Thursday, January 22, 2015

How's Vlad's "Deep Game" Going These Days?

The growing Israeli-Russian alliance.

Read here.  Note also the accompanying photo, who is confidently doing the talking, and who is glumly and very obediently doing the listening.

If we are to be charitable, we can excuse the blushing schoolgirls for their early infatuation with Trad Vlad and for their fantasies that Putin is a masterful racial nationalist "chess player" hiding his true Russian/White racialist agenda.  We could chalk that all up to well-meaning but weak-minded people desperate for some sort of external validation by a powerful public figure.

But now?  After everything we've seen?  Are there still people who would deny that the bare-chested hero of the Siberian wilderness is a liberal, pro-Jewish multiculturalist who aims at a multiracial Russia and whose "traditionalism" is used in a purely instrumental fashion, so as to bolster support for his regime from the Russian Orthodox Church?  Are there any more of such pitifully delusional imbecilic specimens?

Even if the blushing schoolgirls would now renounce their "crush" (which many of them still are not doing), they have already tainted their reputations by clinging to the fantasy long past the point that it had any reasonable plausibility.  We cannot trust their strategic judgment nor their political acumen. If they have been so wrong about this, what other dangerously incompetent errors of judgement will they make?  We can call this the "Trad Vlad blushing schoolgirl litmus test of leadership suitability." And some in the "movement" have failed that test, miserably.