Monday, November 24, 2014

Hadrian vs. Durocher

I pick Hadrian.

In response to a rambling and incoherent essay by Durocher at The Occidental Observer, an insightful commentator ("Hadrian") writes

The majority of those Germans, French, Britons, Greeks, etc. love their black and Muslim “immigrants” and have no problem with “multiculturalism” despite the fact that it’s leading to their own genocide. They consider those non-Europeans to be just as “German,” “French,” etc. as they are. If Europeans can be brainwashed to love and accept non-Europeans then what makes you think they can’t be convinced to love and accept their own race? 
Nationalism and ethnic/linguistic divisions will only weaken Europe and make individual nations vulnerable to exploitation by the YKW. Exactly how different are the various European peoples? China has never had a problem with uniting its various ethnic groups and different languages into one national identity. 
European nationalists are in the wrong here. American white nationalists have it right. Europe will be united racially under one government, or it will die as individual nations. Always remember that the jews and their leftist lackeys don’t hate us because we’re German, French, Irish, or Swiss. They hate us because we’re White.

Agreed.  Durocher has a mindset that I notice is prevalant in the "movement" - the idea that a putative future WN state would be just like today's America or EU except the coloreds would be gone and  a nationalist government in charge.

I reject that. There needs to be a complete "spring cleaning" of the European psyche, a rebirth, a "New Man" as the Legionaries were saying back in the '30s.

In any WN state I envision, in a Euro-Imperium, the lazy, hedonistic, incompetent, Schettino-like behavior currently extant in Southern Europe would not be tolerated.  The colored-loving pathological universalist altruism extant in Northern Europe would not be tolerated. The semi-Third World dysfunction and chaos extant in Eastern Europe would not be tolerated. Blood and Iron, Discipline, Authority, Racial Loyalty, and Productivity - and anyone not capable of getting with the program would be dealt with harshly. Totalitarianism? I would say that it is true Freedom - the Last Men flushed down the toilet of history, allowing superior talents and instincts to flourish. No compromise and no pandering to the lowest instincts among Europeans. We may as well be upfront about it now. Let's separate the men from the boys, so to speak.