Thursday, November 6, 2014

Revenge of the GOP Establishment Coming Soon

Wasted votes.

As much as I like to see White men as a voting bloc (by the way, what is "White," Steve?), 64% is still too low.  With what's going on, 94% would make more sense. Worse, is the fact that these votes are wasted. Yes, indeed, the GOP will eagerly grab these votes, and then turn around and pander to minorities and feminists in anticipation of 2016. Your votes are taken for granted, White man, just like you are. Taken for granted, and your interests ignored. Sure, the GOP may oppose "executive action" on immigration, simply because they don't like seeing their power and prerogatives diluted. But they'll have their own ideas on immigration, not only amnesty for illegals, but flooding America with more "legal immigrants" to please Big Business interests. White male voters?  Step back, shut up, and know your place.  At the bottom, as usual. Welcome to the New America. Now go back to watching Negro behemoths run across the football field.