Saturday, November 8, 2014

Once Again: Taken for Granted

More of the same.

Sure, there's some token comments about Republicans owing their election to anti-amnesty sentiment and that the majority of GOP voters oppose amnesty.  But the overall theme is the same: the GOP must pander to Hispanics to be successful in 2016, with the implicit idea that White votes can be taken for granted.

This is a theme previously discussed here, and one I assume will take on greater importance over the next two years, as the GOP forgets 2014 and looks toward 2016.  We can all imagine the propaganda. "Stop Hillary!"  "We can't have a 'liberal Democrat' in the White House again!"  "We must be pragmatic!"  Yes, you see, there is some mysterious law of the universe which compels Whites to go to the polls and vote for the person with the "R" next to their name, regardless of who that person is, what they say and do, and what they stand for.

Given this universal law, this automatic assumption, this smug and dismissive "they have no where else to go" attitude, why, sure, White voters can be ignored with sneering contempt.

If White voters had any sense, any solidarity whatsoever, they should look at the recently completed elections and understand their power.  The GOP can win ONLY with a significant majority of the White vote.  Losing any reasonable fraction of that vote dooms the GOP to failure, to non-electability. That realization should be the starting point for any discussion of American political realities.

And why can't the narrative be flipped?  Instead of talking about the GOP needing to pander to minorities, what about the Democrats needing to pander to Whites?

Well, we know we can't have that!  It's only one small step from that to some guy with a toothbrush moustache committing genocide.  Oy vey!