Friday, December 5, 2014

The Solipsism of the "Movement"

Another "movement" defect.

This post was inspired by this comment - an attempt by a commentator to inject facts into typical “movement” nonsense. That reminded me of my own endless attempts, in years past, to do the same, after which I became all too familiar with the solipsism of the “movement.” 

"Movement activists” believe that empiricism, evidence, facts are all unimportant.  Only their opinions matter; they behave as if they believe that their opinions shape reality, that their opinions are reality.  And, if not their own opinion, then some other opinion expressed by an anonymous online commentator, or by some “movement” author or “leader.”  Thus are “movement” dogmas born, from the fossilized solipsist memes generated from the ignorant and fevered “minds” of Nutzis and other assorted imbeciles.  Many in the “movement” have a “God Complex” – that they can create reality from mere thought, their Internet ramblings being a manifestation of their delusion of omnipotence.

These are people who don’t acknowledge an objective reality that exists outside of their own thoughts (or the thoughts of other nutcases – sort of a “group solipsism,” if you will).  They pretend that they believe in an objective reality, but they really do not – the test being when they are confronted with evidence that goes against their fossilized memetic dogmas, and react by ignoring or decrying that evidence.

There are endless examples of this, exemplified by a certain self-satisfied, middle-aged, “1/4 Irish,” whey protein-chugging Manganite idiot and his 100% assured, confidently declared assertion that the majority of Italian-Americans are of Northern Italian descent, a tragicomic whopper that stands as much to facts as an astronomer claiming that Mars has a greater diameter than Jupiter. We have all the sci-fi/fantasy texts that pass as “racial science,” all the endlessly repeated blog comments that regurgitate the same non-factual memes again and again; the Marxist “race realist” who responded to my posting of population genetics data that refuted his ideas with “I’m not going to look at your pictures;” the half-Jew hybrid inventing the most bizarre racial typologies and resorting to tantrums when anyone knocks over that house of cards; a cherry picking mestizo who accuses people of “sophistry” but who can’t specifically define what about the “sophist” arguments are “wrong;” the distortions and “just so” stories of the HBDers…all people who believe that reality is created by their opinions, that, like an omnipotent god, their thoughts manifest in the structure of reality.  Attempts to reason with such individuals are typically a waste of time, and if actual reality ever does intrude into their solipsist dreaming, the resulting cognitive dissonance results in them trying to alter actual reality – for example, vandalizing the Wikipedia pages of celebrities - to match their thoughts (rather than the other way around).

The “movement” justifiably attacks the Left for being unrealistic about issues of Race, Culture, and History.  Unfortunately, the “movement” is no better.  Perhaps the “movement” is actually more delusional: I suspect that the Left knows that they are lying, but believe it is for a good (sic) cause; in contrast, the “movement” is unable to separate fact from fantasy, to them it is all one and the same.  More reason for the mentally deranged (American) racial nationalist “movement” to be destroyed and replaced by a sane, rational, and empirical alternative.