Friday, January 2, 2015

Meet Far-Left Anti-White Radical Rand Paul

A wonderful 2016 crop.

You reap what you sow, dumb White voters. Decades of giving your votes away to White-hating Republican "conservatives" has led to this.

So far, putative GOP candidates for 2016 include:

1. A liberal Republican married to a mestiza, who is pro-amnesty, and who wants to make illegal immigration superfluous by greatly increasing legal immigration.

2. A left-libertarian who says the GOP brand "sucks" - but not because it pisses on its own White supporters, but instead because the GOP insufficiently grovels to coloreds. This candidate is buddies with Sharpton.

3. A pro-immigration Cuban who was instrumental in putting together, and promoting, the Senate's amnesty bill.

4. A pro-immigration, amnesty-obsessed, effeminate southern senator tied at the hip (and where else?) to a brain-defective immigrant-loving Arizonian lunatic (and former Presidential candidate), both of whom have been trying to ram amnesty down our throats for years.

5. A loud and obnoxious (ex?)-fat bastard, who is also a liberal, establishment, pro-immigration Republican.

6. A South Asian "cognitive elitist" who praises immigration and wants more "high-skilled" immigrants (translation: more brownsters like him).

7. A semi-retarded Texan who torpedoed his 2012 Presidential campaign with his hysterical pro-immigrant rhetoric.

8. A half-Cuban who opposes limiting legal immigration, because he believes such immigration is a "fundamental pillar" of America.

9. A Negro who believes that deportation is a "moral low road," and that our economy would collapse without a flow of unskilled (and skilled, presumably as well) coloreds.

Did I miss anyone?  Despite a White base hostile to amnesty and skeptical (to say the least) of more legal immigration, ALL current prospective candidates support legal immigration, some want much more such immigration, and some support amnesty.

There is not one single prospective GOP candidate who is a restrictionist.  The White voter: a moronic simpleton.