Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Naive Guest

You are looking in the wrong place.

On the Spencer/Liddell podcast discussed here yesterday, a commentator named "Guest" writes:

Spencer is wrong on the currency issue and economics. Germany wants a STRONG euro because of fear of devaluation and hyperinflation. Italy, which to this day exports more than the UK - and has zero deficit with high debt (like Japan), cannot devalue their currency because it is now pegged to the euro. The euro is an anchor around Italy - and yet, even with all that, the Italian economy is the same size as Russia's and larger than India's. I think the Alt-Right US should SERIOUSLY back down on this Nordicism lest you lose half your audience - and continue getting your facts wrong.

This "Guest" is well-meaning, but naive.  The "movement" can't "back down" on what is its fundamental premise. And "getting...facts wrong" is what the "movement" is all about. You still don't get it? If you want a rational and fact-based pan-European activism, you need to ditch the "movement" ASAP, and stop looking for progress in the wrong place. Something new needs to be built. Welcome to reality.