Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Curating Our Peoples"


At Majority Rights, the following comment was made:

We will also be looking to cooperate with a DNA lab to begin the efforts of “curating” our peoples so to speak. We look for suggestions, which geneticists to use and more.

Not sure what this means.  What it could - and should - mean is a full curating of the genetic variation of Europe.  To be done fully and properly would entail full genome sequencing of a reasonable number of people from every European ethny (ethny at the level of, say, "Bavarian" rather than at the level of "German").  That would be a worthwhile goal, but is it feasible at this point in time? Who would do this? Who would pay for it?  Where would the samples be obtained?

No doubt a responsible Western leadership would make such a project a major priority, particularly given demographic collapse, race replacement, and miscegenation endangering native European genomes. (Needless to say, if the leadership was really responsible, they wouldn't allow such things to occur to begin with).  But, alas, the System is intent on the permanent destruction of such genomes, so curating them would be the last thing on their minds.

A temporary, smaller-scale "stop-gap" project would be to curate whatever publicly accessible genetic information on Europeans exists, which would be a very large project in and of itself.  In the end, however, a complete curating would require the full genome/every ethny approach, which would be a project requiring (today) staggering resources.