Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Well, Well, Well: Mainstreaming Chickens Come Home to Roost

Mainstreamers are stupid and need to be ignored.

Other reports indicate that was on Viktor Orbans's orders.  But, but, but...I thought Viktor Orban was an ethnonationalist superhero, bravely standing up to the anti-White EU elites on subjects important to European preservationism.  Could it be...that the "conservative" "nationalist" "mainstream" merely exploit nationalist sentiment for electoral purposes, to keep their "red meat" supporters happy and satisfied, while in reality kowtowing to the globalist elites, the EU, and the Jews?

No worries!  Why, I'm sure the mainstreamers believe that Marine Le Pen will offer to host the conference and give it her seal of approval.  Yes?  No?

Another indication that the Old Movement is full of morons and imbeciles, self-important folks whose time has passed.  If you keep on trying the same failed methods over and over again - choosing between conservative mainstreaming or neo-Nutzi Hitlerism, and keep on failing - you'd think that, eventually, one would wake up and decide a fresh start was needed.  But, no.  Don't worry though. Just open up your volume of March of the Titans, Who We Are, or Raciology, dream about the glory days of "Nordic Hindus," and all will be well.