Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hungarian Mainstreamers Violate Own Law

NPI in slightly better light, mainstreamers and ethnonationalists in worse light.

The NPI folks have some (still not good) excuse: that the civil liberty laws of the ruling Hungarian "mainstream nationalists" are such that one could theoretically expect the conference to have been allowed to go on. In the interest of fairness, I'll give them that - although, practically speaking, they should have expected problems.  That some sort of faux-conference took place is better than nothing, but the whole situation was handled with startling naivete.

This information puts both the mainstreamers and ethnonationalists in a much worse light.  The wonderfully mainstream heroic Orban was so eager to curry favor with his globalist masters that he closed down a conference that his own party's laws seem to allow. Think about that for a moment. The proponents of mainstreaming tell us that "far-Right light" will open doors of public discourse to the more radical nationalists, that Orban is some sort of anti-immigration hero defying the EU elites, and here we see Orban so very desperate to appease those elites, and the anti-White globalist elites in general, so very eager to avoid any whiff of "racism," that he won't even follow the laws promulgated by his own party! And I don't see any of the other mainstream nationalists in Europe complaining about this. The Front National is too busy figuring out how to assimilate Arabs as "Frenchmen," while the UKIP is embracing Commonwealth Nigerians, Indians, and Pakistanis and their "grannies." The mainstreamers have "egg on their faces" and their failed judgment is on display for all to see.

And the ethnonationalists? The pathetic display of Jobbik is rendered more pitiful with the knowledge that they "distanced themselves" from a conference which, in theory, should be legal according to their own nation's internal laws (albeit not the EU's). And these are the heroes to bring a brighter future to the Hungarian people?  The guffaws can be heard across the Atlantic.

Update: the mainstreamers who were praising Orban two weeks ago are now denouncing his actions and describing him as a "conservative" trying to gain favor with EU elites (hmm...sounds familiar). I hope that the more intelligent elements in the "movement" are not fooled by this turn-around (with no admission or apology for the previous elevation of Orban as an example of mainstreaming success).  I also hope that incidents like this provide sufficient food-for-thought that will encourage some cracks in the movement's affirmative action policy, a policy which promotes incompetence in the same manner that affirmative action does in the wider society.