Sunday, November 2, 2014

Useful Comment on Fascism

Fascist realities.

See here, emphasis added:

The Golden Dawn is a genuine fascist movement. As a political organism, it developed from the embryo of a “rejection of difference” that, to illustrate my point about causal interrelation above, has grown out of a response to the immigrant reality and the use of Greece as a transit. It has clustered with a “recognition of foreign threats” and a clearly demonstrated recognition of the “necessity for action,” which has led to a grassroots support for common Greeks.
Those who criticize fascists or National-Socialists commit several errors. Among them is the tendency to oversimplify our objection to immigrants. It is not strictly that they take jobs, or that they are responsible for social ills. It is that their long term presence imperils the ethnic future of our peoples, in the same way that an unchecked non-white presence in America for decades and centuries has led to the present reduction of European-Americans to a minority.  
Another error in our critics lies in the nature of our assumptions about what is desirable for our countries. The Golden Dawn, for example, is attacked for unfairly brandishing immigrants as the source of economic problems. Historically, the same error was made in response to the NSDAP’s criticism of Jews. It is not that Jews frustrated the economic order, owned banks, or infested the legal order. It is that their long-term influence would imperil the German people. 
In reality, genuine fascists, nationalists, and National-Socialists don’t see economics, much less prosperity, as the central issue. Economic policies can be altered. We care about the long-term existential interests of our peoples and nations. What Eco’s analysis in part helps us to realize is the causal association of elements that bind communities together, and relationship between our present decline and sustained attacks on the listed elements since before World War II.