Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Salter: Hosing Down White Reaction

The Sydney Siege

The key point in Salter's analysis is that not a single voice is heard in the controlled media discussing the interests of White Australians. That's how it goes worldwide.

But that comes as part of the cost of Whites being the beta race. Question: if a far-right anti-immigration party were to come onto the ballot in Australia, would a majority of White Australians vote for it?  No.  Would a large fraction so vote?  No.  Do White Australians take to the streets in protest?  No.  Do they boycott companies that support immigration?  No. Do they boycott media outlets that ignore White interests?  No.

And it is the same with Whites the world over.

That's why Whites are the beta race: they are the put-upon, weakling providers, doing for others, having their own needs and interests ignored (including by themselves!), and NEVER once standing up and saying "enough!" and then following through with action. They just shrug their shoulders like some sort of "incel" beta or nagged husband and go back to work driving the economy and providing the support for the multiculturalist System that hates them.

Whites: weak, beta, flabby, cowardly, pathetic, humiliated, subaltern, held in contempt by others.