Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ethnic Hollywood

Some contrasts.

A focused essay demonstrating the extreme hostility of Jews toward founding stock Americans ("WASPs"), which can be contrasted to my RLS blog piece here.

Truth is that Jews hate "WASPs" - in fact hate all Germanic Nordic types. Jews tolerate Asians to the extent that Asians can be used to dilute White demographic, social, economic, academic/technical, and political power. Asians look out for themselves and hate Whites as well. The HBD pipe dream of a Jewish-led Jeurasian alliance of Jews-Asians-Nordics is just that: a pipe dream.

Of course, Jews hate White ethnics as well, albeit a slightly different form of hatred than towards the old stocks/Nordics.  Jews hate the latter because of competition for leadership roles in America, because of the Jewish aversion to the traditional America built by old stock Americans, because of alleged "exclusion" of Jews, because of envy towards Nordic phenotypes and restrained "WASP" behaviors, and, simply put, the two groups are so different in every way that a sense of aversion is instinctual.

In contrast, Jews hate White ethnics because the ethnics are viewed as uncouth racist savages, pitchfork-wielding pogromers, inherently reactionary or fascist, "traitors" who helped form the "Reagan coalition" and today make up conservative elements in, e.g., New York state. The ethnics are not as easily manipulated by "White guilt" and pathological altruism as are the old stocks, and the Jews are frustrated that the ethnics have joined with the more conservative and healthy portion of the old stocks to form the greatest remaining resistance to the American multiculturalist project.  

And then we have this comment:

November 9, 2014 - 12:21 pm 

How on earth did Joe Dante get away with “Gremlins” ? It discreetly upheld small town America and even included an homage to Dante’s fellow Italian Capra. The latter had, of course, provided the definitive fictionalised model of small town America, “Bedford Falls”. In truth, Italians have been the greatest victims of WASP exclusion (and yes it is real) and not Jews. The exclusion of Italians has been to the detriment of the American project as they might have proved useful allies in the 1930’s when the USA started to lose its way and began to make bad decisions.
Mr. Buckle is correct, but he's wasting his time there.  These ethnic elements can be natural allies against the Tribe's perfidy, but there are folks who still look at reality as if it was 1914, instead of 2014.