Saturday, September 6, 2014

More On Putin, Johnson, Etc.

Another Counter Currents essay.

I essentially agree, but need to make my own position quite clear. Although I have some sympathy for the Ukrainian "far right," I am not a supporter of the Ukrainian government, nor a supporter of the so-called "revolution" there.  Nor do I support (tongue-in-cheek anti-Raciology comments on my Richard Lynn's Pseudoscience blog are not meant to be taken seriously) anti-Russian attitudes.  My issue is wholly with the pathetic love-fest over Putin that exists within certain precincts of the madhouse known as the "movement."  And, as an extension of this, I object to the whole "man on white horse syndrome" that is part of the "prematurely declare victory and go home" mindset of the broader political Right.

Now, maybe some of us are wrong about Putin,  Maybe, as the Putinistas claim, he really is "playing a deep game" with a pro-White outcome.  Anything is possible.  Maybe Nazi Space Gods from the planet Valhalla will land their flying saucer in Berlin and declare the Fourth Reich.  Again, anything is possible.  I for one prefer to use Occam's Razor and go with the simplest explanation based on known facts: Putin is a multiculturalist authoritarian, who wants a "strong Russia" in alliance with, and to large extent based upon, the teeming brown and yellow hordes of Asia.

Also, consider this: if Putin is a genuine multiculturalist (as the skeptics believe) he would not want WN support, and if he were playing the "deep game" of pretending to be a multicultural Eurasianist (as the schoolgirls profess), then he also would not want WN support.

Why are the Putinistas ruining Vlad's "careful chess game" with their blushing displays of orgasmic ardor?  How about we all stand back and see how things unfold and we'll find out who's right?