Saturday, September 27, 2014

Comment Against Citizenism

Critiquing Sailer.

Steve Sailer is one of the leading anti-White HBD commentators on "conservative" blogs, preaching the racially destructive doctrine of "citizenism" - our loyalty should be to our "fellow American citizens" and not to any tribalistic affiliation. Thus, for example, an Irish-American should feel more kinship with the "American" Negro mugging him than to an Irishman living in Dublin.

Some however reject Sailer's White-hating poison (emphasis added):

countenance says: • Website
September 25, 2014 at 2:10 pm GMT 
I think what you’re asking is for people who would ordinarily have no tribal loyalty to us and have tribal loyalties to other tribes is for them to ditch their DNA and be loyal to their birth certificate and geography. 
The better idea is for our own people to start thinking of themselves as a tribe and start being tribally loyal to ourselves. 
Why should we ask anyone else to start doing the same suicidal things to themselves that we’re doing to ourselves, and in large part many of these anyone elses are asking us to keep on doing to ourselves while they don’t do to themselves? 
This is why citizenism is only useful as a transitory ideology but not a good long term project. Because citizenism depends on the transient accidents of geography and pieces of paper.