Sunday, November 2, 2014

Durocher's Latest

The video is amusing, at least.

At least that video is amusing and can be used a pro-pan-Europeanism tool.  As a representation of the EU, it is outrageously misleading - false advertising.  After all, the EU is all about inviting those threatening racial types into Europe, giving them advantages over native Europeans, and then passing repressive laws that criminalize any attempt by Europeans to defend themselves. I don't know guys, if those colored folks are a threat Europeans need to organize against, probably you shouldn't have an open borders policy regarding them,

As per Durocher's rambling, it seems the whole piece can be summarized in one sentence: European support for the EU should be tactical and strategic and depend upon the particular context in question.

However, as the EU has already shown, over a period of decades, that it is inherently anti-European, why should they be given the benefit of the doubt under any circumstances?  By the time the EU may "evolve" into something more palatable, Europe would already have been submerged under the rising tide of color.  And such submergence would occur with the active and enthusiastic assistance of the EU itself.