Thursday, October 9, 2014

More Good Sense, 10/9/14

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Greg Johnson
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If you are a part of a front group, you are in a hostile work environment, etc. then dissimulation is fine. And, on non-essential political principles, it is acceptable to choose them based on electability, regardless of one’s real preferences, e.g., in the UK, I would be for the existing healthcare system, because it is popular. In the US, I would be for private healthcare, because that is more popular, even though I would prefer socialized medicine
But if you are a political party working to stop the demographic displacement of our people, then you come out with denials of “racism” and love of immigrants, because they add diversity (“Salt in the soup,” to quote the loathsome Nick Griffin), then you have crossed the line into mainstreaming betrayal. You can’t lie about your first principles. 
Why? Well, aside from the dishonor (and why would we want to be led by people with no sense of honor?), (1) it repels your most principled and committed and honest followers and replaces them with the cynical and the muddleheaded, (2) it destroys the reasons why someone would vote for you in the first place; why would anyone vote for you as opposed to all the other immigrant loving, non-racist political parties? and (3) such dissimulation never fools our enemies; in fact, it only fools our own people; do we really want to join in the voices who are to lying our people in order to herd them to oblivion? Or do we want to wake them up? 
One purpose of vanguardist intellectuals is to constantly monitor politicians and keep them from betraying us on fundamental principles.