Sunday, December 14, 2014

Video Clip Showing the Future of the White Race

Beta race in action.

The White future: an elderly minority, tormented and humiliated by younger coloreds who have been allowed to steal the Whites' nations from them.

You know, if the American  "movement" had any worth, they'd do practical things (as in Europe), down-to-Earth activities that helped White folks in their everyday lives, like helping out old Whites (a majority of our population these days) get through their routines without being attacked by coloreds. Who knows? Maybe if so helped, these old White farts would care about something other than "social security payments" and giving donations to "starving African children" and would do something better with their time and money.

But we can't have that.  No, the "movement" has more important concerns.  For example, does Group X have a cephalic index that is 0.1% less than Group Y?  Important!  Does Group A have 1% more "genetic admixture" than Group B?  Crucial!  What was the racial history of 3,545 years ago?  Relevant!  How many times did Julius Evola urinate in a given day, and what does that tell us about the "Kali Yuga?"  Hardcore political work!

The White race: pathetic.  The (American) "movement": even more pathetic.