Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Rough Back of the Envelope Calculation on Executive Amnesty

Cash or check?

What is the economic cost, based on EGI, to White Americans of allowing 5 million illegals to stay in America rather than deporting them?

The following is a very rough calculation, with lots of estimates and coarse graining, but nevertheless gives a ballpark figure.

Let's estimate that the average illegal has the genetic profile of a 50:50 mestizo.  Most of the illegals are mestizos. Some may be genetically closer to the White American average (e.g., Irish illegals), some more distant (e.g., Negro illegals).  Let's call all of that a "wash" and go with a mestizo genetic average.

We'll use the child equivalents from Salter's work.  Now, the genetic data from there may be a bit out-dated, and I believe his estimate underestimates the damage, due to genetic structure not being taken into account. But, let's use Salter's estimates for our conservative calculations.

The loss of child equivalents to a European Caucasian from an Amerindian is 1.6.  We can halve that for the mestizo situation to 0.8.

Estimates of the "value of a human life" (e.g., for economic risk, etc. purposes) vary - a reasonable average of those estimates is $5 million.

Thus: 5 million illegals x 0.8 child equivalents x $5 million = $20 trillion.

Therefore, each and every White American is owed $20 trillion in compensation for Obama's executive amnesty.  Of course others are owed similar - American Negroes would be owed trillions of dollars apiece as well, but that's their problem.

So - cash or check?

Note: that is $20 trillion in today's currency value.  Therefore, paying off such a debt is impossible: printing hundreds of quintillion dollars will obviously make it all worthless.

You can't put a price on genocide.