Sunday, January 11, 2015

Guessedworker Gets It Right

A brief gust of fresh air among stale "movement" retardation.

GW writes (emphasis added):

Aside from its initial, electric impact and the continuing drama of the chase, I don’t have much interest - that is to say, political interest - in this affair.  It will not turn out to be decisive as Nick Griffin supposes.  It will fade in the public memory, and the seemingly inexhaustible capacity of Europeans to absorb more and more of this kind of hurt will be proven once again.  Nothing will really change.  The politicians will continue their pursuit of The Globality on Europe’s soil.  The Moslems will be in the future exactly what they are today.  The counter-jihadists will try to make use of the whole thing so they can recover a little more of the credibility they lost with Breivik.  Real nationalism will not find in any of it an opportunity to expand its audience.  Public opinion will harden, certainly.  There will be a degree more outspokenness, but the media will throttle it off if possible.  More people will make the mistake of thinking it’s just about Islam.

Exactly. This contrasts to the likes of Nick Griffin and others breathlessly anticipating the "European civil war" - hey guys, there is no war when only one side fights and the other side pitifully surrenders and grovels at every opportunity.  After Rotherham and the non-response there, what the hell is Griffin thinking?  

Again my prediction: the result of "Charlie Hebdo" will be more immigration, more multiculturalism, more White surrender.  In order for any of that to change, Whites actually have to do something. Since they are (currently) incapable of that, things will carry on as before, except with the "bad stuff" even worse.