Sunday, November 9, 2014

The "Movement" and Following Through on Premises

The biological determinism premise.

The "movement" - particularly its HBD faction - promotes the idea that behavior is biologically determined. Certainly, culture and environment count for little according to this meme.  I am more in agreement than disagreement with this viewpoint: biology is predominant, but perhaps not exclusive.

But, if biology trumps culture according to "movement" memes, then this woman's destructive ethics can't be laid at the feet of her Jewish conversion.

Never fear though.  The "movement" is never at a loss. Obviously, this behavior is good - disinterested moral universalism from a hunter-gatherer origin! - simply exploited and perverted by nefarious others. This woman - who can reasonably be seen as prompting the "peaceful" world-wide genocide of Europeans - is merely a victim.  Indeed, a certain Liberal Latino will argue that the hardware is great, it is only a software problem.  The "movement" has answers for everything.

Unfortunately, reality moves inexorably forward, disregarding "movement" dogma.