Wednesday, December 17, 2014

German protests.

Of relevance to my last post, see this.  Now, that some Germans are taking to the streets is good, the German trying to shake of his betatude!  But 15,000 - while wonderful by the standards of any other White nation - is not enough.  More to the point, will this be sustained?  Even more to the point - will it translate politically?  Or will the anger subside and will the good beta Germans go and vote for the "conservative" harridan Merkel (*) - the same piece of despicable filth denouncing the protesters and saying the Germany "needs" race-replacement immigration?  Will they - as White Americans do - vote for the evil, anti-White, pro-immigrant, anti-native "conservative" because they can't have a "leftist" elected, said "leftist" having virtually identical views on immigration as the "conservative?"

* My take on Merkel: an incredibly evil genocidal lunatic, who wants to see Germans race-replaced by immigrants, who would thrill at the thought of Germans as a minority in Germany, subaltern despised Germans humiliated by newcomers.  By promoting alien immigration, Merkel is, objectively speaking, from a scientific EGI standpoint, guilty of crimes against humanity.  Do Germans want to have this criminal as the leader of their nation?