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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another Defense of Democratic Multiculturalism

Some points.

I’d like to defend the idea of “democratic multiculturalism” from its detractors, who take the initial rhetoric at purely face value and who believe that such a policy - as ONE of a varied set of approaches in the activist toolkit – means that Whites will be reduced to just another minority begging for scraps from the diversity table.

Let’s consider some points from Duchesne (emphasis added):

I believe that if we are interested in preserving and advancing the ethnic interests of European Canadians, it is better to work within the existing framework of multiculturalism than to promote assimilation…

…In the words of Will Kymlicka, humans (= immigrants) have a “very strong bond” to their culture and ethnicity; therefore, Canada should tolerate their ethnocentric tendencies and European Canadians should embrace multiculturalism.

We need to reply to multiculturalists that European Canadians also have a “very strong bond” to their ethnicity and historical ancestry, and in this way demand (within the framework of multiculturalism) the right of European Canadians to enjoy a group identity within Canada rather than being reduced to abstract units with individual rights only.

…The best strategy is to unify all our economic, environmental, and cultural concerns about immigration under a pro-European ethnic group strategy that is operational within, but recognizes the limitations of, multiculturalism in Canada…

…It is odd that the very same people who created multiculturalism have precluded themselves from enhancing their own group interests, preferring to speak only of their individual rights while granting both group rights and individual rights to other ethnic minorities.  In fact, we have practically criminalized any form of European ethnic attachment, treating it, and only this ethnocentrism, as "a pathological condition". We need to break out of this mental prison house…

…We will NOT be arguing in favor of multiculturalism as a minority to advance our group rights, but will be arguing within multiculturalism in order to make Europeans aware that they are the founding peoples and that Canada is their homeland and that we intend to keep the country majority European. By working within multiculturalism, locating its weak points, "preserving and enhancing" our culture, demanding our rightful place as the majority Canadian culture…
Thus, multiculturalism as it is currently practiced promotes (Colored) minority group mobilization combined with (White) majority passivity and atomization. The System recognizes that ethnic identity and group solidarity are important to minority groups. Whites must demand that the System also recognize, acknowledge, and respect that the ethnoracial identity of Whites is important to us, that Whites have collectivist and communitarian group interests, and are not just a haphazard collection of disinterested (and pathologically altruistic) individuals. Once we force the System to bend to that demand, to recognize – in a politically relevant manner – White Group Identity and Interests, then the "ball will rolling” and there will be a building momentum that can lead to positive outcomes, including and especially a deconstruction of the entire multiculturalist enterprise itself.

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