Sunday, September 7, 2014

Genetics and Ancestry Odds and Ends

Two items.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the Bromstad Wikipedia edit was pure disinformation  Cui bono?

Jack the Ripper unmasked?  Mitochondrial DNA was used.  One hopes they know enough that the descendants tested were in a direct matrilineal descent from victim and suspect's sister; otherwise, this analysis is useless.  Then, how do they know "hair color" from mito DNA?  Can they be sure of a definitive match of the mito DNA profile to a single specific person?  Really? And even with all of that, do they know with certainty that the semen on the shawl belonged to the killer?  Certainly, this is supportive non-conclusive evidence in the case against Kosminski.  Does it definitively prove anything?  No, it does not.