Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering Pierce

Yes, we do remember.

I do not agree with "movement" hero worship.

Yes, we can all remember Pierce.  For example:

1. The warmed over Hitlerism of the National Alliance was a destructive corruption of the original pro-Yockey National Youth Alliance, a good idea which obviously could not come to fruition within the insane lunatic asylum of American racial nationalism.

2. Pierce, the radical Nordicist, who made a pretense of pan-European/pan-"Aryan" beliefs to hoodwink naive and foolish "Meds" and Slavs to support the Alliance.

3. To the extent that Pierce's comic book "Who We Are" influenced Kemp's fantasy graphic novel "March of the Titans," Pierce's long term influence must be considered destructive.

4. Patler killed Rockwell.  However, when it comes to assigning degrees of moral responsibility for that tragedy, Pierce must come under close scrutiny, being heavily involved in instigating the chain of events leading to Patler's act - the internal strife within Rockwell's organization, the expulsion of Patler, all of it.  I won't bother discussing the Robert Mathews tragedy, another waste of a honorable man's life.