Thursday, December 11, 2014

Good Sense on Putin

Counter Currents commentator

Emphasis added (and a few corrections made):

Posted December 10, 2014 at 8:50 pm |
“1. You westerners are looking for a messiah. A redemption from zog. Someone to save you -Putin didn't and now you're angry on him.”
If you’re a Russian, you too should be “looking for a messiah.” Your birth rates are plummeting, your male population is sickly due to rampant alcoholism and smoking, your women are sold around the world as sex slaves, and your country is in the hands of largely Jewish billionaires who hate you.
“2. I see you all here are Nazi sympathizers.
No mention to the crimes of Nazi army, the rapes etc.”

Any “crimes” the National Socialists committed during the invasion of Russia were no different or numerous from what any other army committed in any other war. The only armies that committed systematic murders, rapes, and atrocities on the explicit orders of their commanders were all Allied armies.
The German army mostly adhered to the Geneva Convention, which is something the USSR did not even formally agree to. The Germans even had the Red Cross travel with them as they moved east. People across the Baltic nations, Ukraine, and even Russia greeted them as liberators. As for the millions of Bolshevik dead, it was mostly due to Stalin’s government that was waging a terroristic war on the Russian populace while the Germans were advancing.
“33. Your cosmotheasis, your world view , is anglosaxonic, thus, you criticize Putin via anglosaxonic eyes of course. Now, your racism is that you demand , the leaders to be like your anglosaxonic mentality in order to like them. Well, Putin, isn't anglosaxon. Russians aren't anglosaxon. They can be friendly or hostile at times but arent like you. And this is smth that you have to understand.”

Putin doesn’t have to be Anglo-Saxon. He can be a good Slav and promote policies that help Russia’s Slavic populace and bring the Jewish criminals to justice for their abominable crimes against Russia and surrounding Slavic nations in the past century. He can stop whining about the Holocaust and promote understanding of the nature of Bolshevism, its Jewish roots, and its death toll of about 60 million Slavs. He can apologize to Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, and many other nations for the crimes of the Soviet regime and show some solidarity with them. He can use his intelligence agencies to root out the Jewish mafia and their role in sex slavery. He can end Muslim immigration into Russia and promote the Slavic birth rate.
Putin does none of this. If you’re Russian, why do you support him?
“The extinction and degeneration of whites is at the gates. We agree on that. But instead of moaning and being hostile to leaders who look for sovereignty, isn't the way to go. The white survival needs allies and self realization. Bashing instead of creating ties is suicidal and unfortunately will lead to the end that we are all aware of.”
We’re hostile to Putin because he’s a puppet, like any western leader.  There’s nothing sovereign about him.