Friday, January 9, 2015

Lower Than Omega

It's not a "war" when only one side is fighting.

On the recent France terror attack: there are many online comments asserting that this will make a big difference, it will elect Le Pen (as if that would be something of racial utility), change the game about immigration, it will "wake people up," make gains for the "far right," or that "in the end many immigrants will die," etc.

In my opinion, that is all nonsense.  My prediction of the outcome: more immigration, more groveling, more surrender, more "I'll ride with you" campaigns," more lecturing by elites about the need for "tolerance," more "anti-racism" laws (I have read that Sweden actually wants to criminalize criticism of immigration - madness!), more, more, more of White and Western decline and Colored ascendance.

Why not?  The French, and Europeans as a whole, are not even an omega people.

These are the proper reactions, based on the alpha-beta-omega spectrum:

Alpha: instituting a racial nationalist regime and deporting all racial and cultural aliens, regardless of citizenship or place of birth.

Beta: a sharp, permanent shift to the political hard right, mass protests (by Whites!), mass riots (by Whites!), mob violence (by Whites!).

Omega: a temporary rightward shift, PEGIDA-type protests erupting throughout France, a temporary lull in immigration and in "anti-racist" laws, an attempt by elites to at least quiet things down by adopting some rightist proposals on immigration. This reaction is a reasonable expectation for the omega level; after all, even a lowly omega male may stir themselves to self-improvement if sufficiently "smacked around by life."

But, in my prediction, even the omega reaction won't happen. Instead, I predict the White race will exhibit behavior even lower than omega: the most craven, weak, cowardly, flabby, masochistic, pathetic response imaginable.

Consider: Whites have had decades of such provocations to respond. Have we forgotten this one so soon?  Consider: the situation in Europe could have been avoided if Whites had voted for the "far-right" long ago. Consider: even with this event, the pro-immigration forces will continue to be enthusiastically supported by White elites and a considerable portion of the White masses. What? Upset at the recent "electoral deal" in Sweden, aimed against the SD?  Angered by anti-Golden Dawn repression in Greece?  Guess what?  Nothing stopped Swedes from giving the SD an electoral majority, and the same goes for Greeks and Golden Dawn. They refused to do so, they voted for the Left and the Center-Right, and they now reap what they sowed.

Let us imagine a thought experiment. Let us say that, in some European nation, the non-White population openly declares its intention to exterminate the native Whites.  Let us go further: plans are made, and the non-Whites demand that the White population turn themselves in to organized death camps, where they will be machine-gunned en masse, several thousand at a time.  What would be the reaction of the native White population? Some in the "movement" fantasize that this would be the "worse is better" moment when Whites would rise up in righteous fury and "take back their nations." The idea is laughable. The likely outcome to this thought experiment would be zero resistance; the White reaction would range from passive acceptance of their impending extermination to enthusiastic support. Indeed, one could imagine "I'll die for you" Twitter campaigns, elite nagging about a (non-existent) "White backlash," and other such pathology.  Elites will praise the "vibrancy" of the action; the masses will numbly go along.

Indeed, it seems to me the only reason non-Whites in Europe don't rise up right now and simply take what they want - all they want - from the feeble hands of native Whites is that the Coloreds simply cannot fathom, they cannot believe, how pitiful Whites really are.  Surely, they think, if prodded, the Whites will strike back - after all, that's what the Coloreds would do.  So, the non-Whites tentatively push the boundaries; finding no resistance, they push some more. One wonders if, at some point, they'll realize that taking anything from the White man is easier than stealing candy from a baby, at which point the game will be up. Lower than omega.

As to why Whites are this useless?  There are no easy answers. The "movement" and the HBDers will foam at the mouth about "pathological altruism among Northwest Europeans" (one of their oft-repeated fossilized memes), which ignores the point that places like Spain, Italy, and Greece are not keeping out the migrants either, and which also ignores the point that, not too long ago, NW European groups did not display the behaviors extant today.  In fact, I recall that there was a time, not so long ago, when Germans, for example, had a quite ethnocentric regime.

Maybe Europeans had a mass nervous breakdown as a result of the two world wars and have become mentally and spiritually exhausted. In The Rising Tide of Color, Stoddard warned of the bad state of Europe after WWI, and suggested that another war of that scale would thrust Whites into a death spiral. Seems he was right. Another thing to lay at the door of the petty nationalists and their juvenile intra-European feuds.

However, whatever the cause of the disease, its symptoms are easy to discern.  Just last night, I saw a European commentator blame European intolerance for the French massacre, since Europeans have not been as "welcoming" to immigrants as the USA.  After all, letting yourself be demographically displaced without a fight (Europe), letting your children be sexually molested in the thousands by aliens for fear of being called "racist" (England), passing laws that effectively outlaw popular anti-immigration parties (Belgium, Greece), rescuing Camp of the Saints boat people (Italy), cancelling elections so as to prevent anti-immigrant parties from having success while at the same time planning to criminalize criticism of immigration (Sweden), looking the other way for decades as your own cities become "no go zones" for natives (France), passing "anti-racism" laws that criminalize opposition to native dispossession (Europe), letting your women be raped at will by newcomers (Sweden), denouncing your own citizens when they peacefully march in opposition to invasion (Germany) - all of that is being insufficiently welcoming.  My god, the intolerance!  These Europeans, they must be more welcoming!

And you still think my thought experiment is unrealistic?