Thursday, October 2, 2014

Importing Disease

Civility vs. Health

When reading this, remember Caplan's ancestry.

Besides Ebola, there is that mystery respiratory virus, affecting and in some cases killing American children, the  outbreak of which "just happened" to coincide with the Central American children invasion (at least one prominent doctor had publicly suggested that connection).

One must remember, if the US government is given the following choice:

1. Let some diseased Third Worlder into America to spread a plague and kill tens of millions of (mostly White) American citizens, or...

2. Practice the "incivility" of inconveniencing said Third Worlder by keeping them out and thus safeguarding American health...

...the US government would pick #1 every time, without a moment's consideration. After all, millions of White deaths are not worth even one second of colored inconvenience.  Hey, Whitey! - if you are not in the Middle East fighting Israel's wars, then what good are you, anyway?  Complain about Ebola? You racist!