Saturday, October 4, 2014

More Mainstreaming: Meet the UKIP

The real immigration insanity.

The insanity of our immigration rules means that a second-generation Briton wanting to bring granny over for a wedding—still less if they want to get married to someone from abroad themselves—will face huge difficulties, yet they will see an open door to immigration to anyone from the European Union. [Applause.] 
Now does anyone, left or right, genuinely support an immigration system where we turn away the best and brightest from our Commonwealth, people with links and family here, in order to make room for unskilled immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe. [Applause.]

Now, certainly, Southern and Eastern Europeans (who are, as we know, always "unskilled") do not belong in Britain, the homeland of the indigenous British peoples.  Any Euro-Federation must include internal, as well as external, migration barriers.  But - guess what! "Second-generation Britons (sic)" and their "grannies" don't belong in Britain either, and the idea that "skilled" Commonwealth Asians and Africans (sic) should get immigration preferences over Europeans (if one is forced to make a choice) is madness. The UKIP is merely a cogelite kosher conservative operation, apparently favoring South Asians and Nigerians over the wops and hunkies.
Say it loud and say it proud: anyone who supports "mainstreaming" is the enemy of the White race. And the UKIP are a bunch of anti-EGI colored-loving lunatics.