Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Note to the Mainstreamers

Some advice.

How do you know when some leader, politician, etc. is "really one of us" and is at the very least generally supportive of the preservationist ethnoracial nationalist perspective?

How about this: When the person in question directly and openly states their support and then proceeds to back up that statement with concrete action.

So...imagine a Hungarian leader worthy of being mentioned by "our side" as someone demonstrating that "mainstreaming" can bring preservationist nationalist ideas to power. That leader might - who knows? - actually publicly proclaim a "Europe for Europeans" ideal, they might end all alien immigration to their nation, they might fight to amend the "Hungarian constitution" to allow for free speech on race and civilization rather than to wave around said constitution to justify cancelling a preservationist conference, they might make common cause with "far-right" groups in their nation instead of opposing and insulting them, and they might openly support radical groups like Golden Dawn in other European nations. What they wouldn't do is mumble some words seemingly hostile to globalism and immigration and then turn around and denounce those groups actually opposing globalism and immigration, and then turn around again to govern in a manner favoring globalism and immigration.

There's more to this story.

Question: are the good folks at Jobbik going to take some time out of their busy schedules of praising Turks and bashing Romanians to denounce this action of the Orban government (rather than just meekly removing the name of their MP from the NPI conference list)? Second question: did any of the folks organizing this conference ever stop to consider the very real possibility that a European nation, with all the "hate speech anti-racist etc." laws found in Europe, would cancel the conference? I mean, is this all so surprising?  Unexpected?  This fiasco another example of the Old Movement's affirmative action policy?