Thursday, August 28, 2014

Extreme White Pathology and Inferiority

More evidence that the White race is at the low end of the biological fitness spectrum.

I've already written here on the objective worthlessness of the White race, and this is yet more evidence for that.  "Pathology" is too weak a word for what is described there.

If Britain still retains even the slightest possibility of hope, the following should now happen, at the absolute minimum:

1. All those responsible for these crimes, including the authorities who looked the other way, should be promptly put on trial, convicted, and publicly executed.

2. All "anti-racist" laws should be repealed.  "Anti-racist" publications should be shut down, organizations banned, and supportive activists, politicians, authorities, media personalities, and academics jailed (or deported if they are not of native stock).

3. Involuntary deportation of anyone not of native British stock should commence. It doesn't matter where they were born.

Of course, this will not take place.  Expect more immigration, more "anti-racist" laws, more coddling of aliens, etc.  Who knows? Maybe the girl victims will be prosecuted - one could assert they are "racists" who didn't willingly engage in sex with these nice and noble NECs and thus are responsible for causing this problem to begin with.  Yes, that's the ticket!  In fact, each and every NEC now in custody for this crime should be released and automatically appointed to the House of Lords!  Hail Britannia!