Sunday, October 5, 2014

Salter, Red Ice Radio, and the Treason of the Elites

Interesting talk.

See here.

This is all very interesting, particularly the second hour.  There, Salter describes the betrayal of the elites and the need for those elites to be held accountable.  For example, the need for the likes of Tony Blair to be held accountable in a court or law for genocidal immigration policies and gross treason against the interests of native majorities.  Salter also makes the crucially important point that majorities in Western nations need to admit their defeat, they need to admit that the state is no longer under their control and no longer serving their interests, that the state is actually openly hostile to majority interests, they need to adopt an ice-cold realistic view of their strategic situation.  In reaction, Salter advocates for a form of “democratic multiculturalism,” in which the majority group openly asserts its rights as part of the multicultural system, and utilizes the infrastructure of the multicultural state to pursue their own group interests. This is all very useful food-for-thought, and we should all thank Dr. Salter and the host of Red Ice Radio for presenting this discussion for consideration and analysis.