Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nuclear Inferiority

The continued decline of "diverse" America.

That's entirely believable.  We can't even launch a rocket anymore, what else is new?  Of the nuclear triad, we have ICBMs developed in the 1960s, SLBMs developed in the 70s and 80s, and, while the B-2 bomber is still cutting edge, one wonders if 1950s era B-52s are still planned for nuclear use. Even if not, the other two, more important, components of the triad are woefully out-dated. We no longer test the warheads and rely instead on "computer simulations" - one wonders if any Asian cogelites conduct such "simulations."  Sir Purple Lips, our mulatto dictator, is dedicated to the absurdity of a nuclear-free world.  

A future White ethnostate or Imperium will require a modernized and large nuclear force.  Using missiles older than the fellows who would fire them is not appropriate. That's banana republic stuff - and that's what America has become: spending money on handouts to chimps and apes, using Americans as cannon fodder for the Tribe in the Middle East, while our nuclear weaponry is an antiquated joke.