Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Outrageous Hypocrisy from Mainstreamers

Pot calls the kettle black.

Durocher complains (whining like an infantile leftist, eh?) about "nationalists attacking each other" and agonizes over divisions among White nationalists, but posts his tirade at a site that endorses the hyper-Nordicist Raciology ideology, pseudo-scientific, unhistorical ramblings of a Russian wanna-be, who apparently believes he can get real Germanics to accept Russians by favorably comparing Slavs to "Mediterranean" "lesser types."

So, let me understand: writing entire populations of Europe out of the "White race," and identifying a number of historic European ethnies as inferior "lesser types," is not divisive and, of course, does not in any way reflect nationalists/White nationalists attacking each other. On the other hand, commenting on the political actions of Marine Le Pen or Viktor Orban, and criticizing their starry-eyed supporters, is beyond the pale. The former is friendly nationalist interaction, the latter, wild rantings of ill-mannered divisive extremists. 

And we say that the Jews practice a dual morality?  Sheesh...

The rest of Durocher's tirade is the usual mainstreaming nonsense and excuse making, and the same arguments can be made to support Sailerian citizenism.  Joan of Arc II must jettison the basics tenets of ethnoracial nationalism in order to "get elected?"  Why not?  Get elected!  Will she then declare herself dictator and cancel all future elections?  What happens when the "French" people decide they want a change and put the Left back in power?  Do you think immigration rates will stay at "10,000 per year?"  Le Pen is essentially declawing her own party, altering its basic ideology, dissipating the potential racial mobilization of the real French people, disillusioning the FN's hard line supporters, drawing a line that makes "citiizenism" the new "far-right" and therefore makes real racial nationalism beyond serious political consideration - all to "win an election" and create a set of marginally improved circumstances that could be easily reversed upon the subsequent election. We in America have heard all of this before with the GOP and its "need" to "appeal to minorities" so as to "be electable at the national level."  Certainly, we must have illegal alien amnesty, mass immigration, and pandering to minorities, so Rand Paul can be elected President in 2016 - after which Paul can move the White House to Ferguson, appoint Sharpton Attorney General, and replace the bald eagle with Ebola virus as the national symbol of the USA.

Regarding Orban, guess what - I'm not a "traditionalist" and I don't buy the argument that kowtowing to "authority" is appropriate when said "authority" is wrong. What?  We can also say that the EU "authority" of mass  migration, multiculturalism, speech control is that which "traditionalists" should respect. Got it.  Conflict of interests between European nations, even under a nationalist regime? So, if one European nation in a future confederation decides it has a "labor shortage" and what to import millions of West Africans - well, that's a legitimate conflict of interest and as good "traditionalists" we need to respect their "authority" to do as they please. Got it, again. The onanistic supporters of Trad Vlad and the onanistic supporters of Joan II should get together and have a little mainstreaming-traditionalist conference, where they can poke fun at the "infantile leftists" who have dared critique them. Just don't schedule it in Hungary.  Grand Viktor, Sir Mainstreaming, would not approve (*). 

*I will agree that is was the height of incredible foolishness to schedule the NPI conference in Hungary right before a major election in that country. Another example of the well-oiled machine that is the "movement" and the grand competence of its affirmative action leadership.  No worries, though: as long we keep the "lesser types" from mucking things up, the "higher types" will continue to lead us from success to success, as we have been enjoying for decades.