Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pushing "Citizenism" Yet Again

Breezy Steve's inconsistency.

Putting aside the issue of someone named "Posner" contributing to an open borders essay (will wonders never cease?), we get Steve Sailer once again shilling for his constitutional patriotic idea of "citizenism."  

This is the same Steve Sailer who continuously writes critical posts about "the war against straight White men."  Hey, Steve - who is conducting that war against these men?  Why, it's their "fellow American citizens!"  Indeed, White men are a minority of the US population, and if you promote "what's good for the majority of Americans" then maybe the White Feminist-Jewish-Colored Alliance, representing the majority of the American population, feel that the "war" is in their interest. You can't make tribalism, real (Jews, coloreds) or imagined (feminists), disappear by wishful thinking, Steve.  All these "fellow Americans" perceive themselves to have different interests, and will all argue about "what's good for America."

And Sailer, who apparently perceives himself as a "White mam" (putative Jewish ancestry notwithstanding), bemoans the "war" against his identity group. That's not very "citizenist" of you, Steve. You need to get together with your "fellow American citizens" like Sharpton, Caplan, Posner, all the Ferguson protesters, Latino amnesty advocates,  and lesbian school deans and decide what's best for all these "fellow Americans."