have been witnessing essentially every single day of my life.  And in reading the papers, I was not disappointed. It was all there.

It happened to be the Jewish New Year.  I came across an editorial in one of the papers, written by a Jewish man, that paper's editor. It was about the Jewish New Year.  There was one line in that editorial that was a stunning and enlightening experience reading - as if the heavens opened up and a ray of pure truth fell upon that paper to reveal to me the hidden aspect of all I've seen around me. That Jewish editor wrote (and I'm paraphrasing from memory, but I am sure it is accurate in its meaning): 

"Things are good for us, things have never been better and brighter for Jews in America."

I thought about that.  I contrasted that sentiment to the depression I was experiencing from the abuses of multiculturalism, from the sadness inherent in the multiracial decline of America. And I realized he was right. The worse things are for Whites, the better they are for Jews.  The better things are for Whites, the worse for Jews.  There was, and is, a perfect incompatibility between the two groups as to the sorts of ecological niches in which they can thrive.

What we see as death, they see as life.  What we see as chaos, they see as opportunity.  What we see as decline, they see as progress.  What we see as race replacement, they see as safety for their group to thrive. What we see as ugliness, they see as beauty. And, what we see as intolerable, they see as moral and just. 

Conversely, what we see as beauty, order, goodness, progress, and life-affirming, they see as fascism, hate, intolerance, pogroms, persecution, and death.

This is why Jewish-Gentile relations cannot be properly dissected down to genetic distances, or physical appearance phenotypes, or IQ, or whatever.  Yockey was right - we are dealing with different Peoples, in their entirety, and the gulf between these two peoples, between Jew and White Gentile, is more than the sum of the parts. It is total and existential. 

And they are winning and we are losing.  Indeed, things have never been better and brighter for them, and darker and more dangerous for us.