Monday, July 21, 2014

Introducing Western Destiny

New blog.

I am announcing my making of a new blog, Western Destiny, open to public viewing.  This blog is unrelated to the old magazine of the same name, and also unrelated to other previous blogs/websites which may have happened to have the same name as well.

This exists along with my other blogs, EGI Notes and Richard Lynn’s Pseudoscience.

In the long run, three blogs are untenable, and the least important of the three (the Lowbrow one - Lynn) will eventually peter out once it has served its purpose.

The three can be categorized as Highbrow, Middlebrow, and Lowbrow, with the following characterizations.

Richard Lynn’s Pseudoscience is a lowbrow critique of HBD and associated stupidities – “dark enlightenment/PUA” and the Raciology/Checharite spasms.   This blog, with its brief and juvenile posts, uses the rhetoric of ridicule and abuse to mock those who themselves have made a mockery of legitimate racial science and history.  After years of serious debate with no effect, this approach may be more useful.

EGI Notes is a (upper) Middlebrow blog with two aims – first, an analysis of EGI from the standpoint of science, politics, culture, and current events; second, any other issues will be discussed that do not fit in well to the other two blogs.

Western Destiny, by far the most important, is the Highbrow, “high strategy” analysis of overarching means and ends.  The ends – race, culture, and politics.  For race, preservation and enhancement, with EGI as the foundation.  For culture, actualization of a High Culture for the West, coupled with the realization that the Christian Faustian culture of the West is exhausted and needs to be replaced by something like the Overman High Culture that I have written about elsewhere.  Politics – a form of national socialism that is Pan-European and which promotes rational science while eschewing Hitlerian personality cults and Ostara-style freakishness.

The means – a New Movement.  The racial nationalist movement as it has existed, particularly in America, is a pathetic joke that needs to be uprooted, discarded, and replaced by a new, rational movement based upon sound principles and backed by normal individuals.

As the saying goes, new paradigms usually triumph when the advocates of the old order pass away and are replaced by a new generation accepting of the new way of looking at things.  I hope that this new blog can serve as a groupuscule, keeping these memes out front for a new generation of activists, so that when the Old Movement freaks fade away, something new can rise out of the rubble that those idiots have created with their unrelenting stupidity.