Sunday, December 28, 2014

Three Faces of Authoritarian Nationalism

Clearing up misconceptions.

If there is one thing I hate (among many) it is the tendency of ignorant drooling retardates to conflate fascism - a revolutionary movement that aimed at remaking society and which functioned as a secular religion - with the varied para-fascist authoritarian conservative regimes whose aim was to fossilize in place established societal structures so as to serve the narrow interests of political, military, business, and/or religious elites.

Stanley Payne's table is of value here in distinguishing varieties of authoritarian nationalism.

We see the fascists (which includes national socialism) - the revolutionary secular religion, wishing to remake society via a paligenetic "irrational" vitalistic movement of both individual (New Man) and collective transcendence; the nationalist radical right - the para-fascists who would sometimes ape superficial features of fascistic political theater but who were profoundly conservative and wanted no alteration of society whatsoever and who depended upon elite manipulation and not popular support; and finally the conservative nationalists - the more mainstream electoral right with moderate objectives of solidifying a right-of-center sociopolitical consensus, lacking the revolutionary objectives of fascism and also lacking the rigidly ultra-authoritarian, narrow elitist, and militaristic focus of the traditionalist far-right.

One has to be a real idiot - or at least a dishonest imbecile - to confuse these political manifestations.