Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Tribe Targets Japan Next

He's not a real "American."

Notice that Adelstein doesn’t object to actual crimes. He simply wants to criminalize speech—particularly if it involves the defense of an historic nationThis fight is international, whether it involves Hungary, Japan, or the United States. It’s not just about a war on whites anymore. It’s about a war on all peoples who want control over their own destiny—and who think that citizens should decide their own fate, not globalists and their Main Stream Media lackeys.

So, here's an individual living in Japan, not himself Japanese, with a mission to deconstruct Japan as an ethnoracial nation, coupled with an animus toward free speech in defense of host genetic interests.

I’ll say what the VDARE writer is afraid to say: Adelstein is Jewish (there is a lot about this lousy rat-faced bastard on the Internet, including his conflicts with Japanese gangsters), and thus is following in the footsteps of his co-ethnic destroyers of other peoples’ nations, a group dedicated to decay, degeneration, and chaos (for other folks of course).  Pure poison embodied in an ethnic group and in a culture – a reason why population genetics, physical appearance (although this fellow does have the typical leering Levantine appearance that I’m sure starving Ukrainian kulaks and murdered Russian gulag inmates learned to “appreciate” so well), religion, etc. all do not capture the totality of the problem, which is an existential one of Total Identity – of a group that is constantly and inevitably in conflict with all the other peoples of the Earth, particularly, majority groups trying to live peacefully in their own nations. One need not even look at major issues like communism, the "civil rights" movement in America, and the 1965 Immigration Act, how about Ignatiev and "abolishing the White race," Ziv and his promotion of miscegenation, Hart and his promotion of a multiracial "White separatist state" (sic!), Weissberg and his call for the "racial status quo," always the same, always, always, always promoting that which harms the majority ethny the most.  They can't help themselves - it's innate.  But the  majority group can help itself, by battling this creeping fungus, this virulent infection.

Indeed, Bowery’s theory of Jewish virulence deserves careful consideration.

After reading that VDARE article, and various online articles, I must say: I'm rooting for the yakuza.