Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Two Insightful Comments by Greg Johnson

On preservation and on Jews.  Emphasis added.

The ultimate reason why I am concerned with the survival of the white race is simply because it is my race. It’s my people. Now, I could say things like, “The white race brings incalculable gifts to the universe.” That’s true. I can say things like, “The white race is the race that’s concerned with preserving tigers and rhinos and elephants and rare flowers and things like that.” And that is true. I do think that we have brought great gifts to humanity in terms of our culture, our political systems and things like that. I think that the world would be very poor without whites. But that’s really trying to put this in an altruistic, universal sense. That’s fine, but ultimately for me, even if we were the sorriest bunch of people on the planet, even if we were as dumb and ugly and uncultured as the most primitive peoples on the planet, I’d still want us to continue to exist simply because it’s us, it’s me, it’s our identity, and as a healthy organism that is my birthright. It’s my birthright to strive to perpetuate myself and my people, and the idea that we have to listen to people saying, “Well, would it be such a tragedy?” is the thing that I reject. I want to live in a world where people don’t dare utter that notion. Not because we’re going to haul them off to the gulag or something like that, but simply because there’s an understanding that that’s simply not a permissible thing for a healthy organism to contemplate.

I think that the idea that there can be an alliance between the European ethnic Right and Jews in Europe on the grounds that Jews are threatened by Islamic colonization just like whites is folly. It’s foolish, and the main reason I think that is that Jews chose to put their ethnostate in a sea of Muslims. They are less afraid of Muslims than they are of Europeans. I think we have to understand that. Jews are less afraid of Muslims than they are of Europeans, and Jews consistently support Islamic colonization in Europe. Why? Because they think that Europeans in Europe are the greater enemy. They feel more secure in a Europe where white Europeans are becoming a minority and are constantly on the ropes because of the turmoil caused by massive influx of non-whites into Europe. 
Jews feel advantaged by that, and if they were afraid of that, and if they wanted to change the Islamic colonization of Europe, they would not need to ally themselves with marginal European nationalist parties. Their leadership would be on the phone to the leaders of all the major parties and to the people who run the major press outlets, and overnight there would be an instant consensus that Islamization has to stop. It would be a consensus up and down the political spectrum. It would be the mainstream consensus being barked out by all the media outlets, because that’s what real power allows them to do. They have real power in Europe right now, and they do not need to ally themselves with marginal nationalist parties to fight Islamization if they were really concerned with that. 
So, the question that I always have is: if they don’t need an alliance with people like Guillaume Faye and people like Geert Wilders and others like that, why are they there? What are they after? What they are after is the neutralization of European nationalists on the Jewish question. They are there simply to retard discussion of the Jewish problem in European nationalist circles, and that’s the only reason they’re there. I think that we have to resist this kind of Jewish subversion, because that’s really what’s going on. It’s simply the Jewish subversion of European nationalism under the guise that a few Jews are worried somehow about Islamic colonization in Europe. They’re not. It’s a ruse.