Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Movement Science Fiction Book

Mestizos lecturing Whites about race.

A certain Latin American mongrel has published a book, once again pursuing his hate-filled anti-White agenda of turning Europeans against each other, to ensure the final victory of the colored hordes, of which he is one. Note the chapter on "Italian mudbloods" - that coming from someone born in Mexico City.  The city of racial thoroughbreds!

The hatred of the New World hybrid toward genuine Southern Europeans is easy to understand.  It's envy and self-hatred, coupled to self-delusion.  On the one hand, the deluded product of centuries of triracial miscegenation deludes itself into thinking it is equivalent to its Iberian forebears.  Then we have the self-hatred, given the inner knowledge of the true nature of the New World genetic and cultural chaos, exemplified by the self-hating mixed individual.  Then there is envy toward those who are descended from Old World European stock - the hybrid is "close but no cigar."  Close, so close, but not there; the frustration must be extreme.  Then, finally, this leads to projection: labeling certain Europeans as "mudbloods" while the true "mudbloods" are putting themselves in the position as arbiters of how Europeans should relate to each other.  I think that Latinos have the entire Western Hemisphere south of the Rio Grande as their territory and can build their own civilization, following the lead of their Amerind ancestors, and can, I think, allow Europeans to solve our problems on our own.

It's times like this I do wonder - who it was who mendaciously altered the Bromstad Wikipedia page? If not one of our "movement" heroes, then someone with a similar agenda indeed. After all, it wouldn't do talking about "mudbloods" when assumed "purebloods" walk around with an appearance that makes third party observers online continuously ask, "are they part Asian?" Or, more to the point, to have liars alter the Wikipedia page to invent a fictitious "Chinese mother."

And since Sir Cholo loves Pierce, the following is of interest (emphasis added):

Underneath this Mexican nationalism is genuine racial hatred and racial resentment. The mestizo compensates for his deeply felt racial inferiority...

Indeed. There's a lot of truth there.  Resentment against Old World Europeans, the Iberians for example: "Why did you have to miscegenate in the New World and produce the likes of me?" There's one step from that to asserting that those no-good forebears were themselves already mongrels - "I hate you and you are no better than me."  Resentment and deeply felt racial inferiority.