Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Tale of Two Conferences

London better.

In contrast to the Hungarian NPI fiasco, this London conference was organized in a rational and effective manner.  I congratulate the organizers and attendees of the London endeavor for having a realistic worldview: the EU is a genocidal police state, dedicated to White extinction, and any meeting focused on preventing that extinction has to resort to methods similar to that of Soviet-era anti-communist dissidents.

As the Hungarian situation continues to unravel (as discussed at VDARE), some further lessons can be learned.  First, it underscores the futility of mainstreaming. The timing here was ironically fortuitous. After all, in less than a two-week period, we had the mainstreamers breathlessly praising Viktor Orban for making a few comments (comments, not actions, mind you) critical of immigration, followed by my own critical essay against mainstreaming, following by Orban's cancellation of the NPI conference scheduled in Hungary, followed by more recent news of Richard Spencer's arrest there. And has the latter-day Joan of Arc, Marine Le Pen, come to the defense of a conference meant to be supportive of Europe's right to exist?  And where's the UKIP?  Where's all the mainstream nationalists and conservatives whose "far-Right light" activity is supposed to make the political environment more congenial for us more radical racial nationalists?

And ethnonationalism has taken a credibility hit here as well. After all, the unabashedly ethnonationalist Jobbik party has done nothing but "distance themselves" from a nationalist conference in their own country, a conference that one of their own MPs was supposed to be involved with. No worries, though. I can imagine Jobbik hosting a Turanism conference in Budapest, celebrating the fraternal ties of blood and friendship between the Hungarian and Tutkish peoples, and I'm sure mainstreaming superhero Viktor Orban would have no problems with that.